DE Germany
Stand No: 8A21

ATLANTIC CHEMICALS TRADING (ACT) is your global distributor of raw materials for the food, feed, pharma and cosmetics industries, with a head office located in Hamburg, Germany. With 12 further offices, we are able to offer our services worldwide. We focus on top product quality and excellent supply chain management. ACT is very strong on vitamins, sweeteners, energy ingredients, amino acids, flavours and plant extracts. Looking forward to welcome you at our booth.

AT Austria
Stand No: 8A81

AGRANA is an internationally oriented Austrian company producing a wide range of ingredients for the processing sector. AGRANA is a leading supplier of sugar, a major manufacturer of customer-specific starch products and the global leader for fruit preparations in the dairy industry. 9.000 employees strive to provide customers with the best product quality worldwide, optimum service and innovative product development ideas and expertise.

Contact: [email protected]

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: 8K92

Armfield Ltd designs and manufactures miniature-scale research and development systems for the food, beverage, dairy, oils and pharmaceutical industries. Our equipment is designed to replicate manufacturing processes on a miniature scale, which enables your research and development team to test product formulations quickly and easily; using fewer raw materials - saving you time, space and money. All Armfield products come with a two-year extended warranty and our extensive client list features many of the world's biggest food and beverage brands. Visit us at our stand and find out why the giants of the food industry choose to develop with us.

CN China
Stand No: 8F92

We are an ISO9001 certified and quality oriented supplier specialized in nutraceutical and food ingredients. We offer small to large quantities for a wide range of products: amino acids, sweeteners, botanical extracts, minerals, vitamins and others. Featured products: Natural Sweetener, Amino Acid (non-animal), L-Carnitine, Organic Spirulina, CoQ10, Sucralose

GB United Kingdom
Stand No: 8N136

Cambridge Commodities specialises in supplying nutritional ingredients and product solutions to the sports nutrition, health & wellbeing and food & beverage industries. We stock over 2,500 ingredients ranging from vitamins, minerals and proteins to superfoods, sweeteners and plant-based powders.

Our mission is to enable our customers to create products that reflect the needs of an ever-changing market place. We are committed to delivering this through our extensive quality control procedures, bespoke service, and our passion for product innovation.

IT Italy
Stand No: 8G112

The company CARBONITALIA, branch of the group U. Del Corona & Scardigli of Livorno, manufactures activated carbons for the protection and purification of the environment and the purification of foods, chemicals and pharmaceuticals and markets them in the entire European Union and Mediterranean area. It also markets bleaching earths, produced specifically for the decolourization and the purification of food and mineral oils.

CARBONITALIA supplies activated carbons and bleaching earths in various forms of packaging (small or large bags, in bulk) for water purification (drinking water, wastewater, industrial, etc.) gas purification (flue gas, solvent removal, hydrocarbon removal) and purification of foodstuffs (oil, glucose, wine, fruit juices, etc.)

DE Germany
Stand No: 8C103

Eco Terra processes selected raw materials such as premium tree nuts and dry fruits. Our assortment: Tree nuts-roasted, diced, coated with sugar, honey, spices or chocolate; nut paste, bread spreads, gluten-free products: crisps, flakes, flour and pops from quinoa, amaranth, chia, buckwheat and more. With our machine park and expertise we offer customized services.

AE United Arab Emirates
Stand No: 8P62

IPS-INGREDIS - Your Trusted Partner for Globally Sourced Ingredients

IPS-INGREDIS is your trusted partner in sourcing & supplying quality ingredients, concentrates, additives and flavors worldwide. The company has built a solid reputation on mutual partnerships between global customers and suppliers, with up to 16 years of industry expertise (and growing) in Food, Beverage, Bakery, Confectionery and Cosmetics divisions.

With an expanding global footprint, multicultural business competencies and strategic approach; IPS-INGREDIS has successfully partnered with more than 200 suppliers worldwide, and serves customers in diverse industries with added value to their operations through: competitive prices, multiple product sources & origins, as well as superior product quality to meet their tailored requirements.

