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The New product Zone showcases product innovations from leading industry players and provides the perfect opportunity to give new ingredients the introduction they deserve to the market. A popular area for visitors and the press, this feature has become a trendsetting spot for the nutrition industry.

Fi Europe - New Product Zone

Agropur Ingredients | Stand No: 09.0F21


Glycomacropeptide (GMP) is a casein-derived protein fraction with superior purity. Agropur has developed a unique process by which a purified form of glycomacropeptide is isolated from the whey after cheesemaking. The result is a light colored, mild-tasting, free flowing powder ideal for usage in both functional foods and beverages, dietary supplements and pharmaceutical applications.

  • There is no similar ingredient with such high purity, commercially available in the marketplace as it contains 95% of total protein in the form of GMP.
  • The high purity is critical to applications such as Phenylketonuria (PKU), where no alternative source of protein exists.

All organic Treasures Gmbh | Stand No: 11.1B50NEP

Heliaflor ® Crisps

The company All Organic Treasures GmbH presents an absolute novelty – a product created from sunflowers by dry extrusion which is a real benefit for vegetarian and vegan diet.
Heliaflor® Crisps Schnetzel is a high-grade organic plant extrudate from sunflower protein and makes an ideal substitute for minced meat due to its spicy nutty flavor.
Heliaflor® Crisps Cereal is also an organic plant extrudate from 75 % sunflower protein and 25 % rice flour. The natural sweet flavor and the special consistency are perfect for protein enhancement of cereals and snacks. The product is also available with chocolate flavour.
The products are low in fat, free of cholesterol and a valuable contribution to a healthy and well-balanced diet.


AVEBE | Stand No: 08.0H49

Potato‑based texture and nutrition solutions, all plant‑based and ‘free from’ allergen labeling


CFF GmbH & Co. kG | Stand No: 09.0C64

SANACEL® add 042

CFF manufacturer of SANACEL® functional dietary fibres (oat, wheat, potato, etc.) and fibre blends launches a new clean label fibre blend SANACEL® add 042 with an enormous water binding capacity. The innovative SANACEL® add 042 is used instead of phosphates in meat applications like boiled sausages or minced meat. It imitates the texture, that is created by the usage of phosphate. Succulence and form stability will be improved by adding the SANACEL® add 042 to the product, furthermore no ingredient with e-number need to be declared as the SANACEL® add 042 is not considered to be an additive. Visit


Diana | Stand No: 08.0A69

A new range of products that deliver just from the garden and gently‑cooked taste experiences

Dutch Spices

Dutch Spices | Stand No: 11.0A21

Joey’s Sweet Pasty Hazelnut‑Type

JOEY’S SWEET PASTY HAZELNUT-TYPE is a tasteful sweet pasty product with a hazelnut taste, but does not contain the allergen ‘hazelnut’, as it’s free from the 24 most common allergens, including hazelnut. The product provides a concept suitable for various applications, mostly for bakery and dairy and applications. With this product, for example food manufacturers can offer their customers a brand that’s in line with the trend of health, clean label and social responsibility.
The quality of the food chain will increase as no allergens are added and cross contamination will be avoided.




ECCO Milk Protein Crisps (US Patent 9,723,859) are a new age dairy food containing 90% protein. Casein and whey proteins are recombined to maintain the protein ratio found in typical bovine milk. Shape and size of these light, crunchy, low fat and carbohydrate, gluten and soy free, unflavored puffed pieces, are completely customizable to meet the customers’ application requirements. ECCO Milk Protein Crisps can be consumed directly as a snack, flavored like a cheese puff, or used as an inclusion in protein bars, breakfast cereals, or in quite possibly any other application.


Fiberstar, Inc. | Stand No: 09.0F6


Citri-Fi® is a natural citrus fibre, used to extend tomato solids to improve texture and quality of tomato-based food products. 

