Nutrifish is a Global marine ingredients supplier based in Normandy / France. Guided by eco-responsibility, our mission is nourish and preserve health. We collect, transform and distribute a wide range of quality products for: Human food, food complements, petfood nutrition, flavor industry and nutraceutical markets. With the use of food grade marine raw materials, we focus our industrial process on natural approach and sustainable development Freshness, traceability and quality are our priority. We produce and supply: ·       Natural Calcium ·       Fish powders ·       Marine bioactives peptides ·       Cold extracted fish oils We just launched a Natural Calcium PHOSSEA™. Calcium may assist in the normal growth and maintenance of bones, teeth, nervous system and muscle function. For advanced bone health and joints is recommended to move from conventional calcium supplements and introduce balanced calcium product in a natural form like PHOSSEA™. Is first 100% Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite Marine extract produced from selected sustainable fish species. Is also the only calcium that is a natural 2:1 ratio with phosphorous. Thanks to the know-how and the controls put in place by Nutrifish, we can guarantee the standardization of our products as well as their regularity. You can learn more about the company, our history and our products on the website,

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