DE Germany
Stand No: 8G41

We at A2 Trading are a leading company in sales and distribution of food ingredients with offices in Germany, Canada, China, Denmark, India, Mexico, Poland and USA. Our head office is located in Hamburg/Germany. From here our logistics team ships our products to clients around the world.


New developed Product!

Over the recent years we invested a lot of time and effort into research and development of our Agar-Agar product line. In the process, our special attention was also paid to qualities with particularly low gel strengths which might be of interest for you respectively for your customers.

Thus, today we would like to present our new softgelagar qualities to you. These low gel strengths of our new products are commendable particularly for the following areas of application: 

- Supple Glazings and Coatings

- Mellow, creamy Fillings (e.g. of chocolate bars, chocolates or pastries)

- Texturizer of yoghurt (singly or in combination with pectin)

- Texturizer of sauces, dressings and creams


Furthermore, our softgelagar is already well established in the production of dietary fibres, e.g. in dietary food or food supplements.

You may deploy these qualities particularly in all fields of pharmaceutical products, since softgelagar does not effect the walls of the intestine, due to its short carbohydrate chain, as this might happen with other products (e.g. with certain Carrageenans).

In this area the following applications might be conceivable:

- as Thickener in syrups

- as Excipient in dietary pills / as  source of fibres. 


Hopefully we could raise your interest.

For a complete listing of our products, please visit us at http://www.a2-trading.com.

We would be glad to attend to your price inquiries and sample requests.

DE Germany
Stand No: 8A21

ATLANTIC CHEMICALS TRADING (ACT) is your global distributor of raw materials for the food, feed, pharma and cosmetics industries, with a head office located in Hamburg, Germany. With 12 further offices, we are able to offer our services worldwide. We focus on top product quality and excellent supply chain management. ACT is very strong on vitamins, sweeteners, energy ingredients, amino acids, flavours and plant extracts. Looking forward to welcome you at our booth.

AR Argentina
Stand No: 8K134

AOM is a leading producer of natural ingredients derived from vegetable oils. Our Antioxidant and Nutrition products deliver powerful protection and fortification to many consumer products across multiple industries worldwide, including food and beverage, feed, nutrition, and personal care, among others.  We offer the widest range of Natural Tocopherols available and pioneered the use of Sunflower and Rapeseed to satisfy the need for non-GMO, Soy-free ingredients.

As producers from the most basic raw materials, and with a manufacturing facility configured for flexibility, AOM offers the broadest non-GMO portfolio in our category, with full Hard IP certification from the seed to the finished product.

AOM is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and since October 2016 has a commercial team, office and warehouse in Spain serving the European market.

AT Austria
Stand No: 8A81

AGRANA is an internationally oriented Austrian company producing a wide range of ingredients for the processing sector. AGRANA is a leading supplier of sugar, a major manufacturer of customer-specific starch products and the global leader for fruit preparations in the dairy industry. 9.000 employees strive to provide customers with the best product quality worldwide, optimum service and innovative product development ideas and expertise.

Contact: [email protected]

AE United Arab Emirates
Stand No: 8P70

Al Barakah Dates is a specialized producer of natural DATE ingredients. Our products include DATES, DATE PASTE, DATE SYRUP/MOLASSES & CHOPPED DATES. All these products are produced at our BRC certified facility in the U.A.E. Today we export our products to over 53 countries and we supply some of the largest health food and snack food producers with our premium ingredients. 

FR France
Stand No: 8M102

Alland & Robert, a French company established in 1884, is the second largest supplier of Gum Arabic / Gum Acacia worldwide. With the investment into a 3rd spray drying tower in 2013, Alland & Robert disposes now of a production capacity of more than 15,000 tons per year. The extension of production and warehousing capacity comes along with a fully dedicated, long term R&D program, supported by exclusive partnerships with globally recognized Universities in this field. Gum acacia is used in confectionery items, soft drinks, flavors, snacks, bakery, dairy (yoghourts, ice creams...) and dietary products, wine, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and technical products.

