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This year, Fi Europe combined with Hi Europe will be a combination of online and in-person elements. The online event runs from 22 November – 2 December 2021, and the in-person event runs from 30 November – 2 December in Frankfurt, Germany. Below are frequently asked questions about the event:

Questions on new event format – online & in-person

You can purchase exhibitor packages for: online only with one of three package options (Basic, Pro or Premium), or for online & in-person, or only the in-person event – depending on what suits your company the most.

Each aspect of Fi Europe comes with unique benefits: 

  • Online: Connect with new clients and establish a relationship before meeting them onsite. You can reach a wider global audience, especially those attendees who cannot travel, share your content, and create brand awareness on the platform.
  • In-Person: Avoid multiple trips to visit your clients, close deals onsite with the trust of the face-to-face element, offer a sensory experience through your ingredients, be where your peers are.

Yes, it is possible to upgrade later. We do recommend allowing enough time to set up your company profile (from October onwards), prior to the platform opening to attendees in November.

We expect that it will be in the beginning of September. We remain confident that with the progress of the vaccination campaigns and gradual reopening of events receiving public, we should not be forced to cancel the event. Should anything indicate otherwise, we will make sure to update you and give you as much notice as possible.

The online event is designed to enable you to nurture connections, plan and schedule onsite meetings, prepare for your in-person meetings, meet with attendees who are unable to travel, and generate brand awareness ahead of the event

If you are prevented from participating in the 2021 event as a direct result of government-imposed travel restrictions and/ or quarantine conditions still in place on October 15th that prohibit persons in general from:

a) leaving the territory in which you are based
b) leaving the territory in which the 2021 event is due to take place and/or
c) travelling from the territory in which you are based to the territory in which the 2021 event is due to take place, the terms & conditions in the exhibitor contract shall apply – please refer to your contract.

If the circumstances mentioned above apply, Customer shall be entitled to:

a) Apply any money paid towards FiE 2021 towards future spend with Informa in connection with Customer’s participation in Food Ingredients Europe 2022, which shall be contracted separately (and Customer acknowledges that, depending on the package selected by Customer, further fees may be payable in connection with Customer’s participation in Food Ingredients Europe 2022);


b) Refunded to Customer.

Questions on the In-person Event

We will follow the German authority guidelines at the time of the event. At this moment it is not clear if that is required in November. We will keep everyone updated if testing is required to attend the event. With the EU’s Digital Green Certificate initiative in progress and plans to be finalised by the summer, these details will be clear by then.

We are working closely with venue and local authorities and we are following the official guidelines. Temperature screening is currently not mandated by the venue / local health authorities. We will keep you updated closer to the event.

Face coverings is mandatory in Germany and needs to include surgical masks or protective masks adhering to FFP2, KN95, N95 or similar standards. Vaccination does not confirm protection against transmission of infection.

Crowd Density Modelling calculations have been done to determine how many attendees can be in the halls at one single point in time. The number of attendees that can enter the venue depends on the size of the event and the space available. Fi Europe has a large enough space to accommodate all historic number of attendees.

Informa AllSecure is the approach we are taking to enhancing the health and safety standards in place at Informa events as a result of COVID-19. The standards and practices that make up Informa AllSecure are designed to provide confidence that at every Informa event, we are striving to provide the highest standards of safety, hygiene, cleanliness, and quality. Not all the recommendations within the Informa AllSecure Standard will be practical or applicable for every event team to employ. Always check with your dedicated sales executive or customer service team whether a particular measure will be in place before you communicate it to your customer base.

All Informa events will be run according to official government and local authority guidance in the first instance, as well as any venue or location-specific regulations, and will follow the Informa AllSecure 10 priority commitments.

As part of our transition towards more digitalisation and in a Covidimpacted environment, we are transitioning to a contactless registration with online badges. All attendees will be required to pre-register online and will receive an electronic badge. No inperson registration onsite will be possible.

