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Anhui Jinhe Industrial Co., Ltd. is an enterprise dedicated to serving healthy life and advanced manufacturing, and specializing in chemical, biological and new material businesses, and is a major manufacturer of sweeteners acesulfame and sucralose and spice maltol. Main businesses of the company include food additives and ingredients, edible and daily use chemical flavor spices, pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates, functional chemicals and bulk chemicals, and it mainly serves the customers in the fields of food and beverage, daily consumption, medicine and health, agricultural environmental

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BOS Natural Flavors (P) Ltd is a privately owned leading manufacturing company of Spices Oleoresins, Essential Oils, Natural Colors, and Extracts from the spice capital of the worldIndia. Located in Kinfra Industrial Park, Cochin, Kerala for over 20 Years.


BOS - The Brand Of Spices - Initiated processing of value-added spice products and enriched the world with healthy tastes, colors and flavors with natural ingredients for unique application in food, pharmaceuticals,

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Kutluer Gida was established in 1995 with “Selay” brand in Istanbul, Turkiye. Kutluer is a specalized company in the manufacturing of spice mixtures for meat products(kebab, burger, shawarma, salami, sausage), nuts and chips etc. Kutluer has been also marketing dehydrated vegetables, colourants, extracts, stabilisers, oleoresins and food additives etc. Our export countries are USA, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhistan UK, Jordan, Iraq, UAE, Canada, , Germany, Cyprus, Krygzistan, Belgium, Greece, etc. Kutluer uses high quality raw materials in its products and offer customized

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