Food and Drink Trend 2017: Power to the Plants

Healthy and “clean” eating is not a new concept for consumers all over the world. Grocery shoppers have been turning to foods that they feel are healthy for years and stores have added more organic, natural and “good for you” products on shelves. As shoppers are beginning to depend on foods that are healthy and tasty they are open to more possibilities when choosing traditional staples. The Mintel 2017 Global Food & Drink Trend “Power to the Plants” is growing in popularity in Brazil as more consumers are prioritizing fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains and botanicals, within packaged food and drink. These plant-enhanced products are perceived by consumers to be healthier, natural and convenient than food and drink without plants.

Power to the Plants

Source: Mintel GNPD

The “Power to the Plants” trend builds upon interest in more vegetarian or vegan products. According to Mintel research, 17% of Brazilian adults agree that there is a lack of vegetable based alternatives to popular animal-based ingredients, such as soy or rice milk to substitute cow’s milk. One product that is answering the call is, Vida Veg Coconut Drink with Plum, a 100% vegetable product available in Brazil. Additionally Brazilians are eager to incorporate whole grains, into their diets in replacement of processed carbs. According to Mintel 24% of Brazilian adults would eat more whole grains, such as quinoa or flaxseed, if they knew how to use them in different recipes. Caldo Bom’s 8 Grains Mix is feeding into this trend, and even includes a recipe of how to serve up this healthy substitute with a recipe on the back of the bag to make it using fresh tuna. Similarly on trend is El Dorado Chia Spaghetti from Colombia, which is made with corn, rice and chia, providing a healthier alternative for an otherwise high carb dish. 

This trend is growing all over Latin America and appealing to consumers in a sweet spot with products like Foodplus by Pacari Organic Coconut Sugar in Ecuador. This product is made with coconut palm nectar that contains the root, leaves, fruits, flowers and seeds of coconut. The organic sweet ingredient can be used as a replacement for processed sugar. With so much emphasis on plant-based foods, vegetarian and vegan products are beginning to blossom in the market. Meat alternatives, such as tofu, are starting to become more appetizing to meat eaters. Tofurky Barbecue Chick’n with Roasted Corn Pizza in Puerto Rico is a vegan pizza that is made with plant-based non-GMO ingredients.

The “Power to the Plants” trend is sprouting so much attention that Brazilian fruit market chain, Hortifruti has launched a parody of Netflix called Hortiflix, allowing consumers to download posters of films and TV series with fruit and vegetables as the star, such as “House of Carrots.” The parody really cultivates the rising interest in consumer appreciation for fruits and vegetables.

“Power to the Plants” is one of the six food and drink trends Mintel feels will impact the global food and drink industry in 2017. The trends are grounded in current consumer demands for healthy, convenient and trustworthy food and drink. To view the full 2017 Mintel food and drink trends please visit