FrieslandCampina DOMO

FrieslandCampina DMV | Stand No: 08.0P10

Hyvital® Whey EtD 120

Infants consuming infant milk formula have a higher intake of proteins than naturally present in breast milk and well above the requirements for healthy growth (Heining et al., 1993; FAO, 2011; EFSA, 2011). Research indicates that high protein intake early in life may be linked to excessive weight gain during childhood and later life.(Abrams et al., 2015; Putet et al., 2016)
Hyvital Whey EtD 120 is a whey protein hydrolysate derived from acid whey, therefore it has a different amino acid composition than whey protein hydrolysates from cheese whey. The high levels of limiting essential amino acids enable formulation of infant formula with a reduced protein content.


FrieslandCampina DOMO

FrieslandCampina Domo | Stand No: 08.0P10

Vivinal® GOS Syrup Organic

In response to increasing consumer demand for organic infant formula, FrieslandCampina introduces organic GOS syrup. This organic dairy ingredient is rich in non-digestible galacto-oligosaccharides, produced from organic-certified lactose using a proprietary enzymatic technology. Organic Vivinal GOS Syrup is an important addition to organic infant formula.  It supports the growth of good bacteria, which help suppress the proliferation of harmful bacteria and maintain a healthy digestive system. (Scholtens et al., 2008; Costalos et al., 2008)
Organic Vivinal GOS Syrup is produced in infant formula-grade facilities. It is certified in accordance with EU and USDA NOP organic standards. Organic certification for the Chinese market has been granted September 2017.



Ingredia | Stand No: 08.0H21


Our experts combine 2 functional proteins – PROMILK® 600 A and PROMILK® SH 20 – in order to obtain a perfect firm and creamy dairy bite that you can eat on-the-go. PROMILK® 600 A is very well-known as a creamy booster in dairy products, and more particularly in low-fat ones. PROMILK® SH 20, a native micellar casein, brings firm texture. Without any E-numbers and texturizers, our dairy snack is shelf-stable over time. This new clean-label product is suitable for everyone who has food cravings during the day.


Ingredia | Stand No: 08.0H21

Via Lacta

A full range of sustainable dairy ingredients (skimmed and whole milk powders,  native milk protein) made from Ingredia’s new milk collection according to our
Via Lacta sustainability program.

Via Lacta program is based on 3 main topics :

  •  Milk obtained from cows fed with non GMO feed (<0.9%),
  •  Animal welfare, with a guaranteed surface of grass by cow (1500 m²) and a minimum of 170 days  spent in the pasture; breeding on straw during winter for a better comfort,
  •  Minimum and fair price for the dairy farmer to maintain the dairy activity in good conditions.
Jennewein Biotechnologie GmbH

Jennewein Biotechnologie GmbH | Stand No: 11.1H93

Mum’s Sweet Secret

Jennewein Biotechnologie GmbH produces rare monosaccharides such as L-Fucose and Sialic Acid. It also manufactures an extensive portfolio of HMO’s such as 2‘-Fucosyllactose, 3‘-Fucosyllactose, Lacto-N-tetraose, Lacto-neotetraose and acidic HMO’s like 3‘-Sialyllactose and 6‘-Sialyllactose. Jenneweins human milk oligosaccharides are produced using the latest fermentation technology. This manufacturing process is based on scientific research and ensures a high quality and safety of the product. The oligosaccharides produced in that way are structurally and functionally identical to natural HMO’s. The product is marketed under the brand-name Mum’s Sweet Secret.


Kancor | Stand No: 09.0D61

OxiKan R Plus

Everyone loves to eat good, fresh food. But as time passes, it’s inevitable that the quality of food starts deteriorating due to lipid oxidation affecting its taste, aroma and texture. OxiKan® is a range of Kancor’s Award Winning natural anti-oxidant solutions. These products offer a way to extend shelf life naturally, without resorting to any artificial or synthetic means. OxiKan R Plus is an enriched extract of selective anti-oxidant molecules from rosemary with a superior application efficacy. It has very high antioxidant activity and thermal stability, and has consistently proven to outperform synthetic antioxidants under high temperature conditions.


Naturis SpA | Stand No: 11.1G63

Crunchy Pulses

Naturis has developed a full range of crispy pulses such as Chickpeas, Whole Green Peas, Fava Beans and Green Lentils. Nutritive, healthy (non fried) gluten free and ready to eat. Ideal for snack applications, breakfast cereals, confectionary and bakery products or a good alternative to croutons for salads and soups. Available plain or flavored.


