Allmicroalgae delivers high quality microalgae biomass and products, with differentiated service and continuous support, to Companies who value natural & healthy and sustainable products.

Microalgae represent an added value ingredient in food and feed formulations, by enriching or enhancing them with specific nutrients, such as vegetable protein or amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and pigments. 
One of the microalgae species produced by this company in Portugal - Chlorella sp., has a high potential as food ingredient, mainly due to its high content on essential elements that are not produced by the human body. The microalga's biomass is therefore, a natural source of such nutrients in their pure form. 
On the other hand, the microalgae species Nannochloropsis sp. contains essential fatty acids such as EPA, and constitutes one of the most promising sources of these nutrients, from vegetable origin.
Allmicroalgae enables the possibility to develop tailor-made solutions based on microalgae paste and powder, delivering sustainable, natural products. 

Baolingbao Biology Co Ltd, a leading manufacturer of corn based health and food ingredients. Baolingbao has been using innovative technology to transform maize and sugar into value-added ingredients for customers in the food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical animal feed and cosmetics.
Baolingbao was established in 1997 and listed in  Chinese stock market in 2009. The initial product is IMO (Isomaltooligosacchrides) which is a good prebiotic. Over the years, many new type products have been developed such like Erythritol, High Fructose Syrup, Polydextrose, FOS, GOS,etc. Today, Baolingbao produces a wide range of products for  the fields of foods and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc. Always striving for higher quality, Baolingbao's products are well accepted by the customers.
“Work for your profit, Care for your health” is Baolingbao's mission. Baolingbao is trying the best to learn cutting-edge technology, and then it adds the value to the products by the technology. That meets the wishes of cultivators. At the same time, Baolingbao provides the health products to the society.

Changmao produces C-4 series organic acids and its salts, including L-malic acid, DL-malic acid, L(+)-tartaric acid, DL-tartaric acid, fumaric acid, aspartame, L-alanine, DL-potassium bitartrate, and cream of tartar.

Our products are HACCP, Star-K Kosher and HALAL certified, and we have been ISO certified since 1998. Our L(+) tartaric acid, made by our own unique process, has been affirmed GRAS by the FDA in America.It was listed on HK GEM Stock Exchange in 2002,and In 2007 it acquired the Shanghai Medical Life Science Research Centre Limited (Shanghaimed CO.,LTD.).

CN China
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CNJ Nature Co., Ltd. is specialised at natural colors and jiuce concentrate, located at Gaoxin developing district of Yingtan city in Jiangxi province, is the only high tech company in Jiangxi specializing in manufacturing natural color. It is also one of the leading enterprises in the natural color industry in China's domestic market . 
 We have purple sweet potato color, red radish color , beet red color, spirulina blue color, red cabbage color, black carrot color, monascus red color, gardenia yellow color , gardenia blue color, monascus red color,safllower yellow color,  yellow beet color and etc. Juice concentrate, purple sweet potato juice concentrate, safflower juice concentrate, black carrot juice concaentra, red radish juice concentrate, red cabbage juice concentrate and so on.

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Danish Crown Ingredients builds upon Danish Crown's high-quality standards and delivers ingredients from a fully integrated supply of food grade meats, and raw materials subjected to the strictest veterinary inspections and certifications. MUSCLE2MUSCLE ® and M2M® is the registered trademark for Danish Crown Ingredients range of hydrolysed real meat protein products. M2M® is a versatile powder with a natural mild taste of umami. Our range of highly purified collagen protein hydrolysate is branded CrownHydro™. M2M® and CrownHydro™ are manufactured by enzymatic hydrolysis with veterinary food grade approval. Why compromise, when the best care is here? M2M® Care is a complete protein containing all the essential amino acids and is made from prime beef muscle meat. M2M® Care is heat resistant and easy to use, making it so easy to create those favorite dishes that wakes the appetite in people in need of protein to get strong and healthy. M2M® Care enables high-quality protein enrichment in small serving sizes reaching the recommended protein E % of a whole meal. Raising the standard for protein bars to the edge of the impossible. CrownHydro™ Hyper Soft is a new customized hydrolyzed beef collagen specifically developed to overcome the neverending struggle to keep protein bars soft during the entire shelf life. Creating a documented extreme soft texture in protein bars, we are on the edge of the impossible, by enabling both an extremely high protein content and softness at the same time. The Worlds #1st protein Caramel We are proud to present M2M® Caramel, a hydrolysed protein from beef meat, and CrownHydro™ Caramel, a highly purified collagen protein hydrolysate. These ground-breaking protein ingredients makes it possible to produce never before seen protein caramels with up to 50 % protein and a no-heating required mixing process. This protein caramel has a texture range from syrup-like to solid and is a perfect fit for the protein bar industry. The possibilities are endless.

DE Germany
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For more than 20 years EURODUNA Food Ingredients GmbH is a reliable distributor of Soy, Pea and Rice Protein as well as Dairy products (milk proteins, whey proteins) onto the German and neighbouring markets. On this year´s HIE we will launch a range of Hemp Seed Products (organic and conventional). For all sorts of applications we offer protein crispies derived from different protein sources.

