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Health ingredients (Hi) Japan

Functional ingredients and natural ingredients used in foods, beverages, confectionery will be on display, providing unlimited business opportunities for ingredient suppliers and contracted manufacturing companies.


Key corners of the show: 

Plant-based Food Development

Ingredients for the development of delicious plant-based foods in the future will be exhibited intensively.

  • Plant-based protein and ingredients
  • Plant-based milk
  • Plant-based meat
  • Plant-based oil and fat
  • Gelling/Thickening stabilizer


New Food Resources & the Manufacturing Technology

Insects as food, algae, and unused food resources that are being developed as new resources will be exhibited intensively.

  • Microorganisms
  • Algae, Plankton
  • Insect
  • Cultured meat
  • Effective use of unused resources
Hi Japan

Exhibitor profile

Discover hundreds of suppliers dedicated to health ingredients

Functional Ingredients

Natural Ingredients

Research & Consulting

Functional Assessment

High Functional Food Project

Food ingredients for Taste (FiT) Japan

Pursuing the deliciousness of food is an eternal theme. FiT Japan is a future-oriented exhibition that showcases technologies that promote deliciousness factors such as new tastes, flavors, textures, and colours, while satisfying the health consciousness of consumers. FiT Japan is the perfect place to promote such ingredients and technology to food and beverage manufacturers, food service providers and distributors.


Key corner of the show: 

Fermented Ingredients Pavilion

This pavilion focuses on increasing the added value of food "deliciousness and health function" by fermentation.

  • Fermented food ingredients
  • Ingredients for health foods using fermentation technology
  • Fermented food / material manufacturing contract, OEM supply fixed agent
Food ingredients for Taste (FiT) Japan

Exhibitor profile

Discover hundreds of suppliers dedicated to food taste technology

Food additives

Natural Ingredients


Safety & Technology (S-tec) Japan

This is a specialised exhibition for food engineers, where solutions for ensuring food safety and quality are gathered. It is a place to disseminate information on the latest technologies, hardware and software that make high-quality and safe products.


Key corners of the show: 

Countermeasures against Foreign Bodies Contamination

This pavilion focuses on increasing the added value of food "deliciousness and health function" by fermentation. An eternal theme for food manufacturers will be highlighted in this section of the exhibition

  • Prevent insect and rodent
  • Metal detection equipment
  • Contaminant removal devices


DX & AI technology to improve business efficiency

This corner collects systems that eliminate waste by digitization, eliminate labor shortages, and eliminate human error.

  • Quality control information system
  • Food labeling / standard management software
  • Raw material / product information database
  • AI-equipped Inspector
Safety & Technology (S-tec) Japan

Exhibitor profile

Find hundreds of suppliers dedicated to food safety and quality

Safety and Hygiene

Powder and Liquid Technology

Food Analysis

Food Eco

Packaging and Label

Food Long Life (LL) Japan

This is a place to propose solutions for food waste reductions that the food industry must work on to achieve the SDGs. Ingredients for maintaining deliciousness and technologies for improving shelf life are collected here


Key corners of the show: 

SDGs Zone

Upcycled materials that make effective use of unused resources, technologies for effective use and environmentally friendly packaging containers will be showcased.

  • Upcycled materials / ingredients
  • Plastic-free containers, paper containers, recycled packaging materials
  • By-product reuse technology, energy recovery technology
Food Long Life (LL) Japan

Exhibitor profile

Find companies focused on solutions for food waste reduction

Food Additive

Production Equipment

Packaging / container

Analysis / Measurement

Hi Japan show floor
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