Our comprehensive portfolio of products is supported by a dedicated team of international trading experts, who possess extensive knowledge of the products and countries where we source from, and deliver to. This enables us to secure and supply quality goods, with the utmost care to ensure the best product profile for your goods.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our portfolio of products and services that are tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Visit www.ipsingredis.com for more information.


IPS-Ingredis FZCO
DAFZ Office No. 4WA 219, P.O. Box 54337, Dubai, U.A.E.
T - +971 4 2115300  F - +971 4 299 6322
E - [email protected] 
W - www.ipsingredis.com

CH Switzerland
Stand No: 8K80
Jungbunzlauer is one of the world's leading producers of biodegradable ingredients of natural origin. We enable our customers to manufacture healthier, safer, tastier and more sustainable products. Today, Jungbunzlauer specialises in citric acid, xanthan gum, gluconates, lactics, specialties, special salts and sweeteners. This year, Jungbunzlauer highlights innovative solutions to today's global food trends: sugar reduction, sodium reduction and gluten-free baking.
JP Japan
Stand No: 8Q72

We mainly used Okinawa-made materials such as vegetable, fruits and sea weeds. And using our special technique of fermentation and bio technology we produce the healthy foods. Our products include:-  Fucoidan (Okinawa-made Mozuku, seaweed), Okinawa-made Ukon (Termeric), Goya (Okinawa-made bitter melon), Okinawa-made Kumisukuchin (it contains Rosmarinic acid, polyphenols), Okinawa-made Noni (Morinda citrifolia), Okinawa-made Shikwasa (hilami lemon :Citrus depressa), Okinawa-made Guava, Okinawa-made Moromu vinegar (by product of AWAMORI (Okinawa traditional liquor), rich in Citric acid and Amino acids), Okinawa-made Chomeikusa (vegetable: chomei means “longevity” in Japanese), Okinawa-made Baben-sou (harb).

FR France
Stand No: 8K60

Lactalis Ingredients is part of Lactalis Group, one of the largest dairy companies in the world and the biggest cheese producer.
We develop, manufacture and market high quality dairy ingredients for the food and nutrition industries worldwide.

As global leader in food ingredients, we offer a complete product range covering all dairy categories: whey and milk powders, dairy proteins and minerals, milk fats and cheese.

BE Belgium
Stand No: 8E106

Sipal® & Natu® ranges made by Meurens Natural. As a specialist in the organic sector for 30 years, Meurens Natural has developed a unique know-how and offers 2 ranges of cereal extracts: Sipal® (organic) and Natu® (natural). A natural process production (no refining) and a large variety of processed raw materials enable a large assortment in  natural tastes, colours, sweetnesses, structures, viscosities to all food processing sectors. Try these innovative ingredients in your applications for a cleaner, shorter and clearer labelling: rice syrups, oat syrups, wheat syrups, manioc syrups, spelt syrups, malted barley syrups, date syrup & date puree. 

FR France
Stand No: 8C41

Founded in 1895, Nexira is a global leader in natural ingredients and botanical extracts for the food, nutrition, and dietary supplements industries. 
Nexira built its reputation as the world leader in acacia gum and now manufactures a wide range of natural products with recognized health benefits.
Our portfolio of products includes highly functional and nutritional ingredients, antioxidants and active botanicals for digestive health, weight management, stress management, sports nutrition, cognitive health and cardiovascular health. 
We operate on five continents, with ten subsidiaries, eight manufacturing plants and an extensive network of partners in more than 80 countries.

NL Netherlands
Stand No: 8E23

For better food and health

NIZO is world leading in contract research for better food and health. We operate one of the most advanced R&D centers in the world and bring the latest food technologies to life in our food grade processing center. Our focus is on the development and applications of innovations  for the global food and health industry. Our customers value their gains in product quality, sustainability, cost effectiveness and speed to market. We are continuously looking for new ways of improving food products, and at the same time quality of life. NIZO is a private and independent company, with headquarters in Ede, the Netherlands.

