Fazer Mills

Fazer Mills offers high-quality grain products, baking solutions and special ingredients from wheat, rye and oats. Our oats portfolio includes conventional and organic oats in all forms, as groats, flakes, flours, brans and special oat ingredients. These special ingredients (oat beta-glucans, oat protein and oat oil) are natural superfoods with four health claims approved in EU. They boost nutritional contents in end-products and can significantly improve the positive health effects in them. All our oats are also suitable for a low-FODMAP diet. For bakers, Fazer has developed a unique enzyme-based solution, that provides a low-FODMAP feature for wheat and rye baking. This revolutionary novelty, Fazer LOFO™ improver, has proven to easily decrease the fructan content of bread by more than 50 %. FODMAPs are poorly digestible short-chain carbohydrates that can cause stomach problems and discomfort. Main FODMAPs in bread are called fructans. 20 % of consumers avoid bread to feel better in their stomachs, and FODMAPs are potential, yet relatively unknown explanation for this common wellness concern. That is why Low-FODMAP products are expected to become the next big thing in stomach wellness.


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