NIGAY | Stand No: 08.0L60

Caramelized Sugar Powder WS 100

WS 100 will give a high colour and a sweet taste to your products (colour intensity: 20 000 EBC). It’s a 100% caramelized sugar powder, which means that maltodextrin has been removed from the ingredients list to only keep sugar. It’s a dark brown powder which can be used for many applications such as in soups, sauces or coffee and has a shelf life of 2 years. This clear & clean labelling innovation with no additive joins our line of caramel powders. Allergen free, GMO free, gluten free, wheat free, halal, kasher, it’s also suitable for vegans! Find also an organic version on stand 8.0L60.

PB Gelatins

PB Gelatins | Stand No: 08.0J41


PB Gelatins/PB Leiner will be showcasing its latest premium product offering: the SOLUGEL® BD SERIES. As agglomerated collagen peptides produced from high quality bovine materials, they result in improved dispersibility and solubility. This reduces the risks of dust and/or lump formation to the greatest extent possible, making it an ideal ingredient for applications in which instant solubility is a key factor. The SOLUGEL® BD SERIES is very neutral in regard to both odor and flavor, which contributes to clean label innovations. The excellent organoleptic performance as well as their outstanding nutritional value make them the perfect ingredients for innovative formulations of healthy products.

Sethness Roquette


Caramels made from fruit syrups

Sethness-Roquette is currently developing Caramels made from fruit sugars, with no added sugars. This Caramel is made with 100% natural sugars extracted from fruits. It will add a sweet taste to your desserts, ice-creams, biscuits among others.


Symrise AG | Stand No: 08.A69 & 08.A71

High Intense Natural Taste Solutions (Clean Label Solutions)

Naturalness is one of the most important key drivers in the culinary food segment – it is a prerequisite. Consumers are looking for sustainably sourced, high quality products that are healthy and deliver full taste. Clean Label becomes key in the purchasing decision. Symrise answers the consumers need of clean & clear labeling in convenience and healthy food without compromise on taste. Only Symrise has the unique technology to create high intense natural taste solutions with authentic & complex culinary profiles. Due to a continuous process it is possible to intensify basic notes of raw materials (oils) as well as add and enrich complexity based on frying & roasting steps during the process. Symrise is able to combine the best of nature (raw materials) with the best of science (processing) to provide a range of authentic natural and consumer preferred  taste solutions, meeting the requirements for clean and clear labeling.


Vandermoortele | Stand No: 09.0G77

Baker's Pure Gold

Consumers want products that taste excellent and are clean label, at an affordable price. Food producers are often squeezed between this ever more demanding consumer and expensive raw materials. With Baker’s Pure Gold, Vandemoortele has launched a unique butter alternative. Thanks to its unique blend of oils, Baker’s Pure Gold has a melting profile similar to butter, resulting in an exceptional taste and mouthfeel. Switching from butter to Baker’s Pure Gold leads to a much lower ingredient cost for the food manufacturer, whilst still enabling him to deliver a great tasting product at an affordable price to the end consumer.


Worlee | Stand No: 11.0A104

The Mushroom Dryers - Production line of dehydrated champignons from Europe

The cutting-edge production facility of The Mushroom Dryers, a joint venture of Scelta and Worlée,  for dehydrated champignons is based in the heart of the European champignon area Belfeld, Netherlands. Its location offers short ways from the cultivation rooms directly to the drying belt – without long transport routes and quality loss. After drying, the champignons will be further refined at Worlée’s factories in Hamburg. Operating with a highly modern production process, TMD is always meeting the high European quality standards: low  icrobial contamination, low pesticide exposure, low risk of foreign objects, no genetically modified products, consistent quality, no currency mismatch.


ZUKÁN | Stand No: 11.1C25NEP

FOSVITAE® - Natural & Healthy Fiber

FOSVITAE® is a Clean Label ingredient, exclusive of Zukán, and made from the soluble fibre of cane sugar. It is intended to act as a 100% natural substitute for sugar, polyols and fats, as well as having a higher fibre content. Thanks to its high content of Fructooligosaccharides (FOS), it improves intestinal transit, while simultaneously stimulates the body´s natural defenses. Furthermore, it can reduce the content of fats and sugars in a widerange of products, while allowing Clean Labelling.