CO Colombia
Stand No: 8L92

Alsec Alimentos Secons S.A.S. is a leader in investigation, development and production of innovative functional ingredients for the food industry. Our ingredients are designed to give added value to the final products, extending its useful life, reducing the cooling chain, incorporating essential nutrients for human consumption and adding functionality sensory Features to the final product, such as textures, softness, etc.

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: 8K92

Armfield Ltd designs and manufactures miniature-scale research and development systems for the food, beverage, dairy, oils and pharmaceutical industries. Our equipment is designed to replicate manufacturing processes on a miniature scale, which enables your research and development team to test product formulations quickly and easily; using fewer raw materials - saving you time, space and money. All Armfield products come with a two-year extended warranty and our extensive client list features many of the world's biggest food and beverage brands. Visit us at our stand and find out why the giants of the food industry choose to develop with us.

NL Netherlands
Stand No: 8G42

Looking for texture improvement, protein enrichment or gelatin replacement, yet ‘free from' allergen labeling? Avebe is the largest producer of potato starch and potato protein.
Get inspired by our new solutions for a healthy and sustainable lifestyles! Taste how our plant-based ingredients meet consumer needs like dairy-free or vegan.

Visit us during the FiE 2017 at booth 08.0H49!

You can find us online:

DE Germany
Stand No: 8A50

Since over 26 years Denk Ingredients GmbH is specialized in distributing novel ingredients from international producers. Our highlights are high potential plant extracts from all over the world, sweeteners, tocotrienols & tocopherols, fermented raw materials, microencapsulated minerals, natural vitamin K2 and omega 3.We offer our customers not only an extensive product portfolio, our range of services also covers tracking market trends and sharing ideas to encourage product innovations. If you are looking for premium ingredients for foodstuffs and nutraceuticals, we will be pleased to welcome you at booth no. 9A47, hall 9!

DE Germany
Stand No: 8K71

For more than 20 years EURODUNA Food Ingredients GmbH is a reliable distributor of Soy, Pea and Rice Protein as well as Dairy products on the German and neighbouring markets. In this context it is worth mentioning that we cooperate in close partnership with the YUWANG Group, one of the world´s leading producers of Soy Proteins, for almost ten years.

For all sorts of applications we offer protein crispies derived from different protein sources.

PL Poland
Stand No: 8G131

Falken Trade is an international trading company specializing in the sale of raw materials and functional additives within: Food & Beverage, Feed, and Chemical industries.

In our offer you will find products belonging to the core groups such as: Antioxidants, Acidity Regulators, Stabilizers, Preservatives, Gelling agents, Flavour Enhancers, Sweeteners, Sulphates and many others.

IT Italy
Stand No: 8K122

FARAVELLI is a global first-class distributor of raw materials for the food, animal nutrition, nutraceutical, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and fine chemical industry.

You can find us in Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, China and the US. 
We are a team of skilled, passionate, customer-focused professionals.

Deep knowledge of the market, transparency, extreme quality of our products and services, steady and long-lasting business relationships with suppliers and customers, R&D investments, marketing and innovation, are at the basis of our activity.

We are much more than “just” a distribution company. 
We are a strategic partner offering top quality ingredients and raw materials served through just-in-time distribution solutions; an integrated approach specifically meant to offer a wider range of opportunities, and bring more synergies to customers' advantage.

We are FARAVELLI, the Best ingredient for your success.

CN China
Stand No: 8F120

Fooding Group Limited is a global provider of food additives and ingredients specializing in serving the demand for raw materials needed for finished food products. Our clients trust us to provide quality ingredients every single time. Combined with strict manufacturing processes, top-notch R&D and a disciplined trading platform, Fooding Group Limited continues to build upon our experience while looking out into the future.

Our products including the following hot food additives:thickners, sweetners, preservatives, acidulants, food supplements, proteins & quality improvers.

NL Netherlands
Stand No: 8C51

FrieslandCampina DMV is focused on the food and nutrition industry. Our portfolio includes functional and nutritional dairy protein ingredients. We offer ingredients for dairy, processed cheese and non-dairy creamers. For Performance and Lifestyle Nutrition, powdered shakes, bars and ready-to-drink products are the main formats to bring high protein concepts.

