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Yes, if you have registered online in advance. Online pre-registration is not yet open. Register your interest here, and we will let you know once pre-registration is live.

Online pre-registration is not yet open. Register your interest here, and we will let you know once pre-registration is live.


Yes, there will be wireless internet available at the exhibition.

Online Services

An overview of all exhibitors at this year's event can be found here.


Expo Transamérica offers more than 3,000 parking spaces and an exclusive valet service at the venue.

The website of the Secretary of Tourism of the State of São Paulo is a handy source of information for those who want to know more about cultural and leisure options in the state. Here you will find beach itineraries, ecological walks and information about all the natural and economic richness of São Paulo.

São Paulo is a commercial center for consumption. There are more than 50 malls in the city with about 9,000 stores. In addition to the main shopping centers listed below, there are also specialised streets, such as Oscar Freire, in the Jardins region, where the main national and international brands are located. March 25th street is very famous for its popular commerce. 

Shopping hours are from 10am to 10pm Monday to Saturday and from 2pm to 8pm on Sunday. Street trade is usually open from 9am to 7pm. 

Shopping Patio Paulista
R. Treze de Maio, 1947 - Bela Vista 
(11) 3191-1100 

Frei Caneca Shopping
R. Frei Caneca, 569 - Consolação
(11) 3472-2000 

Morumbi Shopping
Av. Roque Petroni Jr. 1.089 - Brooklin 
(11) 4003-4132

Shopping Cidade Jardim
Av. Magalhães de Castro, 12,000 - Butanta 
(11) 3552-1000 

Shopping Patio Higienópolis
Av. Higienópolis, 618 - Higienópolis 
(11) 3823-2300 

Shopping Ibirapuera
Av. Ibirapuera, 3.103 - Moema 
(11) 5095-2300 

Shopping Iguatemi
Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2.232 - Jardim Paulistano 
(11) 3816-6116

Shopping Bourbon
R. Turiassu, 2,100 - Perdizes 
(11) 3874-5050

Shopping Center 3
Av. Paulista, 2.064 - Cerqueira César 
(11) 3285-2458 

Shopping Eldorado
Av. Rebouças, 3,970 - Pinheiros 
(11) 2197-7810 

Shopping Center Norte
Travessa Casalbuono, 120 - Vila Guilherme 
(11) 2224-5959 

Boa Vista Shopping
R. Borba Gato, 59 - Santo Amaro 
(11) 5547-6000 

D & D Shopping
Av. Das Nações Unidas, 12,555 - Brooklin 
(11) 3043-9000 

Mega Polo Fashion
R. Barão de Ladário, 566 - Bras 
(11) 3311-2800 

Shopping Butantã
Av. Prof. Francisco Morato, 2,718 - Vila Sônia 
(11) 3723-3900 

Shopping Capital
Av. Paes de Barros, 2,761 - Mooca 
(11) 2273-5066 

Shopping Center Penha
R. Dr . John Ribeiro, 304 - Penha 
(11) 4003-7210 

Shopping D
Av Cruzeiro do Sul, 1100 -. Caninde 
(11) 4506-6000 

Shopping Interlagos
Avenida Interlagos. 2.225 - Interlagos 
(11) 3471-8888 

Shopping Anália Franco
Av. Regente Feijó, 1,739 - Tatuapé 
(11) 4003-4133 

Shopping Jardim Sul
Av. Giovanni Gronchi, 5.819 - Morumbi 
(11) 3779-3900 

Shopping Plaza South
Plaza Leonor Kauppa, 100 - Jardim Saúde 
(11) 4003-7220 

Shopping Portal do Morumbi
R. Guilherme Dumont Villares, 1.269 - Morumbi 
(11) 3772-7669 

Shopping Villa Lobos
Av. das Nações Unidas, 4.777 - Alto de Pinheiros 
(11) 3024-3738 

Shopping West Plaza
Av. Francisco Matarazzo, s / n ° - Barra Funda 
(11) 3677-4000

The Santo Amaro station is 800 meters from the venue and connects the CPTM Esmeralda and Lilás do Subway lines.

