Show Highlights


Hi Japan is leading health ingredients exhibition, dedicated to the health and functional food and ingredients market in Japan and Asia. Hi Japan is a must-attend event for anyone in the food and beverage industry who is looking to expand their business in Japan and stay up-to-date on the latest trends and innovations in the market. 

Hi Japan is co-located with 4 other shows: FiT Japan, S-tec Japan, LL Japan, promising to bring all health ingriedent solutions under one roof. View what the shows has to offer below!

Plant-based Food Development Corner

This corner is the focus of Hi Japan.

Since people are more concerned about their health and the environment, there are more and more meat and milk alternatives made from plants. In this corner, a comprehensive collection of ingredients for the development of delicious plant-based foods that will exhibited.

New Resources Food Corner

This corner is also part of Hi Japan.

The area will showcase the latest research and materials related to sustainable food resources, which is a major concern due to global climate change and industrialization. Japan is actively developing new food sources like such as microorganisms, algae, plankton and insects, as well as the development of cultured meat. Discover innovative solutions for sustainable and healthy food resources.

Segments covered:

🌱 Plant-based Protein Ingredients

🌱 Plant-based Milk

🌱 Plant-based Meat

🌱 Plant-based Oils and Fats

🌱 Gelling / Thickening stabilizer

Segments covered:

🧆 Microorganisms

🧆 Algae

🧆 Plankton

🧆 Insect

🧆 Cultured Meat

Fermented Ingredients Pavillion

This corner is the focus of Food ingredients for Taste (FiT Japan)

At FiT Japan 2023, an expansion of the Fermented Ingredients Pavilion is planned under the theme of adding value to food by increasing its "deliciousness and health function" using fermentation. Exhibition in this pavilion will be promoted and publicized not only in Japan but also overseas, to domestic and foreign food companies, health food manufacturers, school lunch staff, nutritionists, etc.

Digitalization Support/ AI Food Technology Corner

This corner is the focus of Safety and Technology (S-tec Japan)

Digitalization is becoming indispensable in order to streamline the operations of food factories and ensure safety and quality. Systems to eliminate waste by digitization, and to eliminate labor shortages and human error will gather at this area.

Segments covered:

🌱 Fermented Food Ingredients

🌱 Ingredients for Health Foods using Fermentation Technology

🌱 Fermented Food / Material Manufacturing Contract, OEM Supply Fixed          Agent

Segments covered:

🧆 Quality Control Information System

🧆 Form Management Software

🧆 Raw Material / Product Information Database

🧆 Food Labeling / Standard Management Software

🧆 AI-equipped Inspection and Manufacturing Equipment

It was very meaningful to be able to hear frank opinions and requests at the user level of the product in the test stage

It was a very good opportunity to go to a new customer from a different industry that has not exchanged information before.

Many of the industry's largest manufacturers, start-ups with good reputations in the industry, and distribution buyers visited the venue and were able to provide prototype samples, which led to business negotiations.