PE Peru
Stand No: 8C118

Who we are:

Peruvian company leader in Superingredients, located in Lima - Peru with over 16 years experience in the production, sales and export of medicinal herbs, dehydrated vegetables, fruits and grains. We offer products with high quality standards that suit the demand of the most competitive markets such are: Japan, USA, Canada, Netherlands, UK, Germany, China, Korea, thus spreading the richness of Peruvian Nature and promoting the development of Peru.

Our commitment with quality:

Peruvian Nature demonstrates its constant commitment to quality in a consistent, reliable and sustainable manner, with international certifications: BRC, GMP, HACCP, Kosher, Organic, Gluten free also all our products are allergen free, non GMO and pesticide free finally we manage a traceability system from raw material in the field to  final product in our costumers.


Quantum Hi-Tech (China) Biological Co Ltd(QHT), Leading the Globe in Prebiotic Technology.

Up till now, fructooligosaccharides(FOS) and galactooligosaccharides(GOS) are naturally occurring foods that are internationally recognized as typical prebiotics.

FOS and GOS, essential prebiotics that help balance the human micro-ecology, have significant functions on balancing the intestinal microbiome by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria, and inhabiting the growth of harmful bacteria and hence enhancing the immunity system.

QHT,  has long fucused on prebiotics ingredients.  Its core products-- EUOLIGO FOS and GOSYAN GOS have occupied more than 50% market shares in China, leading sales for 15 years. Applications for FOS and GOS include health supplements, dairy products, infant formulas, beverages and bakery products.


Royal Ingredients Group is a European based global supplier of raw materials for food and non food industrial applications. We market starches, sweeteners, proteins and fibers under our quality brand: Royal Lion. Our food ingredients are distributed around the world and our Royal Lion brand can be found inside many food, feed and paper & board manufacturing plants.

FR France
Stand No: 8G51

Naturex sources, manufactures and markets natural specialty ingredients for the food, health and cosmetic industries. As the Natural Maker, the company actively supports the global shift to natural by directly addressing key consumer expectations through an offer built on two main focus areas: My Natural Food and My Natural Selfcare. Naturex's portfolio includes colors, antioxidants, specialty fruits & vegetables, phytoactives, and numerous other plant-based natural ingredients, designed to help its customers create healthy, authentic and effective products.
NATUREX, from Nature to You

EG Egypt
Stand No: 8F100

Tiba is the only company in the middle east that is specilaized in producing sweetners (liquid and powder form ) derived from rice .

We use the spary dryer to extend the product range.From the egyptian rice we produce :

-       Glucose             ( Syrup & Powder )

-       Maltodextrin      ( Powder & Syrup )

-       Rice Protein      ( Food & Feed Grade )

-       Rice Flour

-       Fat Powder 35% originated from  Palm oil and Coconut oil.

-       Tomato powder from natural constituent.        

Tiba's products are GMO free, Allergen free , Heavy metal and pesticides free . Certificates       

ISO 9001

ISO 18001

ISO 22000


FR France
Stand No: 8K60

Triballat Ingredients is a French manufacturer of functional food ingredients. We benefit from an expertise in biotechnology, nutraceutical and food processes to provide you a range of products that combine innovation, quality and technical mastery. Our ingredients are all naturals, made with clean label process, from GMO-free, conventional and organic raw materials produced in France or in the EU. We offer you, around our ingredients, technical support and knowledge to develop your food products.

CA Canada
Stand No: 8N47

Known for our high quality Milk Protein Concentrates and Isolate, and now introducing VITAGOS™ (Galacto-Oligosaccharides – GOS).  We're a leading supplier of innovative, customized dairy ingredients for the world's food, beverage and nutraceutical industries. Through our advanced facilities and FSSC 22000 certified processing plants, we process raw milk into a range of dairy ingredients that are superior in quality, nutritional value and functionality. Our products can be used in applications such as nutrition bars, protein drinks, infant formula, snack foods, baking and more.