CN China
Stand No: 8P119, 8C121, 8N111, 8D121, 8A103, 8E134, 8P91, 8C123, 8N113, 8D122, 8A104, 8P93, 8C130, 8N91, 8D123, 8A108, 8F120, 8P98, 8F124, 8C131, 8N93, 8D128, 8A110, 8P99, 8F134, 8C133, 8N99, 8D133, 8B100, 8F142, 8C135, 8D139, 8B108, 8P112, 8N101, 8C139, 8D142, 8P118, 8C108, 8N103, 8D120, 8A102, 8E133, 8P110, 8E138, 8D130, 8A101, 8C126, 8C100, 8C142, 8B101, 8D132, 8C128, 8E144, 8E146, 8P92, 8P101, 8B109, 8E137, 8C102, 8E123, 8P106, 8E120, 8E140, 8E121, 8C140, 8F132, 8E132, 8P100, 8N119, 8A106, 8B102, 8F122, 8E122, 8E142, 8F140, 8C136, 8P90, 8A100, 8C132, 8E130, 8N92, 8N98, 8B103, 8D138, 8N118, 8M111, 8D131, 8M97, 8N90, 8M99, 8M117, 8P105, 8N110, 8A109, 8N100, 8M101, 8P123, 8D140, 8C144, 8P131, 8M93, 8E131, 8P121, 8P129, 8M91, 8N96, 8P111, 8C120, 8F130, 8C138, 8P115, 8P127

UBM Sinoexpo is a professional joint venture exhibition enterprise, the arm of UBM Asia that is responsible for the group's mainland 24 business. UBM Sinoexpo states "Be the Best" as its corporate value and mission.Now, we are the exclusive agent in 24 for all Fi global shows on recruiting Chinese clients, and collaboration with CCCMHPIE. If you are interested in our show, free to contact us.

DE Germany
Stand No: 8A60

What started in 1984 with the foundation of UD CHEMIE GmbH by Uwe L.F. Dubberke grew over the next 30 years to become an organically expanding and internationally active group of companies which not only trade in quality raw materials but also process and produce these themselves. Today, the continuously expanding scope of product groups ranges from organic acids, stabilizers, thickening agents, and cereal sweeteners to specialty products. Our owner-managed family-owned company always reflects its original values. With expertise and passion, we ensure exceptional quality, high reliability and a tailor-made service.

IN India
Stand No: 8G101

Unicorn is a leading manufacturer and exporter of herbal and botanical extracts based in Hyderabad, India with over 15 years of expertise in plant extraction and an innovative approach. Unicorn provides the highest quality natural products that enable people to lead healthier lives.