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Stand No: 8E90

GL Stevia is a vertical intergrated stevia manufacturer. We start from stevia seed breeding, propagation, contract farming, to extraction and refining. This vertical integration help us to ensure high quality and sustainable supply of stevia products.

GL Stevia is one of the first to produce high purity Reb-A and Steviol Glycosides in China, and have applied 4 processing patents in China. Our manufacture facilities are ISO9001:2000 and HACCP certified and operate according to the strict QA/QC Procedure. Our stevia strictly meets the FDA, JECFA standards.


Fufeng Group Company Limited is an internationalized bio-fermentation products manufacturer which is listed as a public company on the Main Board of HKEx. It is mainly specialized in all kinds of amino acids and its derivative products, and biological colloid R&D, producing and management, and by now has become the largest MSG and Xanhtan Gum manufacturer in the world.

Currently, Fufeng Group is composed of the following enterprises: Shandong Fufeng Fermentation Co Ltd, Baoji Fufeng Biotechnologies Co Ltd, Neimenggu Fufeng Biotechnologies Co Ltd, Hulunbeier North East Fufeng Biotechnologies Co Ltd, Xinjiang Fufeng Biotechnologies Co Ltd, Jiangsu Shenhua Phamaceutical Co Ltd, Fufeng R&D center and Fufeng Import & Export Co Ltd, etc and our industry covers Shandong, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu, Xinjiang, etc.

It has a total of over 50 main products varying in fermentation products such as MSG, Xanthan Gum, Crystallized Glucose, Fructose, Bio-fermentation Fertilizer, Corn Oil, Chicken Bouillon, Compound Seasoning, Glutamic Acid, Threonine, L-Valene, Isoleucine and healthcare products such as Cordycepin Capsule, Aweto Anima Powder, etc.

Fufeng Group has successfully sold its leading products MSG and Xanthan Gum in all areas across China and to over 60 foreign countries in the world.


Xinjiang Longping High-Tech Hong'an Seeds Co Ltd specialises in the pepper industry, by pursuing the principle of promoting the great understanding, reforming the agriculture with science and technology and benefiting the people in the world. It is a specialised production, processing and trade enterprise integrating production of dry chilli pepper, seed breeding, acquisition of raw materials, deep processing of pepper products and sales.