Paninkret Chem.-Pharm. Vertriebsges. mbH


PANINKRET Chem.-Pharm. Vertriebsges. mbH is a chemical-pharma­ceutical marketing company with limited liability which distributes ani­mal and plant extracts from reliable production partners since 1982. We stand for reliability and highest quality made in Germany. PANINKRET has a well trained and very committed staff and makes its main turnover by exporting. Foreign custo­mers are supplied by our international representatives in the in­di­vidual countries. We place the highest value on the quality of the products distributed by our company which are generally accepted by our customers as our production partners / preliminary distributors are considered to be some of the leading companies in their field. To put an even stronger emphasis on these demands we have reviewed our operation processes on expediency and functionality from a critical point of view and we established a management system in compliance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 since 1999. On request various of the plant extracts distributed by our company can be offered with kosher certificate as well as in organic quality.In close cooperation with our production partners we are able to offer also contract manufacturing with a high level of knowhow. We offer the following possibilities of processing: - Vacuum Belt Drying - Spray Drying - Extraction - Milling - Juice Processing - Blending and Standardization - Tailor-Made-production according to customers specification Main product groups: - Acerola Fruit Powders- Extract Powders (plant and animal origin) - Freshplant Pressjuice Powders - Aloe Vera products - Propolis and Pollen Extracts - Natural Oils - Natural Dyes


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