About Fi South America

Food ingredients South America

Fi South America is the largest and most inspiring resource of food, beverage and nutraceutical ingredients. Fi South America offers you the opportunity to:

  • Source the latest and most innovative ingredients in the heart of Latin America
  • Grow your business in one of the fastest growing markets with a strong appetite for food, health and functional ingredients
  • Nurture your business relationships by meeting with the most important ingredient suppliers and buyers in the region

Health ingredients South America

Over the past two decades, the ingredients industry has evolved significantly, with consumers seeking functional foods with additional health benefits. From antioxidants to anti allergens, fat reduction to sports nutrition and healthy ageing, nutrition and wellness is a growing trend that shows no signs of stopping.

To capture this market trend, the leading nutritional ingredients event, Health ingredients (Hi) South America has created a powerhouse exhibition that will provide a 360-perspective of the health, nutritional and wellness industry.