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Fooding Group Limited is a global provider of food additives and ingredients specializing in serving the demand for raw materials needed for finished food products. Our clients trust us to provide quality ingredients every single time. Combined with strict manufacturing processes, top-notch R&D and a disciplined trading platform, Fooding Group Limited continues to build upon our experience while looking out into the future.
Our products including the following hot food additives:thickners, sweetners, preservatives, acidulants, food supplements, proteins & quality improvers.

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Glanbia Nutritionals manufactures and sells nutritional and functional ingredient solutions to the food, beverage, supplement, and animal nutrition industries. Glanbia Nutritionals is a division of Glanbia plc, a global performance nutrition and ingredients group headquartered in Ireland. Glanbia has over 5,000 employees worldwide, with a direct presence in 29 countries.

Hebei Donghua Jiheng Chemical Co., Ltd  a large—scale professional manufacturer of amino Acetic acid(glycine), the largest  aminoacetic acid production base in the world. Our main products are: pharma-grade glycine, food-grade glycine, fodder-grade glycine and tech-grade glycine. Our products adopt the international quality standards of USP,FCC,BP,EP and so on.

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JK Sucralose Inc is located in the Economic Development Area of Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, the largest professional sucralose manufacturer in China and the second largest one in the world; 

JK Sucralose Inc is the first sucralose manufacturer which invested by a public company and has the largest capacity approved by Chinese government; JK Sucralose Inc is the first company that voluntarily joined the American ITC Intellectual Property Right investigation and is affirmed that JK product is nonfringement; JK Sucralose Inc. is the first company that passes Chinese Commodity Bureau and haveregistered; JK Sucralose Inc is the major company involved in the preparation of the Chinese Sucralose standards.

Our manufacture facilities are  HACCP, ISO9001:2008, ISO14001, OHSAS18000, and Sedex certified and operated according to the Good Manufacturer Procedure (cGMP). Our sucralose is Badatz Kosher and MUIHALAL certified and strictly complies with the FCCVII, USP34 and EC231/2012( 2008/60/EC), EP 7.2 monograph 2368,GB25531 and Japanese standards.

Linyi Shansong Biological Products Co Ltd is a high-tech enterprise which is engaged in R&D, manufacture and marketing. It has been a professional manufacturer and supplier of non-GMO soya protein since 1995 and well known until today as a leading soybean deep-processing company in China. 18 isolated soy protein production lines with annual capacity of 100,000mt; three textured soy protein production lines with annual capacity of 10,000mt; and four concentrate soy protein production lines with annual capacity of 30,000mt.

New Francisco Biotechnology Corporation (NFBC), a joint-venture company between Kingrich International Investment Group from Taiwan and Asia Pulp & Paper Group from Indonesia, is a manufacturer of diverse oligosaccharide products since 1994. With an experienced research group located in Taiwan and a production plant located in Yunfu city, Guangdong Province, China, a series of premium-grade oligosaccharide products under registered trademark "King-Prebiotics" has been manufactured and sold worldwide

GR Greece
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Petrou Nuts S.A. produces Clean Label ?uts (conventional and organic) for industrial, confectionery and food service use. The factory has been in operation since 1968 and has been applying innovative food quality and safety systems since the 90's to comply with the high standards set by its international industrial customers (e.g. Mondelez, Nestle etc.).   As a result, our company is one of the few that can successfully support the claim of clean label nuts, because it strictly prohibits the existence of the most critical allergens related with peanuts. Production also explicitly rejects the use of any additives and preservatives, thus providing its clientele with products that fulfill the nutritional needs of the healthy-conscious customers.   The nuts used include almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, walnuts and cashews and are produced in many exciting forms: pastes, caramelized, coated, salted, roasted, pieces for yogurt overcups and also combinations of the above.   Our target industrial markets include bakery, praline & chocolate, ice cream, confectionery, yogurt; for each industry we have specially designed products to suit the needs of the manufacturers. Of course, our R&D Department is always keen to develop new products or fine-tune the existing ones to cover your production's special needs. It is worth noting that all our products have been certified for kosher and we can provide kosher for Passover upon request.      

Qingdao Super Evergreen IMP&EXP Co., Ltd is a professional supplier and producer of Freeze Dried and Dehydrated vegetables and fruits from China more than 20 years. 

Our products are used mainly in food industry the food ingredients with a high level quality life requirements. The applications are: Cereals, bakery, chocolate, tea, snack bars, fruits snacking, culinary, kitchen foods, instant foods ect.

 As a HACCP verified company, we have got certificate of KOSHER, FDA registration. So far, we've gained great popularity with good safe quality and competitive price from our customers around the world. We have our regular markets in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Mid-East and so on.

 "Provide people always more than they expect" is our management philosophy. We would like to cooperate with you for long business cooperation on mutual benefits and understanding. Supply you foods with safe, good quality and professional service are our permanent pursuit!

