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Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto: the miracle plant

Super critical CO2 extracted Saw palmetto ( Serenoa repens ) Oil is rich in active ingredients, fatty acids, plant sterols, flavonoids and other micronutrients. Ambe Phytoextracts Pvt Ltd offer Saw...
Chlorella Powder

Allmicroalgae prepares for big scale production of algae-based omega-3 and beyond

Portuguese microalgae producer, Allmicroalgae Natural Products S.A., has moved to the next stage in development of new production technologies to grow Nannochloropsis oceanica on a big scale, to...
Meurens Natural

A new range of oat extract is born

Meurens Natural presents a new range of syrups and hydrolysed flour made of oat. These original and natural ingredients enables numerous functionalities such as sweetness, sugar substitute, glucose...
PT. Indo Aneka Atsiri from Indonesia

Creating scents from what nature has provided

PT. Indo Aneka Atsiri specializes in the manufacturing of quality Aromatic Chemicals such as Clove Oil derivatives, Essential Oils (Cassia, Sandalwood, Galangal, Patchouli and Massoia Oil, Natural...
PT. Natura Laboratoria Prima from Indonesia

Dedicate an advanced technology and knowledge to provide high quality of natural products for a better life

PT. Natura Laboratoria Prima is a nature - based company that aims to present natural ingredients & natural finished products for the pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverages industries for...
Inka Fresh

Looking for high quality vegetables, herbs and spices? Visit Inka Fresh at Hi Europe.

Inka Fresh grows, processes, and exports high quality vegetables, herbs and spices from the highlands and rainforests of Peru. At Hi Europe they will show their innovations: turmeric and lucuma.
Agulhas Honeybush Tea

Agulhas Honeybush Tea is an all natural Fynbos product

Agulhas Honeybush Tea ( Cyclopia spp.) is a natural product from the Fynbos Biome. Where two oceans meet, people gather to embrace this unique caffeine and preservative free tea – a product kissed by...
CPX Peru

CPX PERU, dedicated to the exportation of Peruvian Health Foods

CPX Peru is a company based in Peru, focused on producing the following products: Maca and Quinoa. Maca roots contain not only lipid, protein, carbohydrate, fiber, vitamins and minerals, but much...
Teff Growers

Teff is starting to gain a foothold as a new "superfood"

Gluten-free and rich in protein, fiber and minerals, Teff Growers from South Africa is starting to gain a foothold as a new "superfood", along the likes of quinoa and spelt.
Vizera d.o.o.

Vizera supports your product with a credible clinical trial

At Vizera we are convinced that the value of your product rises with clinically proven safety and efficacy profile. Therefore, we prepare a tailor-made trial taking into consideration product...

Prepare Your Nutrition Business for Global Market Entry

What's on the label should be in the bottle‘. Is that really the case? With today's complicated supply chain, the ability to source raw ingredients worldwide and scrutiny by regulators and the media...
Microthermics  Inc.

New veros series UHT/HTST laboratory processors

M icroThermics® Laboratory UHT/HTST systems accurately match production thermal processes, so your product can move from lab to production in one step. By producing true production quality samples,...