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SE Sweden
Stand No: 8P68

Aluminium containers/bottles combined with our own lids add value to your products.

Whether you pack, produce pills, tablets, capsules, powder, spices or liquids our packagings make it more visible for your customers.

Our products are typically used for natural/herbal medicine, pharmaceuticals, spices and health food.

NL Netherlands
Stand No: 8P79

“The packaging material that offers a unique opportunity to preserve bio-energetic values at high levels over a long time span.

Production and international sales of MIRON glass products and accessories. The wide range of standard containers contains bottles, (cosmetic) jars, water/ oil and apothecary bottles in various shapes and sizes.”

FR France
Stand No: 8N45

We are a Paris-based company, with operations all over Europe. Our network is composed of over 5 000 000 leading experts in their field. Presans was born early 2008 after Richard Gottscho, Group Vice President and General Manager at Lam Research California, convinced Albert Meige, co-founder of Presans, to move from traditional Research & Development to “Open Innovation”.

Presans helps the world's leading companies to access worldwide intelligence and knowledge, by identifying, qualifying and engaging for them leading experts across a broad range of industries and disciplines.

NL Netherlands
Stand No: 8G44

Triskelion tests and analyzes chemical, pharmaceutical, food and biotechnology products, guaranteeing the safety and quality of the products we use every day. Triskelion ensures that we don't have to worry and that we can live safe and better lives.

DE Germany
Stand No: 8A60

What started in 1984 with the foundation of UD CHEMIE GmbH by Uwe L.F. Dubberke grew over the next 30 years to become an organically expanding and internationally active group of companies which not only trade in quality raw materials but also process and produce these themselves. Today, the continuously expanding scope of product groups ranges from organic acids, stabilizers, thickening agents, and cereal sweeteners to specialty products. Our owner-managed family-owned company always reflects its original values. With expertise and passion, we ensure exceptional quality, high reliability and a tailor-made service.


We are the first and only manufacturer of MCP in China. Modified citrus pectin (MCP in short) is a water-soluble small molecular fibre polysaccharide. Our MCP is extracted from lemon peels imported from Argentina. We own three patents and have conducted many MCP functional tests with agencies like Zhejiang University and Fudan University and have obtained three Chinese national patents.