The exhibitor manual is scheduled to be live early June. You will receive login details by email once it is live. It is not possible to have access before June as we are finalising the content right now.

The general floor plan is available on the event website. Technical floor plans will be available in the exhibitormanual or upon request to the Customer Service team if you already need to start working on your stand design.

All capacity is based on visitor and staff inclusive. Consider the size and assess how much space you need to close off - we are not mandating 40%, you are welcome to simplify your design to open up more are e.g. cover 20% to increase your capacity at any one point.

The buildup is 4 days as it was at the last edition as well, from 08.00-22.00 (except on the last day) which should be enough time to construct a stand. We advise to keep the stand design simple and use a prefabricated system or materials to limit the time needed for stand construction.

DB Schenker is the official freight company appointed by Fi Europe. You are free to use your own freight company and please refer to the exhibitor manual when it is live, for more information.

Ceilings are not allowed - to assist ventilation. At least 60% of the meeting room should be open space to allow participant movement.

Contractors will be subject to the same travel requirements than attendees. We recommend checking ahead about entry restrictions into Germany.

Stand design deadline is 24th September, which will be published in the Exhibitor Manual. We understand that social distancing can change, and the design will only increase in capacity - based on restrictions being reduced.

Questions on the Online Event

We are using Swapcard for the online event as it is user-friendly while providing maximum functionality. The datadriven intelligent matchmaking system enables you to connect with attendees who are most relevant to your business. Several other features such as content sharing, product lists, the easy-to-use chat and video meeting functions make it the preferred platform for Informa Markets for online events.

Yes, capacity is not an issue on the platform, as it can host tens of thousands of users in one go. The platform has hosted over 500 events already.

Yes, please get in touch with [email protected] fordetailed package information.

Once you have registered for the basic package, no more confirmation is needed. You will receive login details later this year (October) to build your profile.

In your exhibitor booking confirmation you will receive access to register your team for the event. Every colleague registered within your team to the event will receive their log-in link sent via [email protected] If you cannot find your booking confirmation or are not sure where to register your team, please contact us as [email protected].

Once registered to the event you will receive an email from [email protected] with your login link. Please check your spam folder in case you have not yet received it.

The number of exhibiting staff you can register is dependent on the exhibitor package you have purchased. In your exhibitor booking confirmation you have received access to register your team for the event. Every colleague registered within your team to the event will receive their log-in link sent via [email protected]

You can access live and on-demand content during the event in the Agenda tab.

We have several sponsorship opportunities specifically designed to showcase thought leadership. You can find more information here, or you can contact [email protected]

The platform will open all day to browse, send meeting invites, consume content.

Connections and meetings are a core element of a successful event experience.

• Connect, chat & video call with Attendees Browse the attendee list and use the filters to quickly find the most relevant attendees for you and your company. You can send connection requests and chat instantly. Once the connection request is accepted you will be able to video call through the platform outside of meeting times!
• Incoming Requests Visitors can reach out to you directly to connect. They will be able to send your company or your team members meeting requests. All meetings incl their status can be viewed in your Exhibitor Center under “Meetings”. Please note we strongly advise you to not just wait for incoming requests but be proactive towards visitors.
• Suggested Matches Our matchmaking engine uses the information you have entered on your profile when registering and makes suggestions of attendees that might be relevant to you. You can find these suggestions at the top of the attendee list.
• Other Networking Opportunities Participate in the extensive content programme during the event where you can chat with other attendees and pose questions to the speakers.

Yes, you will be able to see the contact details of the attendee once you are a connection. A connection is made by sending a connection request and the other person accepting it.

Travel & Stay

Fi Europe co-located with Hi Europe has selected a wide range of hotels and residences with hotel services located in Frankfurt and in close proximity to the exhibition hall.

B Network has been appointed as the official travel and accommodation company for Fi Europe co-located with Hi Europe 2021, offering a wide variety of services to attendees at special rates.

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