Meet the exhibitors: Bunge Loders Croklaan

Edible oils specialist Bunge Loders Croklaan is a veteran of Fi Europe, but this year it is exhibiting under its new name for the first time, since its acquisition by Bunge in 2018.

Monique Hartog, Marketing Communication Manager, gives a preview of the interactive on-stand features and live demos, and the launch of two new products that are expected to be game-changers for infant formula producers and bakers.

Why is Fi Europe an important event for you?

"Fi Europe is the place where all the food manufacturers and ingredient suppliers meet. Everybody relevant in the industry is present. It covers all segments, so it is relevant for our whole brand."

As a long-time exhibitor, what do you expect the main trends to be this year?

"I think it will be natural, natural, and a little bit of natural. Plant-based is a trend that we see everywhere, and as a plant-based supplier this is really up our alley.”"We see 'free-from', 'less' and 'lower' everywhere, like additive-free and less/lower sugar, fat or salt. The introduction of our new Shea-Based Margarine responds to this trend, as it can help reduce the fat content of croissants and puff pastry while increasing the volume of the products. It has a lower saturated fat content than butter and coconut fat and is 100% sourced from sustainable shea.”"We are also tapping into the trend to decrease meat consumption and to get protein from alternative sources by presenting fats for meat replacers”.

In 2017 you won the Fi Europe Sustainability Champion Award. How important is sustainable sourcing?

Sustainability is key for food ingredients today; you will not be a partner for the industry if you do not have sustainable sourcing in order.”"We won the award for our Palm Oil Sustainability programme in 2017, but our sustainable sourcing policy extends to all our raw materials, including shea and coconut oils, canola, sunflower, and soy bean oils." 

Have you entered any awards this year?

"We have entered for the 2019 Functional Innovation Award with the next generation of premium quality OPO lipids for infant formula, called Betapol Plus. We are very proud to say that we are nominated as finalist for this award!"

What will be the key market for this new fat?

"The Chinese market has really adopted OPO infant formula; there are few products without OPO, and we expect Betapol Plus to be popular there.  In Europe OPO is primarily used for babies with cramps and digestion problems, but actually it benefits every baby. So in Europe there is a lot of potential as well.”

"Bunge Loders Croklaan has a global footprint and this product is available worldwide."

What can visitors to the Bunge Loders Croklaan stand expect?

"This year we will have the biggest stand we have ever had ‒ 230m2. It will be quite an experience.”

"On the stand, we will create several 'worlds'.”

"There will be a Savoury and Culinary World, with a demo desk to let people taste plant-based burgers containing two options of vegetable fats: a palm-based and a shea-based variety, both designed to improve structure and mouthfeel and enhancing the taste of burgers made with meat alternatives.”

"At the Bakery and Confectionery World, we will highlight fats for use in chocolate fillings, and chocolate coatings with a higher shine thanks to fats and lecithin. We will have an oven to bake fresh foods, like healthier croissants made with our new Shea-Based Margarine. And you can taste artisanal filled sandwich cookies containing our Biscuitine Balance 52.”

"We will have an Infant Nutrition World, where we will host a press conference to launch Betapol Plus, together with the professors who carried out the scientific research."

“There will also be a corner about our sustainable sourcing practices.”

"And we expect to surprise visitors with our interactive wall, which is 5 metres wide and 3 metres high. The wall is coated with conductive paint and people can touch the images to see the story of our brand, animated by sounds and light."

What kind of visitors do you expect to attract?

"We are mostly focusing on R&D people, product developers and procurement managers for food manufacturers and food service companies. Our message is 'let's create together'. They can talk details immediately and, with our technicians, start projects to accelerate their innovations."

Bunge Loders Croklaan will be exhibiting at 6E60.

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