We develop a technology to produce egg white proteins based on sugar from sugar beet by means of fermentation. in buzzwords this would be called cellular agriculture. There is a need for binding proteins like egg white that are neutral in colour, taste and smell, and that can bind products for vegan applications. Moreover this solution is contributing to reducing global warming (the yield of egg white proteins per HA land is 10-20x higher than the animal route. Moreover we reduce animal suffering, and reduce the sensivity of our food supply for massive birds diseases (flue) and the misuse of antibiotics in pig nutrutring thereby increasing AMR issues. The proteins we have designed are non allergenic versions of binding proteins, thereby reducing the allergenicity of eggs, and less sensitivity of the value chain by having less salmonella ane listeria issues due to the intrinsic more contained and sterile production methods in FSC22000 approved food fermentation installations.


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