Mark Gilbert

Mark Gilbert
Vice-Chair and independent sports nutrition consultant
European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA)

Mark has been involved in Fitness and Sports Nutrition for over 20 years. He has been involved in product research & development, patent/IP work, marketing, labelling and/or provided regulatory advice whilst working for and with over a dozen of the world’s top sports supplement companies. Currently, Mark spends much of his time as an independent consultant and (as an ESSNA member) he represents Tropicana Health & Fitness, Ltd, who are an importer/distributor of about 100 sports / food supplement brands. Mark writes and is on the advisory board for three top fitness magazines (Muscle & Fitness, Flex and Muscle Insider) and has a degree in Nutrition, is a certified sports nutritionist, has studied exercise science and worked with several athletes (including two champion Mr Olympia bodybuilders). Mark has also competed in national fitness/endurance competitions and worked in clinical nutrition (advising NHS doctors and dieticians) and pharmaceuticals.


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