Allmicroalgae delivers high quality microalgae biomass and products, with differentiated service and continuous support, to Companies who value natural & healthy and sustainable products.

Microalgae represent an added value ingredient in food and feed formulations, by enriching or enhancing them with specific nutrients, such as vegetable protein or amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and pigments. 
One of the microalgae species produced by this company in Portugal - Chlorella sp., has a high potential as food ingredient, mainly due to its high content on essential elements that are not produced by the human body. The microalga's biomass is therefore, a natural source of such nutrients in their pure form. 
On the other hand, the microalgae species Nannochloropsis sp. contains essential fatty acids such as EPA, and constitutes one of the most promising sources of these nutrients, from vegetable origin.
Allmicroalgae enables the possibility to develop tailor-made solutions based on microalgae paste and powder, delivering sustainable, natural products. 


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