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The Annual Gathering for Women in Food

Empowering women in the food and beverage industry.

Meet the industry’s inspirational women

The Annual Gathering for Women in Food is an exceptional event designed to unite and empower women in the F&B industry. It is the platform where women working in the industry are offered the opportunity to network and share their experiences and knowledge to inspire and learn from one another. The event is all about women empowerment, since it gives the chance for women to discuss their role in the F&B industry, their personal experiences, and share their challenges and how they overcame it.

In partnership with Women of Egypt Network, in 2023 the gathering hosted 12 women high-level speakers from the industry, and more than 120 delegates.

The Annual Gathering Agenda

May 28th 2024 at "Fi Africa Conference Hall"

“I am thrilled and honored to be with a group of ladies, where each one shares an inspiring story. It gave us the chance to share our opinions, challenges, and opportunities. Such events inspire us, and gives us motivation, a push to keep going & a sense of verification.“

Passant Fouad, Director of External Communication, Juhayna Food Industries.

What to expect in 2024
The agenda will include various topics and networking opportunities.
Women in Leadership

Discussing the challenges and opportunities for women in leadership roles in the food manufacturing industry and sharing strategies for success.

Work -Life Balance:

Discussing ways to balance the demands of a career in the food manufacturing industry with personal and family responsibilities.

Gender Diversity and Inclusion

Discussing the importance of diversity and inclusion in the food manufacturing industry, and ways to promote gender equality in the workplace.

Professional Development:

Discussing opportunities for professional development and career advancement for women in the food manufacturing industry.

Latest trends

Latest trends in food industry and technology and how it impacts women in the industry.

Sustainable and ethical production practices

Role of women in driving sustainable and ethical production practices.

Entrepreneurship and innovation

Women entrepreneurship and innovation.

Moments from 2023
Audience member at Women's Networking Breakfast at Fi Africa
Visitor asking question at Women's Networking Breakfast at Fi Africa
Visitors posing for a photo at Fi Africa
group of women posing for a photo at Women's Networking Breakfast at Fi Africa
conversation between visitors at Fi Africa during Women's Networking Breakfast

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