Visit Fi South America

Visit Fi South America

Samba Calling: 10,000+ visitors, 800+ brands in 3 days

Launched in 1996, Fi South America has become the industry's premier meeting point and the truest and most complete event focused on food ingredients in Latin America to find new suppliers, discuss R&D requirements, discover industry trends and meet new national and international ingredients, food and beverage manufacturers and distributors. 

Fi South America offers a 3-day event with a wide range of attractions for you to access more content, experience incredible experiences and further increase your connection with the ingredients, food and beverage industry.  

Source Innovations

South America’s (and the world’s) finest are here

Find the products, ingredients and exhibitors you're looking for, including top brands such as Ingredion, Dohler, MANE, Lonza and AAK

Nurture Your Network

It matters who you know

Connect with the industry's finest within the entire F&B supply chain among our 10,000+ attendees and meet your existing clients while creating new partnerships

Discover the Latest Trends

And what you know matters, too!

Become and industry expert over the course of 3 days through our wide range of presentations, guided tours and product showcases

What can you expect at Fi South America?


  1. Food ingredients manufacturers and distributors 
  2. Food safety, quality and service 
  3. Emerging technologies for food and beverage industries

Top segments covered

  1. Plant-based market 
  2. Alternative protein
  3. Collagen market

We see a stream of people seeking innovation like never before in previous editions. The event brought this aspect, and I imagine that the people who arrived here had their expectations met, because there is a lot of news in the exhibition. Just see the number of people circling from day one. The event started full and ended full.

Next stop, São Paulo

  • Learn from experts and gain insights into the latest technology and trends through Industry Insights Theatre and Supplier Solutions
  • Stay up-to-date with industry developments through guided Innovation Tour or Plant-Based Experience
  • Discover cutting-edge innovations at the Future of Nutrition Summit, New Product Zone and more
  • Try new products through our Tasting Experience