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BE Belgium
Stand No: 8N70-5, 8N70-6, 8N70-7, 8N70-8, 8N71-1, 8N71-2, 8N71-3, 8N71-4

The Wallonia Export-Investment Agency promotes the foreign trade activities of the Wallonia region of Belgium.  The cluster Wagralim represents the regional food processing sector and stimulates collaboration between local industry, universities and research centers. Information on Walloon producers of food ingredients is available at the websites www.walfood.be and www.bhig.be.

IN India
Stand No: 8D102
Ekologie Forte is a part of a global pro-poor and ecological agro-value chain. We are working with small and marginal farmers in developing countries in India and Africa. We specialize in certified organic food, cosmetics and food ingredients. Our products are certified as per USDA-NOP and EC Regulations. Most of our organic farms have a history of dedicated organic practice since 1994. All organic production is done through farmer partnership models, which are organic and fair trade compliant thus ensuring adherence to quality and continuous supply of organic produce.
BE Belgium
Stand No: 8N70-8

THT is a Belgian company specialized in selection and production of lactic ferments used in healthcare products (probiotics) and foodstuffs (starter and bioprotective cultures). It is one of the few European players in the lactic ferment sector.

Founded in 1991, THT offers several hundred formulas based on the 30 or so bacteria in its range - a range that is expanding all the time. THT carefully selects the strains based on their technological properties and/or health benefits.

THT products are marketed in more than 20 countries worldwide. With over two decades experience in the sector, THT has built up unique know-how by acquiring a rare and perfect mastery of selection and production processes. The company guarantees high-quality products, formulated and packaged to meet its customers specific needs.