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WuHan HuaSweet Co.,Ltd
WuHan HuaSweet Co.,Ltd
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Name: Neotame 

Neotame represents a new generation sweeteners with white crystalline powder. It’s 7000-13000 sweet times than sugar and heat stability is better than aspartame, as well as the cost 1/3 of aspartame. In 2002, USFDA approved neotame to used in varied food and beverage, and the Ministry of Public Health of China also approved neotame as a sweeteners applied in kinds of food and beverage.


Product name: neotame

Chemical name: N-(N-(3,3-Dimethylbutyl)-L-alpha-aspartyl)-L-phenylalanine 1-methyl ester

English name: neotame

Molecular formula: C20H30N2O5

Appearance: White powder

CAS: 165450-17-9




Neotame Characteristic

Approximately 8000 times sweeter than sucrose. 

Taste good, like sucrose.

High stability and doesn’t react with reduced sugar or aldehyde flavor compounds.

Carries no calories and participate neither metabolism nor digestion, which is edible for the diabetes, obese and phenylketonuria patients.


Neotame Application

Currently, neotame has been approved by more than 100 countries for use in more than 1000 kinds of products. 


Product Standard

HuaSweet neotame complies with the Chinese national standard GB29944 and strictly meets the FCCVIII, USP, JECFA and EP specifications. HuaSweet has established sales network in over eighty countries throughout Southeast Asia, Europe, South America, North America and Africa.

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