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A sustainable event

Our commitment to sustainability

What's in this guide

The core principles we operate by

01 Inspiring sustainability development

02 Running an environmentally responsible event

03 Running a socially responsible event

04 Be a sustainable attendee

05 Be a sustainable exhibitor

Inspiring sustainability development

Through our community, purposeful partnership and meaningful content, we provide the tools for all the stakeholders to put the planet first.



1 Providing content that enables sustainable development

2 Sharing best practices with our stakeholders

3 Developing market relevant partnerships

Running a socially responsible event

Everything we draw is from the supply chain needs to meet the sustainability criteria. We're committed to reduce our emission and waste each year.



1 Reducing our event’s carbon emissions

2 Creating less waste

3 Considering sustainability credentials of the items sourced for the event

Running a socially responsible event

Make our events inclusive and diverse is core prioritary. By champion local businesses, we make a positive impact in our host cities.



1 Doing business safely and ethically

2 Considering wellbeing and accessibility

3 Supporting local businesses

Being a sustainable attendee

Doing your bit for sustainability takes a few simple steps.

Sustainability guidelines
Answers to some of the most common queries
Travel green

  • Reduce your carbon footprint by making use of the public transport to and from the event
  • If you are travelling by plane, make sure to offset the flight
  • Book a hotel in the proximity of the venue to
    reduce your environmental impact

Reduce waste

  • Be aware of the waste that you are generating onsite
  • Get exhibitors to share their collateral with you digitally to avoid a lot of paper waste
  • Use a reusable coffee cup at any of the catering outlets around the venue

During the conference

As well as creating a safe environment for all, your wellbeing needs to be prioritised, especially during long online sessions. Take a walk and stretch in between sessions and try to conserve energy on your devices.

Being a sustainable exhibitor

Waste reduction by removing single-use stands from our event.

Sustainability checklist
More things you can be doing
Stand build & design

  • When you contract a stand designer/builder for the event, are you thinking about the following?
  • Can your stand be re-used at other events you attend?
  • How can the stand waste be minimised?
  • Are they aware and compliant with the Health & Safety regulations?
  • Do you know who the end company building your stand is? Are they compliant?
  • Can you reduce the stand build time by having pre-fabricated build & save money?
  • How can you lower your environmental impact by checking their shipping method?

Travel green

  • Reduce your carbon footprint by making use of the public transport to and from the event

Event promotional collateral

  • Reduce your paper output by switching to digital alternatives
  • If you do need to print or have promotional materials produced, make sure they are made from eco-friendly sources


  • Promote your company’s and products sustainability credentials – let visitors know what you are doing to support the food manufacturing industry.