For more than a century, the people of Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM) have transformed crops into products that serve the vital needs of a growing world. Today, we're one of the world's largest agricultural processors and food ingredient providers, with more than 32,300 employees serving customers in more than 160 countries. With a global value chain that includes 428 crop procurement locations, 280 ingredient manufacturing facilities, 39 innovation centers and the world's premier crop transportation network, we connect the harvest to the home, making products for food, animal feed, industrial and energy uses. Learn more at www.adm.com. 

Aker BioMarine is a sustainable biotech company and supplier of Superba Krill Oil. 100% pure krill with unique phospholipid EPA and DHA Omega-3s and the naturally occurring antioxidant astaxanthin, Superba Krill has clinically proven efficiency. Superba Krill has no fishy aftertaste, is easy to digest, and easily absorbed into the body's cells. Aker is the only krill fishery to earn MSC Certification for sustainable harvesting and only Superba Krill products have 100% traceability from sea to shelf. http://www.akerbiomarine.com http://www.superbakrill.com

Arla Foods Ingredients is a global leader in value-added whey solutions. We discover and deliver ingredients derived from whey, supporting the food industry with the development and efficient processing of more natural, functional and nutritious foods. We serve global markets within early life nutrition, medical nutrition, sport nutrition, health foods and other foods and beverage products.  

Five reasons to choose us:

    We have R&D in our DNA
    We offer superior quality
    We are your trusted business partner
    We support sustainability
    We ensure security of supply

    Arla Foods Ingredients is a 100% owned subsidiary of Arla Foods. Our head office is in Denmark.


    BENEO offers functional ingredients derived from the chicory root, beet root, rice and wheat. BENEO helps improve the nutritional quality and technical formulation of food, feed and beverages. Key nutritional benefits are “less fat”, “less sugar”, “less calories”, “gluten-free” and “fibre enrichment”. BENEO excels in enhancing energy management, digestive, bone, dental and cardiovascular health. Key technological benefits are improved taste and texture. BENEO draws on the expertise of its joint venture partners BENEO Institute, providing decisive insights in the scientific and juridical nutritional field and BENEO Technology Center, a consultant in application technology. BENEO actively promotes the creation of healthier and more balanced products.

    BENEO is a division of the Südzucker Group and employs almost 900 people spread between production units in Belgium, Chile, Germany and Italy.

    Cambridge Commodities specialises in supplying nutritional ingredients and product solutions to the sports nutrition, health & wellbeing and food & beverage industries. We stock over 2,500 ingredients ranging from vitamins, minerals and proteins to superfoods, sweeteners and plant-based powders.

    Our mission is to enable our customers to create products that reflect the needs of an ever-changing market place. We are committed to delivering this through our extensive quality control procedures, bespoke service, and our passion for product innovation.

    Capsugel designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of innovative dosage forms for the biopharmaceutical and consumer health & nutrition industries. Our unique combination of science, engineering, formulation and capsule expertise enables our customers to optimize the bioavailability, targeted delivery and overall performance of their products. We partner with more than 4,000 customers in over 100 countries to create novel, high-quality and customized solutions that align with our customers' evolving needs and benefit patients and consumers. For more information, visit www.capsugel.com.


    Evonik – Your partner for the food industry

    As one of the world leaders in specialty chemicals with markets in over 100 countries, Evonik's diverse product segments provide ingredients and solutions for a broad range of applications within the food industry. Whether you are looking functional ingredients with proven health benefits, naturally occurring compounds, innovative aroma extracts, or food processing agents and packaging solutions, Evonik has your answer. Application areas include flavor & aroma, processing and technology, nutraceuticals and food and beverage packaging. 

    Within the framework of existing food legislation and additional certifications among non-GMO, halal, kosher or organic-compliance, Evonik provides high-quality ingredients and solutions for healthier, more natural and safe food products.

    For more information regarding Evonik's offerings to the food industry, visit our webpage at



    FrieslandCampina DMV is focused on the food and nutrition industry. Our portfolio includes functional and nutritional dairy protein ingredients. We offer ingredients for dairy, processed cheese and non-dairy creamers. For Performance and Lifestyle Nutrition, powdered shakes, bars and ready-to-drink products are the main formats to bring high protein concepts.

