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Sustainability and health drive alternative protein demand

While consumer demand for protein continues to drive new product development and opens new opportunities within various food and beverage sectors, businesses need to be aware of regional differences...

Social media trends shape new product development

The immense popularity of social media means that what happens online can have a very real impact on your business. Tools such as Instagram are widely used to share experiences with friends and...
Functional foods

Functional ingredients offer innovation opportunities

Today’s health and wellness minded consumers are proactively seeking to incorporate functional ingredients into their diets. Whether it’s immune health, digestive health or protein refreshment, food...

Animal protein for versatile, cost-effective fortification

The versatility and potential health-promoting benefits of both gelatin and collagen offer the food, supplements, cosmetics and pharma sectors an incredible range of applications. With global demand...

Personalised allergens screening devices on the rise

By: Mariette Abrahams MBA RD, Personalized nutrition business consultant & Founder , Mariette Abrahams Consulting The advent of cloud computing and sensor technologies has allowed the development...
Licensing Beyond the Snack Aisle - part 3

Licensing Beyond the Snack Aisle – Part 3

How to get food and beverage licensing right – the case studies In our final blog looking at how food and beverage licensing works, who’s doing and how to make it successful, we tap in to a number of...

New areas in gut health products and research

By ​ Kara Landau, APD, AN, Founder and Head Dietitian at Uplift Food and Nutrition and Media Expert for the Global Prebiotic Association Gut health is linked to essentially every area of human health...

Supplier quality management is key to safely sourcing raw materials – part I

In the first of a three part series on supplier quality management, food safety expert Rob Kooijmans ( takes a closer look at one of the major pitfalls companies encounter when it comes...
Organic certification

Will new EU regulations drive growth in the organic sector?

The European Union has recently adopted Regulation (EU) No 2018/848 , which provides new rules for organic farming and repeals the current Regulation (EC) No 834/2007. Cesare Varallo food lawyer in...
Licensing Beyond the Snack Aisle - part 2

Licensing Beyond the Snack Aisle - Part 2

Why you – as a licensee – should get closer to licensing agents. While many food and beverage brands have their own in-house licensing teams, others choose to look to agents to expand their reach...

Focus on Clean, Natural & Transparent - Infographic

This infographic focuses on the developments within clean label, natural ingredients and supply chain transparency , in particular the growing need to bridge the gap between what consumers are...

Focus on Reduce, Remove, Reformulate - Infographic

This infographic highlights the developments within reduction and reformulation, as well as the trend for removing ingredients perceived as unhealthy and/or unsustainable. Download to find out more...