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Agro FOOD Industry Hi Tech is a peer reviewed, bimonthly journal, edited by TKS Tekno Scienze Publisher. It deals with Nutraceuticals, Functional Foods and Healthy Ingredients. Founded in 1990 Agro FOOD Industry Hi Tech soon became a leading journal in linking industry and academia and gained an immediate appreciation worldwide.

TKS is also an event organiser of several scientific events since 2008. It has discussed some of the most important topics of the moment. TKS takes care of everything - from the initial idea to its targeted promotion, from the selection of speakers and the entire logistics management up to the final networking occasion. https://www.teknoscienze.com/our-conferences-2/

IE Ireland
Stand No: 8Q135

Atlantia Food Clinical Trials Ltd (www.atlantiafoodclinicaltrials.com) is a world class dynamic company providing clinical studies expertise for the food, beverage and supplements sector. Atlantia delivers a comprehensive end-to-end solution for human intervention studies in functional ingredients in foods & beverages, nutraceuticals, probiotics, sport nutrition, medical foods, dietary supplements and infant formula. The Atlantia team has over 10 years of experience providing clinical trials and research in the area of food for health.

We work with some of Europe's leading scientists across a variety of partner institutions and provide our clients with a range of options based on their clinical research and validation needs. We can manage all aspects of your trials from protocol design right through recruitment, execution, data analysis and report/dossier preparation or simply provide you with specific elements of a trial that your company may require.

Atlantia has a highly flexible structure, with capabilities right across the spectrum of functional food and beverage categories , such as dairy, probiotic, proteins , infant-specific foods, vitamins/minerals and medical foods. We have extensive clinical expertise, in the areas of- digestive health, sports performance, healthy ageing, nutrient uptake, mental health (stress, cognition), cardiovascular health, bone health, immune health, infant-specific nutrition, etc. We have a dedicated team of project managers, research nurses and clinical assistants involved in running the clinical trials, and have a subject databases of healthy volunteers, elderly, subjects with mild GI conditions and athletes now in excess of 10,000.

With our experience and flawless track record Atlantia Food Clinical Trials is dedicated to providing all of our clients with an exceptional level of service and expertise.

SE Sweden
Stand No: 8J121

EUREBA® is sugar reduction made simple. Depending on what your product is; ice cream, bakery goods, drinks or sweets, there is a EUREBA® solution to suit your needs.  We are all aware of the growing number of people with obesity and diabetes in the world today. Food producers have an obligation to be part of the solution to sugar reduction.   Bayn Europe AB is an independent developer of solutions for sugar reduction. Founded in 2009 and listed on Nasdaq First North, Stockholm in 2014, Bayn is at the forefront of sugar reduction in food and beverages and cooperates with leading research institutes and food and beverage producers in the world.

DE Germany
Stand No: 8M112-I
NL Netherlands
Stand No: 8M130

De Wit Speciality Oils is a leading manufacturer and distributor of speciality oils rich in EFAs Omega-3 (ALA, SA, EPA & DHA) and Omega-6 (GLA) from both plant and marine sources. Products include Borage Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Linseed (Flax) Oil, Fish Oil EPA/DHA concentrates and Algae Oil.

NL Netherlands
Stand No: 8K95

Innova Market Insights is a leading market research company, specialising in knowledge solutions for the food and beverage industry. Innova Database is used by leading companies for future success in the dynamic FMCG industry. At this year's event, a wide range of commercial and innovative applications of health ingredients will be available for sampling.

NL Netherlands
Stand No: 8E23

For better food and health

NIZO is world leading in contract research for better food and health. We operate one of the most advanced R&D centers in the world and bring the latest food technologies to life in our food grade processing center. Our focus is on the development and applications of innovations  for the global food and health industry. Our customers value their gains in product quality, sustainability, cost effectiveness and speed to market. We are continuously looking for new ways of improving food products, and at the same time quality of life. NIZO is a private and independent company, with headquarters in Ede, the Netherlands.

DE Germany
Stand No: 8N139

NSF International helps ensure ingredient safety through dietary supplement GMP registration and product certification/ testing. Our worldwide laboratories test for athletic banned substances, contaminants, botanicals/extracts and amino acids. Separately, experienced consultants advise on GMP compliance, claims substantiation, market entry and regulatory submissions. NSF also offers training.  

CA Canada
Stand No: 8J100

In partnership with POS Bio-Sciences Algarithm is an algae ingredient company providing high quality, algal, value-added Omega 3 ingredients for a wide range of food, beverage, and dietary supplement (including infant) applications. With our plant-based, toxin-free and sustainable ingredients, we are revolutionizing functional ingredient sourcing in the food, beverage and dietary supplement industry. Algarithm's™ AlphaMega3 algal Omega 3 (DHA) oil stands apart from other plant based DHA sources due to its flavor and odor characteristics (or lack thereof) and superior stability.


Shandong Wonderful Industrial Group is one of leading non-GMO manufacturers and exporters of soya protein in China. It has embarked with more than 10 years of experience on production and research of soy protein series. At present, the main products of our Group are soya protein isolate, soya protein concentrate, soybean isoflavone, textured soya protein, soybean flour, low-temperature soybean flakes and soybean germ, specially soya protein isolate.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: 8Q132

Stable Micro Systems are the designers and manufactures of the TA.XTPlus, Texture Analysers, Powder Flow Analysers and the NEW Volscan profiler. The TA.XTPlus texture analysis systems have been designed specifically for food texture measurement and with an extensive range of probes and fixtures a wide range of applications can be achieved.

NL Netherlands
Stand No: 8G44

TNO is one of Europe's largest independent contract research institutes. Food and food ingredient companies choose TNO as their strategic partner to develop new, improved and healthier foods without compromising on taste and food safety. At our booth we will show our latest innovations in 3D Food Printing and Personalised Nutrition & Health.

NL Netherlands
Stand No: 8G44

Triskelion tests and analyzes chemical, pharmaceutical, food and biotechnology products, guaranteeing the safety and quality of the products we use every day. Triskelion ensures that we don't have to worry and that we can live safe and better lives.


We are the first and only manufacturer of MCP in China. Modified citrus pectin (MCP in short) is a water-soluble small molecular fibre polysaccharide. Our MCP is extracted from lemon peels imported from Argentina. We own three patents and have conducted many MCP functional tests with agencies like Zhejiang University and Fudan University and have obtained three Chinese national patents.