Prebiotica Europe BV is a Producer of 100% Natural Whole-Food Prebiotics from Acacia Gum from the Acacia Senegal & Seyal Trees.  Prebiotica is involved in all stages of the production chain from root to product by supporting & guiding farmers on sustainable farming, harvesting/tapping the gum through our patented techniques in a professional, nature-friendly manner preserving the trees, environment and the wholesome Prebiotic properties of the Acacia Gum and finally processing according highest industry standards and compliances of the Acacia Gum through our zero-food-processing techniques preserving the Naturally Wholesome Prebiotic Properties.    Prebiotica assures you of its highest natural quality and guaranteed enrichment by our products.  Our Range of Products:  - Prebiotic Health & Functional Ingredients  - Food Supplements under our Own Brand  - Food Supplements under Private Label  - Prebiotic in Bulk


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