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Biotechnology-based, Pharmactive is engaged to research, development, manufacture and marketing of natural products and active ingredients for its use in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical (dietary supplements) food and cosmetics industries.  To maintain the competitiveness of our products we have based our business model on an intensive scientific and technical knowledge, for that we:  - Select natural products and extracts with high added value. - Develop analytical techniques to increase the level of certain nutrients of functional components of proven therapeutic interest. - Conduct rigorous quality controls of all products sold.   Our philosophy is to provide an alternative health response by establishing a permanent research commitment by investing in technological innovation applied to bioactive compounds.  MISSION  To be present in all the value chain of a product. To accomplish this, Pharmactive counts with a professional staff that covers all necessary fields to develop a product in all its phases, from R&D in active ingredients os selected natural extract to the commercialization of innovative and therapeutic phytotherapeutic products.  VISION  To grow as a company of reference in the biotech market, by offering natural products with high technological components as a real alternative to traditional medicine.   OUR NATURAL SOLUTIONS   Pharmactive develops not only products but also advance biotech processes of R&D, as well as produces high quality manufactured product and distributes innovative third parties products. Pharmactive offers 100% natural standardized ingredients with therapeutics effects proven through our in vitro, in vivo and clinical studies.

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