Starch Expo

The Most Important and Professional Starch Industry Grand Meeting in Asian-Pacific Region


Source a wide range of starch and starch derivatives from more than 200 leading local and international suppliers


Grow your network by connecting with more than 3,000 professionals who are active in the Chinese Starch industry


Expand your knowledge on the ever-changing Chinese landscape by taking part in our wide range of conferences and seminars

The Starch Expo is China’s only well-known whole industry chain exhibition in the starch industry that is directly organized by China Starch Industry Association. Ever since it was founded, the Starch Expo has been serving China starch market for thirteen years.


What is Starch?

Starch Expo will be located in Hall 7.1, which will bring 200+ overseas and domestic companies active in:

  • Starch
  • Modified starch
  • Starch sugar
  • Potato food
  • Starch processing machinery, and
  • Environmental protection equipment industry


Testimonial Starch Co., Ltd

"Promoted by Starch Expo, our potato starch products were widely accredited by exhibitors and audiences as well as the company image and reputation. At the same time, we got  closer and clearer to what consumers demand and all the up-to-date information of new  products and equipment in starch market."

Yunnan Yundian Starch Co., Ltd