Nating Italia Srl


Quality, innovation and research.  These 3 words best explain our philosophy and what we do every day: botanical extracts and spray-dried fruit/vegetable for the nutraceutical and food market.  Conventional botanical extracts and extracts with preclinical studies (tested on diabetes and glycemic index), without maltodextrin.  Botanical extracts for celiac and vegans thanks to use of buckwheat as a functional carrier (tested with university on diabetes and glycemic index). Granulated, organic, fluid and glyceric botanical extracts.  A new production site certified ISO 9001, ISO 22000, Kosher, Vegan and Organic.  100% made in Italy extracts and 100% Nating: full traceability of every single ingredient used in formulation (herb and functional carrier).


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Via Molinari 45/47