Destilla | Stand No: 08.0T15

Vegetable Extract "Kokumi"

A blend of vegetable extracts rich in γ-glutamyl peptides and glutathiones. The extract enhances thickness and creates a long-lasting taste-boost. It possesses no noticeable taste profile and suits various applications. The products is non-GMO, kosher and halal. It is available as a liquid and as a powder extract.
Visit our booth 08.0T15 in hall 8 to taste this and our other most sought-after products. This will include fruity FTNF flavours, pure essences and natural compositions for all of your Food & Beverage applications. We are also offering a premium tasting of an exclusive beer, new tonic and matching gin products. 

Emsland Group

Emsland Group | Stand No: 08.0H11

Empure® AK JEL 200

Using the expertise of the existing Empure® product range, Emsland Group succeeded in developing Empure® AK JEL 200. This clean label potato booster is especially for use in baked snacks. Due to the special processing of Empure® AK JEL 200 it provides controlled water absorption and helps to distribute added water to all dry ingredients. It is applied as an universal binding, thickening and texturizing agent especially for snacks. Empure® AK JEL 200 provides excellent expansion and improves due to its origin the potato taste particularly in comparison with e.g. waxy maize alternatives in potato snacks.

Emsland Group

Emsland Group | Stand No: 08.0H11

Empure® AK JEL 200

Using the expertise of the existing Empure® product range, Emsland Group succeeded in developing Empure® AK JEL 200. This clean label potato booster is especially for use in baked snacks. Due to the special processing of Empure® AK JEL 200 it provides controlled water absorption and helps to distribute added water to all dry ingredients. It is applied as an universal binding, thickening and texturizing agent especially for snacks. Empure® AK JEL 200 provides excellent expansion and improves due to its origin the potato taste particularly in comparison with e.g. waxy maize alternatives in potato snacks.

Emsland Group

Emsland Group | Stand No: 08.0H11

Empro® Tex

Emsland Group offers innovative extruded protein crisps Empro® Tex. These plant-based ingredients have high protein content, a natural taste and contain no sugar. Empro® Tex types provide important nutritional and functional benefits as well as easy handling and excellent characteristics. Empro® Tex can be used in a wide variety of applications, e.g. breakfast products, bars and snacks.

Cambridge Commodities Ltd.

Cambridge Commodities Ltd | Stand No: 08.0J61

VitaShroom D® P13278

  • VitaShroom D® is an exclusive mushroom-based vitamin D powder from Cambridge Commodities that provides 7500IU/g vitamin D.
  • VitaShroom D® is high in vitamin D and helps to support teeth and bone health in children, indoor workers and the elderly. It is produced exclusively for Cambridge Commodities in Europe where the mushrooms are harvested and processed on the same site, meaning every step of the supply chain is controlled and traceable.
  • VitaShroom D is suitable for use in tablets, capsules, powder blends, drinks and food.
Cambridge Commodities Ltd.

Cambridge Commodities Ltd. | Stand No: 08.0J61


Exalt®is Cambridge Commodities’ exclusive range of sodium reduction blends.The range offers 30-100% sodium reduction. Exalt®can be used to maintain a similar taste to table salt whilst helping consumers to choose lower sodiumfood options. It is suitable for use in all food products.Cambridge Commodities has fourExalt® products within the range to cater todifferent applications and desired levels of sodium reduction:·Exalt® 100 P28182 –100% sodium reduction·Exalt® 70 –P10035 70% sodium reduction·Exalt® 50 –P10034 50% sodium reduction·Exalt® 30 –P10021 30% sodium reduction

Cambridge Commodities Ltd.

Cambridge Commodities Ltd | Stand No: 08.0J61

Sucari® P28273

Cambridge Commodities developed Sucari® by combining carefully selected plant derived sweeteners to deliver a taste, texture and mouthfeel that is close to traditional sugar. It is a source of fibre and better for tooth health than sugar.
Sucari® contains a fraction of the calories of sugar whilst not compromising on taste. It can be used in food and drink product development as per local legislation.