Proteins are DMV's core business, as world market leader in caseinates, we provide functional and nutritional dairy solutions.

CN China
Stand No: 8E134

Futaste is a company that can realise the supply of Xylitol, Maltitol, D-xylose, Erythritol and also other sugar polyols together to customers. We are the first to implement and pass ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FSSC 22000-2001, OHSAS 18001, Kosher, Halal and non-GMO IP certification within the industry in China. Besides, all our products meet BP, FCC, USP standard.

DE Germany
Stand No: 8E41

GELITA is the leading company for manufacturing and marketing collagen proteins. Coordinated from the headquarters in Eberbach, Germany, GELITA provides customers around the world with products of the highest standard, comprehensive technical expertise and sophisticated solutions. The global expert network with more than 20 sites ensures state-of-the-art know-how. A strong requirement for innovation is the driving force of the family-owned company that is continually looking for new solutions.

CH Switzerland
Stand No: 8K80
Jungbunzlauer is one of the world's leading producers of biodegradable ingredients of natural origin. We enable our customers to manufacture healthier, safer, tastier and more sustainable products. Today, Jungbunzlauer specialises in citric acid, xanthan gum, gluconates, lactics, specialties, special salts and sweeteners. This year, Jungbunzlauer highlights innovative solutions to today's global food trends: sugar reduction, sodium reduction and gluten-free baking.

Luzhou group is an enterprise with the largest production scales, market share and export revenue in the corn starch sugar industry in China. Our main products are the liquid glucose, maltodextrin, high fructose syrup, sorbitol, maltitol.

At present ,our products are exported to more than sixty countries and regions, for example: Russia, New Zealand, Australia, Korea, Chile , Peru, Nigeria.

Luzhou Bio-Chem Technology (Shandong) Co Ltd was established in 1988. The company has a wide sales and distribution network which covers areas including Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Hainan, the south of Hebei, the north of Fujian, the east of Anhui, the east of Shanxi, the east of Guangxi. It has also set up sales offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shantou. Our products have been exported to more than 40 countries and districts such as South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Turkey,Australia, the USA etc. 

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: 8H114

Mantrose UK Ltd a subsidiary of US-based Mantrose-Haeuser Co Inc; a world leader in edible coatings and specialty products for the pharmaceutical, confectionery, agricultural, food and industrial industries.

Our coatings continue to be recognized for meeting the industry's highest standards for quality, performance, consistency and functionality. We have made a long term commitment to superior research and development, quality control and good manufacturing practices.

The research scientists at Mantrose are available to assist you in selecting the right product to achieve optimum results. Our facilities are fully equipped to develop a customized coating or application method to meet your specific needs.

BE Belgium
Stand No: 8E106

Sipal® & Natu® ranges made by Meurens Natural. As a specialist in the organic sector for 30 years, Meurens Natural has developed a unique know-how and offers 2 ranges of cereal extracts: Sipal® (organic) and Natu® (natural). A natural process production (no refining) and a large variety of processed raw materials enable a large assortment in  natural tastes, colours, sweetnesses, structures, viscosities to all food processing sectors. Try these innovative ingredients in your applications for a cleaner, shorter and clearer labelling: rice syrups, oat syrups, wheat syrups, manioc syrups, spelt syrups, malted barley syrups, date syrup & date puree. 

FR France
Stand No: 8C41

Founded in 1895, Nexira is a global leader in natural ingredients and botanical extracts for the food, nutrition, and dietary supplements industries. 
Nexira built its reputation as the world leader in acacia gum and now manufactures a wide range of natural products with recognized health benefits.
Our portfolio of products includes highly functional and nutritional ingredients, antioxidants and active botanicals for digestive health, weight management, stress management, sports nutrition, cognitive health and cardiovascular health. 
We operate on five continents, with ten subsidiaries, eight manufacturing plants and an extensive network of partners in more than 80 countries.

DE Germany
Stand No: 8K110

With over 30 years' marketing experience and rapid growth, Nutrilo GmbH has been established as a leading manufacturer of tailor-made vitamin and mineral mixtures, effervescent tablets, capsules and well flavoured sticker packs. Nutrilo GmbH supplies individual vitamins from well-known manufacturers in Europe, the USA, China, India and Japan.

