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Travel and venue

Join us in the heart of Egypt

What's in this guide

01 Book your accomodation

02 Check visa requirements

03 Arrange your travel

Book your accommodation

As part of our commitment to positively impact our host cities, we support local businesses and empower local communities.

Check visa requirements

We strongly advise all visitors and participants to arrange their visas, flights and accommodation as early as possible.


Please note: the validity of visas differs depending on an individual’s passport, please check with your embassy if you require further information. If you would like to know more about visa requirements, you can access it here.

Photo of a passport
Arrange your travel



We’re pleased to inform you that Emirates Airline has proudly been selected as the partner airline for Fi Africa Food Manufacturing 2024. Emirates has excellent connections to all six continents via Dubai with more than 95 current destinations worldwide - and we are expanding our route network all the time worldwide.

Details coming soon.

Carbon offsetting
Improve the environmental impact of your journey
How does carbon offsetting work?

Carbon offsetting is when you compensate for the carbon emissions from your flights by paying to support a carbon saving project elsewhere, of an equivalent value.

Purchasing a carbon offset might fund initiatives that help others to reduce their carbon use or avoid generating emissions, or projects that help remove carbon dioxide from the environment.

How can I offset my emissions?

To offset your carbon emissions, you can start by calculating your carbon footprints. You can then choose an offset provider such as the ones listed below that can effectively offset your carbon emission. Additionally, you can support initiatives that invest in green and social projects such as community gardens, energy savings and improving living conditions.

Gold Standard

Carbon Footprint

Are there other ways to travel more sustainably?

There are many ways to travel in a more sustainable manner. Where available and practical, travelling by train is a low carbon option.

When flying, taking a direct flight and choosing airlines that are highly related for sustainability practices will minimise the emissions generated.

Does the venue have WiFi?

There is WiFi at the venue but this can be unreliable. We highly recommend purchasing an E-Sim here that meets your data requirements for the duration of the show.