The sound of exciting flavors

A good product is about the right combination of texture, flavor, base & appearance.  Euroma takes you on a multi-sensory experience through the world of taste, from flavors in your backyard to the exotic flavors of Mexico. We took traditional flavors that consumers know and love and gave them a twist that would really excite you ánd your consumers. Our strength lies in the ability to optimally use Mother Nature in composing new flavours. With that we help our partners to be first on the market with interesting food innovations.

 Step into your house of taste at booth 8J57.

Meurens Natural

Meurens Natural | Stand No: 11.1D71


The NATU® range, produced by Meurens Natural, presents a new range of spelt syrups with a wide variety of functionalities (sweetening, natural flavouring & colouring, texture, crunchy, etc) for your biscuits, cereal bars, breakfast, crackers, drinks, desserts, etc.
The natural production process (no use of chemical additives & process) preserves the original characteristics of the raw materials allowing to offer a cleaner & shorter labelling: ’spelt syrup’ instead of ‘glucose syrup’ or ‘sugar’. Try Natu-Spelt 58 or Natu-Spelt 30 in all your formulations.
NATU® range: rice syrups, oat syrups, date syrup, datepuree & tailor-made solutions using cereals and dried fruits also available in organic quality .


Newtricious B.V.

Healthy Aging Drink

This healthy aging drink contains a clinically proven, all-natural ingredient that benefits eye health and cognition amongst others. Five placebo controlled clinical studies that included over 500 individuals have been conducted worldwide.

The powder ingredient is a combination of special egg yolk and dairy, and:

  • High in protein
  • High in DHA, without bad odor and taste: 170 mg
  • High in choline: 391 mg
  • High bioavailability of lutein: 5 to 7 times more
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Holds great potential for meal replacements, infant nutrition and many more.

The powder ingredient as well as the ready-to-drink formulation is available.

FrieslandCampina Kieavit

FrieslandCampina Kievit | Stand No: 08.0P10

Vana-Monte DP570

A new high-performing whipping agent from Kievit
FrieslandCampina Kievit presents Vana®-Monte DP570, a high performance powder whipping agent for superb firmness and lasting stability at ambient temperature. In the competitive bakery market, presentation is key. With Vana®-Monte DP570 you can create cakes with a smooth appearance and the swirls have beautiful clean sharp edges. But its key benefit is that toppings retain their supreme firmness and stability, enabling bakers to create attractive displays to tempt consumers. In addition to its excellent decoration properties and firmness, Vana®-Monte DP570 promises a superb clean taste profile and a full body and warm mouthfeel making it score high on creaminess.

FrieslandCampina Kieavit

FrieslandCampina Kievit | Stand No: 08.0P10

Vana-Cappa 25W

A new range of foaming creamers from Kievit
At this year’s FiE, FrieslandCampina Kievit will be showcasing the new Excellent Dairy Enriched Foamer Portfolio for instant cappuccinos and other specialty mixes. Combining outstanding foam performance with great taste, they replicate coffee bar moments of indulgence at home. More specifically, FrieslandCampina Kievit will present the Vana®-Cappa 25W for superior foam height (without addition of patented technology to boost foam height) and the Vana®-Cappa 40V for versatility in your Italian specialty. In combination with the Extra Texture Foamers (Vana®-Cappa 26W and Vana®-Cappa 23W), FrieslandCampina Kievit launches a portfolio of excellent dairy enriched foamers that provides a perfectly balanced coffee and milk taste and an attractive foam layer for a delightfully smooth mouthfeel.

FrieslandCampina DMV

FrieslandCampina DMV | Stand No: 08.0P10

NutriWhey Hydro

The road to recovery should taste great! The benefits of hydrolyzed proteins are becoming more known to the active consumers. Unfortunately hydrolyzed proteins generally taste bitter and unpleasant. With its unique protein hydrolyzation, NutriWhey Hydro is able to deliver on the core market drivers of both taste and nutrition.