Hi Japan at a glance

4 Areas - FIT, s-Tec, LL, HIJ

Hi Japan

Hi Japan is the leading platform for functional foods, supplements and nutraceuticals, and caters to the region's huge demand for health foods.

Exhibitor Profile: Leading companies in Functional ingredients, Natural ingredients, Contract Manufacturers/OEM, Research & Consulting, Fermented food ingredients

visitor profile: F&B manufacturers, Health food & supplements manufacturers, Trading companies, wholesale companies, educational institutions, and many more.

FiT Japan
The 3rd Edition - Innovation Technology and Solutions for New Taste,
Flavour, Texture and Colour Get Together

As consumers give attention to their health, the food industry has developed technologies and solutions to create new tastes, flavours, textures, and colours.

FiT Japan features a unique ingredients technology that can create better tastes as well as solutions to keep these tastes fresh, and FiT Japan is the perfect place to promote such ingredients and technology to food and beverage manufacturers, food service providers and distributors.

FiT Japan is the first exclusive exhibition in Japan featuring such solutions for taste. In the food industry, the pursuit for taste is an eternal theme, and FiT Japan 2019 was the 2nd edition with about 100 suppliers showcasing new tastes, flavours, textures and colours, in addition to focusing on consumers’ health. More than 40% of visitors showed the highest interest in this area. Together with Hi Japan (focusing on health and functional ingredients) and S-tec Japan (safety and quality), the three important themes in the food industry, “health”, “taste” and “safety and quality”, will come together during Asia’s biggest food development show.

S-Tec Japan
Japan's ONLY exhibition for Food Safety and Quality Control

Awareness of food safety is at an all-time high in Japan, following a spate of high-profile incidents that have shaken consumer confidence in the quality and safety of manufactured food. Partly as a result of this, but also because of tightened regulations and the need to develop more innovative products in the market, investments are being made in all areas of analysis and inspection, safety and hygiene, technology of powdered/liquid food, environmental technology and packaging technology. Those five areas or themes come together at S-tec Japan 2020.

S-tec Japan is the only event in Japan that focuses on this highly specialised segment and provides the best opportunity to meet production, quality control and R&D professionals from food manufacturing companies.

Co-located alongside S-tec Japan, is the Hi Japan and the FiT Japan Exhibition. Hi Japan features health and functional ingredients, and FiT Japan features ingredients and technology for better taste. These parallel events provide a one-stop source of information on “health”, “taste” and “safety and quality”, and attract professionals from across the food industry to one location.

Food Long Life Japan
Shelf life technology that helps keep food taste and quality longer

On 31 May 2019, Japan enacted a law for the reduction of food wastage. Although there is no need to mention that manufacturing and sales work together to enact measures for food loss, for the manufacturers, two countermeasures are necessary: “Reduce” and “Reuse”.

Concerning “Reuse”, the Food Recycling Law was enacted in the 2000s and amended in 2015 to increase the recycling targets according to industry type. On the other hand, to “Reduce”, or to implement food waste reduction, is the biggest priority for the industry and manufacturers are being forced to carry out this countermeasure now. To do this successfully, it is important to promote long shelf life technology, thus prolonging and maintaining the taste and quality of food.

Food Long Life Japan gathers a variety of long-shelf-life technologies for food loss reduction, and is aiming to introduce these technologies to manufacturers and sales people.

2 Pavilions - cosmetics, Protein

Nutri Cosmetics Pavilion at a glance:

This exclusive pavilion will showcase outer-beauty ingredients, inner-beauty ingredients and anti-ageing ingredients, and appeals to manufacturers of cosmetics and health foods, as well as those looking to enter these markets.

Exhibitor Profile: Leading companies in Natural ingredients for cosmetics, Inner beauty ingredients for hair, skin, nails, Beauty Skin Evaluation Equipment, Cosmetics contract manufacturers and more.

Visitor Profile: Health food manufacturers, Cosmetics manufacturers, Food manufacturers, Hairdressing products manufacturers.

High-Protein Food Development Zone

High-Protein Food Development Zone at a glance: The High Protein Food Development Zone will showcase several types of protein ingredients and tasting technologies in an effort to support the development of new protein foods.

Exhibitor Profile: Leading companies in Milk Protein, Plant Protein, Flavour, Seasoning, Masking ingredients and many more.

Visitor Profile: F&B manufacturers, health food manufacturers, distributors and many more.

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