CN China
Stand No: 8F134

Reephos chemical co., ltd is a leading Chinese manufacturer of food grade phosphates, phosphates blends and minerals with applications in meat, poultry, fish, seafood, baking, beverage, cheese, dairy, noodles, and nutritional supplements. Step by step, reephos is growing into a global phosphates supplier offering strong technical support to our customer all over the world.

DE Germany
Stand No: 8J113

Procurement and beyond since 1891 by appreciation of people and nature. Roeper provides integrated supply chain management from raw material sourcing, quality assurance, application technology to warehousing and distribution. Sustainability, fair trade and product safety is our key attention.Being aware of today's requirements in the rapidly changing food and nutritional industry, our focus lies in creating individual solutions for our customers.
C.E. Roeper GmbH - come to where the nature is!

NL Netherlands
Stand No: 8G71

Reaching Further Together. Rousselot and Peptan are both brands of Darling Ingredients Inc.  Rousselot is the global leader1 in gelatin and collagen peptides.  Rousselot's wide range of collagen peptides are marketed under the Peptan brand.  We work in partnership with our customers all over the world, delivering innovative and advanced ingredient solutions manufactured through state of the art operations.  We help our customers achieve their goals, enabling them to create world class pharmaceutical, food and nutritional products to inspire and excite today's demanding consumers.
Visit Rousselot and Peptan websites. rousselot.com peptan.com

[1] Grand View Research, Gelatin Market Analysis and Segments Forecasts to 2024, 2014


Royal Ingredients Group is a European based global supplier of raw materials for food and non food industrial applications. We market starches, sweeteners, proteins and fibers under our quality brand: Royal Lion. Our food ingredients are distributed around the world and our Royal Lion brand can be found inside many food, feed and paper & board manufacturing plants.

CN China
Stand No: 8K91

Founded in 2002, Sinochem Qingdao Co., Ltd (Sinochem Qingdao) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sinochem Group. We have 65 years' history. We are China's earliest entrant in the Fortune Global 500 and have entered the list for 24 times, ranking 107th in 2014. We are specialists in research, development, production and sales of natural pigment, such as paprika oleoresin, marigold oleoresin, lutein powder and lutein crystal.

Our strongest items are joint health (glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate), sweeteners (stevia), sports nutrition (amino acids and proteins) and plant extracts, etc.

EG Egypt
Stand No: 8F100

Tiba is the only company in the middle east that is specilaized in producing sweetners (liquid and powder form ) derived from rice .

We use the spary dryer to extend the product range.From the egyptian rice we produce :

-       Glucose             ( Syrup & Powder )

-       Maltodextrin      ( Powder & Syrup )

-       Rice Protein      ( Food & Feed Grade )

-       Rice Flour

-       Fat Powder 35% originated from  Palm oil and Coconut oil.

-       Tomato powder from natural constituent.        

Tiba's products are GMO free, Allergen free , Heavy metal and pesticides free . Certificates       

ISO 9001

ISO 18001

ISO 22000


FR France
Stand No: 8G40

Weishardt is one of the world's leading producers of pig & fish skin gelatine ingredients and the supplier of Naticol® fish collagen peptides.

Our ingredients are optimized for use in the food & beverage, nutrition, pharmaceutical and beauty industries, where they help manufacturers creating high quality products that are in tune with today's consumer trends.

We are a family-owned global business with headquarters in the south of France and sales offices and production plants located across Europe and North America. Our products are exported to markets worldwide.

CN China
Stand No: 8Q98

Yantai T.Full Biotech Co Ltd is a leading professional enterprise in the pea industry. Headquartered in Zhaoyuan-Chinese famous golden city in Shandong province, T.FULL focuses on researching, producing, processing and marketing high-tech and healthcare products in the field of pea protein, pea starch, modified pea starch and pea dietary fiber. Relying on technical resource and R&D advantage of Chinese top universities, T.Full is dedicated to a significant expert in pushing and developing pulse deep processing.