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Danish Crown Ingredients builds upon Danish Crown's high-quality standards and delivers ingredients from a fully integrated supply of food grade meats, and raw materials subjected to the strictest veterinary inspections and certifications. MUSCLE2MUSCLE ® and M2M® is the registered trademark for Danish Crown Ingredients range of hydrolysed real meat protein products. M2M® is a versatile powder with a natural mild taste of umami. Our range of highly purified collagen protein hydrolysate is branded CrownHydro™. M2M® and CrownHydro™ are manufactured by enzymatic hydrolysis with veterinary food grade approval. Why compromise, when the best care is here? M2M® Care is a complete protein containing all the essential amino acids and is made from prime beef muscle meat. M2M® Care is heat resistant and easy to use, making it so easy to create those favorite dishes that wakes the appetite in people in need of protein to get strong and healthy. M2M® Care enables high-quality protein enrichment in small serving sizes reaching the recommended protein E % of a whole meal. Raising the standard for protein bars to the edge of the impossible. CrownHydro™ Hyper Soft is a new customized hydrolyzed beef collagen specifically developed to overcome the neverending struggle to keep protein bars soft during the entire shelf life. Creating a documented extreme soft texture in protein bars, we are on the edge of the impossible, by enabling both an extremely high protein content and softness at the same time. The Worlds #1st protein Caramel We are proud to present M2M® Caramel, a hydrolysed protein from beef meat, and CrownHydro™ Caramel, a highly purified collagen protein hydrolysate. These ground-breaking protein ingredients makes it possible to produce never before seen protein caramels with up to 50 % protein and a no-heating required mixing process. This protein caramel has a texture range from syrup-like to solid and is a perfect fit for the protein bar industry. The possibilities are endless.


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