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Agro FOOD Industry Hi Tech is a peer reviewed, bimonthly journal, edited by TKS Tekno Scienze Publisher. It deals with Nutraceuticals, Functional Foods and Healthy Ingredients. Founded in 1990 Agro FOOD Industry Hi Tech soon became a leading journal in linking industry and academia and gained an immediate appreciation worldwide.

TKS is also an event organiser of several scientific events since 2008. It has discussed some of the most important topics of the moment. TKS takes care of everything - from the initial idea to its targeted promotion, from the selection of speakers and the entire logistics management up to the final networking occasion. https://www.teknoscienze.com/our-conferences-2/

DE Germany
Stand No: 8J39

Founded in Leipzig, Germany, in 1919, Dr. Harnisch Publications is a long standing publisher of professional trade magazines now based in Nuremberg, Germany. Founded almost a century ago, the specialist publisher established itself through the export journal "Übersee-Post".The company is specialized in the area of food and beverage, woodworking, promotions and incentives, and Business Guides.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: 8C114

The Ingredients Insight magazine reaches out to 30,000 ingredient professionals worldwide. It publishes twice a year and, since launching in November 2012, has been a huge hit with its target audience. It is essential reading for CEOs, plant managers, innovation directors and chief scientific officers, those strategically engaged in leading FMCG's.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: 8P141

First published in 1998, with offices in the UK and France, Innovations in Food Technology has become a household name, leading the way to informing the world's markets of cutting edge innovations in food and beverage ingredients, safety, regulation and legislation with a particular focus on health.

US United States
Stand No: 8J138

Nutraceuticals World publishes 10 regular issues (January/February, March, April, May, June, July/August, September, October, November, December), and a Company Capabilities directory. Our priority is to serve the manufacturers of dietary supplements, functional foods and nutritional beverages. We cover market and technology developments, dissect regulatory issues and provide international perspectives unique to the supplement, food and beverage market. The major ingredient/product trends we frequently highlight include antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, herbs and botanicals, nutrition bars, nutraceutical beverages and functional foods. In addition, some of the health areas we focus on are weight loss, diabetes, heart health and eye health. The goal is to provide Nutraceuticals World readers with the most comprehensive information relevant to their product development, marketing and business needs.

IT Italy
Stand No: 8N43

NUTRACOS is an international journal which sets the pace for trend articles and news  which are encompassed from sectors as nutraceuticals, health foods, nutrition, functional foods, starches, soy, isoflavones, omega 3, vitamins, antioxidants, ingredients, weight management, CO Q10, heart /bone/ joint health, sports nutrition, infant nutrition, antioxidants, health & anti-ageing, herbs& botanicals, minerals, prebiotics, probiotics, sweeteners, food additives, regulations, claims.. Directories, company profiles and exhibition reports complete the industry panorama for our readers.

Industry's nature and its complex structure means that companies have to be kept updated with the latest developments worldwide. Every issues offers our readers the possibility of linking the contents of the journal to the ever changing reality of the industry. It's in this liasion that the journal will play an important role: in linking the communication between the fields. Other services include reprints, brochures, active websites, computer programs, creation of advertising messages, campaigns & CD's.

For more info or past articles, visit www.b5srl.com