Speaker Interviews

Marlene Milan

Keeping up with new EU organic regulations

FEATURED SPEAKER Industry Insights Theatre Consumer demand for organic has increased in recent years, making it more attractive for F&B manufacturers to source organic ingredients. However, for...

AI identifies new peptides for sports nutrition

FEATURED SPEAKER Hi Conference 2018 The increasing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to support innovation within the F&B industry has led to the discovery of some exciting...
Nadja Rauscher

Top tips for entering the Chinese F&B market

FEATURED SPEAKER Industry Insights Theatre The Chinese F&B market is developing quickly thanks to a growing urban middle class with higher disposable income. This creates plenty of opportunities...
Dr Christopher Zeppenfeld

Sports nutrition paves way for insect protein

FEATURED SPEAKER Future of Nutrition Summit 2018 Insects are being tipped as a viable solution to growing protein demand, being both sustainable and highly functional. However, there are still a...
Sophia Hoffmann

Sustainable businesses save money

FEATURED SPEAKER Plant-based Experience Demand for plant-based and vegan ingredients is on the rise as consumers seek healthier and more sustainable lifestyles. Businesses who tap into this trend in...
Carole Tonello

Clean label food preservation with HPP

Ahead of her presentation at the IUFoST /GDL workshop on Healthy Foods Through New Food Processing Technologies at Health ingredients Europe 2018, we interviewed Dr. Carole Tonello, Director of...
Dr David Psomiadis

Keeping one step ahead of food fraud

In today’s complex and global supply chains the issue of brand reputation and brand protection has been in focus more than ever as companies struggle to stay one step ahead of new methods of...

Will cell-based meat replace conventional meat production?

FEATURED SPEAKER Plant-based Experience The advance of cellular agriculture presents an interesting opportunity to solve some of the biggest challenges facing our current food system. Yet, as with so...
Ella Mills

A day in the life: Deliciously Ella

Ella Mills is an award-winning cookery author and entrepreneur, and a champion of eating well. She is also the creator of the popular blog, deliciouslyella.com, which has had over 130 million hits in...
Kitty Apples

USA modernizes food safety legislation

A lot of companies outside the USA are impacted by the Food Safety Modernization Act, potentially making regulations for exporting to the USA more stringent. At Hi Europe 2018, Food safety and...

Food formats for social media impact

FEATURED SPEAKER Hi Europe 2018 CONFERENCE Consumers are becoming more interested in encounters that appeal to multiple senses beyond taste. As this experiential food trend continues to develop, the...

Making edible straws nutritious

FEATURED SPEAKER Future of Nutrition Summit 2018 As well as contributing to the fight against single-use plastic straws, edible straws can be designed to include certain nutrients that benefit...