The Military Police of the State of São Paulo is available 24 hours a day, simply dial 190. It is possible to contact this number for free through any local telephone and the nearest police car will assist you.

You can store your items in the lockers available onsite. These lockers are ideal for storing bags or small volumes. The "Malex" service is located at the entrance to the fair. Lockers are available at a fee.

Beautiful, rich, intellectual, democratic, lively, cultural, sophisticated, urban, modern, professional. What defines São Paulo? There is no single adjective that can accurately define this city of the world. 

Meticulously designed by many nationalities, cultures, beliefs, and ideals, this metropolis is truly cosmopolitan. It is Italian, German, Jewish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, French, African, Arabic, Spanish, Latin, Brazilian, São Paulo. This is also present in the architecture of the buildings, in the streets, in the refined palate of their gastronomy, and in the fashion and gestures of the people who are writing the history of this city.

São Paulo can be described in many ways. It is home to the largest hotel complex in Latin America, the most sophisticated hospital in the country, and is the largest Brazilian cultural centre. São Paulo is a destination for major events, fairs and exhibitions. The city is also the headquarters of renowned academic and research centers, and much more. 

In the city you can find many cinemas, museums, theatres, historical and cultural heritage areas, parks, concert halls, theme parks, event spaces, fairs, shopping malls, specialty shopping streets. Every year, around 10 million visitors come to the city to do business and network, shop or take advantage of a cultural calendar attuned to world trends.

During your stay in Sao Paulo it is important that you feel safe. Below you can find a list of the main hospitals and emergency centers in the city. All of them have a 24h service. 
You can also contact the Emergency Mobile Service of the capital (SAMU) via the number 192. 


Brotherhood of Santa Casa de Misericórdia
Rua Cesário Mota Júnior, 112 
Vila Buarque - São Paulo - SP 
(11) 2176-7000 


Hospital do Coração - Hcor
R. Judge Eliseu Guilherme, 123 
Paraíso - São Paulo -SP 
(11) 3053-6611


Hospital Sírio Libanês

R. Dona Adma Jafet, 91 

Bela Vista - São Paulo - SP 

(55 11) 3155-0200 


Paulistano Hospital 

Rua Martiniano de Carvalho, 741 

Bela Vista - São Paulo - SP 

(11) 3016-1000 


Hospital das Clínicas 

Av. Dr. Enéas de Carvalho Aguiar, 255 

Cerqueira César -São Paulo -SP 

(11) 3069-6000


Hospital 9 de Julho

Peixoto Gomide, 625 

Cerqueira César -São Paulo-SP 

(11) 3147-9999

São Paulo is the largest city in Latin America and has a lot to offer. You can find a multitude of cultural, gastronomic and shopping options. Plan ahead for your post-event moments and celebrate good business!

• Theater 
• Cinema 
• Gastronomy 
• Culture 
• Nightlife 
• Tours 
• Shopping

In São Paulo vehicle use is restricted to prevent traffic congestion during peak hours. This is based on the last digit of the vehicle’s license plate. This restriction means that certain vehicles are not allowed on the roads from 7AM to 10AM and from 5PM to 8PM, once a week.

Last digit 1 or 2 – Prohibited on Mondays 
Last digit 3 or 4 - Prohibited on Tuesdays 
Last digit 5 or 6 - Prohibited on Wednesdays 
Last digit 7 or 8 - Prohibited on Thursdays 
Last digit 9 or 0 - Prohibited on Fridays

It is very easy to rent a car upon your arrival in Brazil. Below you can find a list of a few car rental companies. All of them are located at the International Airport of Guarulhos, in the outer lobby of the airport. You can also reserve your car when you arrive. The minimum age required by the rental companies is usually 21 years. Always be aware of speed limits. There are several radars on public roads. 

Rent a car
Avis - 

Budget -

Hertz -

Localiza -

Locar Alpha -

SP Trans-3.33, 3.38, 3.48, 3.59.

The city of São Paulo is served by two airports: Guarulhos International Airport (Cumbica) and Congonhas Airport. 

The two are interconnected by a bus system, Aiport Service, which carries passengers to different parts of the city.

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