ACTIV'INSIDE: Maker of difference for the nutraceutical market ACTIV'INSIDE is a French creative company specialized in the development and commercialization of natural and innovative botanical active ingredients, with key factors of differentiation on the nutraceutical market. Expert in saffron (Crocus sativusL.) and grape (Vitis viniferaL.), the French biotech aims to develop innovative natural products with strong added values. “We use science, analytical, regulation, intellectual property and marketing to give UNIQUE PRODUCT, reflecting customer needs for a fast and safe access to market”.ACTIV'INSIDE proposes ingredients for the nutraceutical market, from natural extract – mainly grape, saffron but also other – to patented active solution supported by a strong scientific background, proprietary published studies and relevant claims. ACTIV'INSIDE proposes 3 proprietary natural active solutions: - MEMOPHENOLTM, the only natural patented formulation with a synergistic bioavailability of flavonoids, having published beneficial preclinical and clinical results on cognitive functions; - SAFR'INSIDETM, the unique patented Sargol grade saffron extract rich in safranal and safromotivines, having positive action on mood, sleep quality and premenstrual comfort.- SKINAX ²TM, the patented nutritional new anti-aging formula, combining both primary and secondary antioxidants, clinically proven to improve skin radiance. ACTIV'INSIDE also offers a full range of more than 150 standardized premium botanical extracts, including a range of Signature Grape and Signature saffron extracts, with Organic, Kosher and Halal references available.  Today, ACTIV'INSIDe brings its expertise and dynamism for your products including b both ingredients or private labeling. The company makes the difference with basic or exclusive developments in accordance with international standards, for a quick and ready-to-use access to market. 

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