FlaNat Research is a bio-based circular economy company, nurtured by nature, which objective is to develop and manufacture functional ingredients to support daily life well being. Recovering nutrients from agro-food waste and to improve LCA and sustainability of the industrial process is the focus point to succeed in the “seed to shelf” strategy.FlaNat's innovative approach to modern nutraceutical has allowed the Company to be admitted in 2017 to five important Regional Projects. Consequently the Company opened up a new R&D facility and changed the name in FlaNat Research Italia. As a family owned Company, FlaNat Research is paying attention to the quality of life and to give opportunities to young researchers and workers under the age of 30.Main offer includes a wide range of botanical extracts manufactured in Europe (Dorana Naturae®), worldwide botanicals developed with partners and certified and FlaNactives, botanicals active ingredients supported by clinical studies (Moradyn®, Flavoenol® and Panaxolyde®).


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