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Peter Wennström

Successfully marketing healthy finished products

10/10/2018 Market News
Consumer-driven approaches to finished product development will be presented by the HealthyMarketingTeam at Hi Europe 2018 in Frankfurt. The consultancy will also be on hand to offer one-on-one...

Supplier quality management is key to safely sourcing raw materials – part II

10/10/2018 Market News
The importance of proper supplier and raw material data review in combination with executing tests of the actual raw materials, cannot be stressed enough. In the second article of a three part series...
Figure 1:  Overview of the legislative process,  Source: EHPM, 2017

EU Regulatory Barrier to Innovation in the Food Sector

04/10/2018 Market News
By: European Federation of Associations of Health Product Manufacturers (EHPM) Roughly about 80% of the legislation that covers food and beverage products within the 28 EU Member states is covered by...
Kitty Apples

USA modernizes food safety legislation

02/10/2018 Speaker Interviews
A lot of companies outside the USA are impacted by the Food Safety Modernization Act, potentially making regulations for exporting to the USA more stringent. At Hi Europe 2018, Food safety and...
toddler nutrition

Science-backed ingredients build trust in personalised nutrition

02/10/2018 Market News
Today’s consumers are taking back control of what they buy, eat and do. A combination of changing dietary advice and enabling technology has helped them to build confidence to determine their own...

Sustainability and health drive alternative protein demand

02/10/2018 Market News
While consumer demand for protein continues to drive new product development and opens new opportunities within various food and beverage sectors, businesses need to be aware of regional differences...

Social media trends shape new product development

02/10/2018 Market News
The immense popularity of social media means that what happens online can have a very real impact on your business. Tools such as Instagram are widely used to share experiences with friends and...
Functional foods

Functional ingredients offer innovation opportunities

02/10/2018 Market News
Today’s health and wellness minded consumers are proactively seeking to incorporate functional ingredients into their diets. Whether it’s immune health, digestive health or protein refreshment, food...

Animal protein for versatile, cost-effective fortification

02/10/2018 Market News
The versatility and potential health-promoting benefits of both gelatin and collagen offer the food, supplements, cosmetics and pharma sectors an incredible range of applications. With global demand...

Food formats for social media impact

02/10/2018 Speaker Interviews
FEATURED SPEAKER Hi Europe 2018 CONFERENCE Consumers are becoming more interested in encounters that appeal to multiple senses beyond taste. As this experiential food trend continues to develop, the...

Making edible straws nutritious

02/10/2018 Speaker Interviews
FEATURED SPEAKER Future of Nutrition Summit 2018 As well as contributing to the fight against single-use plastic straws, edible straws can be designed to include certain nutrients that benefit...

Lab-grown meat in supermarkets soon?

01/10/2018 Speaker Interviews
FEATURED SPEAKER Future of Nutrition Summit 2018 It might take a while before our dinner steaks are made from cultured meat, but recent technological advances make affordable cultured meat for the...