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RiceBran Technologies focuses on the processing and distribution of stabilized rice bran and other proprietary, rice bran-based ingredients and formulations. Rice bran, including the germ, is the outer layer of the brown rice kernel after the husk has been removed. Until recently, the bran and germ were an underutilized by-product of the commercial, rice-milling industry.

Today, at RiceBran Technologies, our objective is to deliver nutritious SRB-based food ingredients and derivatives to a global marketplace, leading its utilization in food applications and nutraceuticals of all kinds.

Sachsenmilch Milk & Whey Ingredients produces milk and whey proteins, various lactose qualities and milk calcium for the food, infant and sports nutrition industry. The product portfolio includes WPC80, WPI and MCC80, each in standard and instant quality. All products meet the quality standards of FSSC 22000 and are available in Kosher and Halal. With an annual milk intake of more than 1.7 billion kilograms, the Leppersdorf plant is the single largest dairy plant in Europe.

Shandong Liuliushun Foods Co Ltd was founded in 2001, is located in Zhao Yuan city of Shandong, the origins of longkou vermicelli, is a leading manufacturer of longkou vermicelli, pea protein isolate powder and pea starch in shandong. We adopt traditional acid slurry fermentation to extract pea protein. We use high quality and non-gmo whole yellow peas from canada as raw material. Our pea protein is gluten-free, complete amino acid, allergen free and widely used in nutrition foods.

SINOGLORY, was the first soy protein manufacturer in Shandong, China.

Possessing a complete processing chain from soybean to protein, Sinoglory has been specialized in production, research and innovation on soy protein series for more than 10 years. As a recognized supplier of soy protein, Sinoglory has been continuously committed to offering customers with consistent qualified products, cost effective solutions, punctual delivery and decent after-sale service in the worldwide market. Sinoglory has been focusing on the improvement of production technology and management rules in order to meet our customers' desired needs and competitive advantages.

Nutranovo owns 150Hectare Quinoa and other herbs plantation and 20,000m² factory for natural extract production.The main product is Quinoa powder and protein,  Devil's claw root extract harpagoside and cranberry extract Etc.  Nutranovo is proved by Kosher, Halal, ISO, HACCP, and other certificates. [email protected]

CN China
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As a top agro-product processing enterprise, our company specializes in developing and manufacturing FD (Freeze Dried), AD (Air Dried) and IQF (Instant Quick Frozen) foods.

We are the qualified supplier of major food manufacturers all over the world. Freeze-dried and Air-dried ingredients: Freeze dried and air dried vegetables, fungus, fruits with sustainable planting in own farms; customised seasoning, sauce, pesto

CN China
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Sunvision Sweet Co Ltd was established in 2012, is a joint venture of Sunvision Sweet Co Ltd and Liyang WidSets Biological Technology Co Ltd.

It is specialized in research, development and production of SUCRALOSE; and is a main SUCRALOSE manufacturer in China.

MY Malaysia
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The Origin Foods Sdn Bhd ("TOF") is a leading GMP certified manufacturer and private labeler headquartered in Malaysia, which is specializing in health food, traditional herbal supplements and herbal-based powder drinks. Our core strength are cultivation and production of wheatgrass based products ranging from 100% wheatgrass powder, wheatgrass based powder drinks, wheatgrass based chewable tablet and etc.

FI Finland
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Viking Malt is the world's leading malting company of special malts. Our raw materials come from the pure fields of Northern Europe. We work in direct cooperation weith our dedicated farmers and every grain can be traced to the very farm where it came from. Our special malts are sold to breweries, distilleries, bakeries, food manufacturers and pet food producers all over the world. We value innovation highly and are keen to explore new oipportunties for malted and sprouted grains.

Welcome to Wuhan Shunyi Biotechnology Co Ltd, the leading and reliable supplier of amino acids and its derivatives, nutritional ingredients, flavors and aromatic chemicals, serving the customers in the line of Pharmaceuticals & Nutriceuticals, Food & Beverage, Cosmetic and Animal Feed Additives.

Our work team, with more than 20 years rich experience in the line of amino acids, nutritional ingredients and food additives in China, can provide prompt and high quality service to our customers.

With the collaboration closely with many famous universities and research institutes in China, we established our own R&D working team to ensure supplying the highest quality products and new products to our customers.

Wuxi Jinnong Biotechnology Co Ltd. is a research and development, production, marketing as a whole, but also China's only rice protein R & D and production capacity of enterprises. We adhere to technological innovation and quality control to become China's largest supplier of non allergenic brown rice protein products. Products are mainly used in food, beverage, nutrition food, animal feed and specialty food industry, over the years with a number of domestic and foreign food companies close cooperation.

All of the products are natural, non genetically modified, from the beginning of the original ingredients planting base affixed to the safe, non polluting, invisible signs. Our non transgenic protein powder, rice protein, rice protein, hydrolysis of soluble protein of rice, rice starch can be converted into more perfect organic food, nutrition, cosmetics and other high-end products.

The company has received ISO 22000, organic certification, kosher certification, halal certification, all products required for export.