    Proteins are DMV's core business, as world market leader in caseinates, we provide functional and nutritional dairy solutions.

    GELITA is the leading company for manufacturing and marketing collagen proteins. Coordinated from the headquarters in Eberbach, Germany, GELITA provides customers around the world with products of the highest standard, comprehensive technical expertise and sophisticated solutions. The global expert network with more than 20 sites ensures state-of-the-art know-how. A strong requirement for innovation is the driving force of the family-owned company that is continually looking for new solutions.

    Better nutrition starts here.  We bring together leadership expertise in dairy and plant proteins, bioactive ingredients, flavors and micronutrient premix manufacturing into one nutritional powerhouse.  Our broader range of food & ingredient solutions, custom-built services and ability to supply globally creates a unique recipe for co-innovation partnerships. We are partnering with our customers to deliver best solutions in helping them reach the market with outstanding products faster. Learn more about what's possible when you just add Glanbia at www.glanbianutritionals.com. Meet us at HiE in Frankfurt on stand G44 in Hall 3.0.

    Kerry's focus on Taste and Nutrition combines our multi-sensory aroma and texture experience with in-depth knowledge of people, life stage and daily nutritional needs. By partnering with Kerry, customers are taken on a journey to make food, beverage and pharma products that people enjoy and feel better about. We make better; more authentic and delicious taste experiences that meet consumers' complete nutritional needs. Innovation and collaboration are at the heart of what we do. From research and development through to retail and distribution, we work alongside our customers at every level. Together, we can create world-class solutions that delight and nourish consumers across the globe. We are all about delivering excellence in taste and nutrition. We would like to create a journey of discovery for our customers at FiE. We will take this opportunity to tell you where we have come from, where the food, beverage and pharma industries are headed and, most importantly how we can help your business to become better. We monitor the latest trends in our industry so that our specialists in the food and beverage market can advise you on what matters most in your market. The local market has changed in recent years with the greatest emphasis here on taste and nutrition. Quality is a top priority for consumers - transparent and natural ingredients that bring great taste, without compromising on nutrition. At FiE, we will focus on three key themes: Authentic Taste, Better for You and Clean Label. Visit us at stand G101, in Hall 11, and try some of our unique concepts like our Thai Bone Broth that is inspired by the kitchen, our Sugar-reduced Muffins containing 30% less sugar without compromising on taste or our clean label Craft Cola with no added sugar, artificial sweeteners or artificial colours.

    Lesaffre Human Care was created in 2007 as a business unit of Lesaffre with the mission to develop and supply ingredients from yeast and bacteria fermentation to the global human care markets. With the support of the company's unique know-how as well as more than 160 years of experience in biotechnology and yeast research and manufacturing, Lesaffre Human Care offers ingredients with scientifically proven efficacy to the nutritional supplements, pharmaceuticals and functional foods industry.

    From nutritional and fortified yeasts to yeasts fractions, probiotic yeasts and bacteria, or pure molecules from fermentation, Lesaffre Human Care has solutions for a wide range of applications such as digestive health, immunity enhancement, joints and liver health, mood management, vegetarian support, overall wellbeing and beauty.

    Naturex sources, manufactures and markets natural specialty ingredients for the food, health and cosmetic industries. As the Natural Maker, the company actively supports the global shift to natural by directly addressing key consumer expectations through an offer built on two main focus areas: My Natural Food and My Natural Selfcare. Naturex's portfolio includes colors, antioxidants, specialty fruits & vegetables, phytoactives, and numerous other plant-based natural ingredients, designed to help its customers create healthy, authentic and effective products.

    NATUREX, from Nature to You

    Founded in 1895, Nexira is a global leader in natural ingredients and botanical extracts for the food, nutrition, and dietary supplements industries. 
    Nexira built its reputation as the world leader in acacia gum and now manufactures a wide range of natural products with recognized health benefits.
    Our portfolio of products includes highly functional and nutritional ingredients, antioxidants and active botanicals for digestive health, weight management, stress management, sports nutrition, cognitive health and cardiovascular health. 
    We operate on five continents, with ten subsidiaries, eight manufacturing plants and an extensive network of partners in more than 80 countries.

    With over 30 years' marketing experience and rapid growth, Nutrilo GmbH has been established as a leading manufacturer of tailor-made vitamin and mineral mixtures, effervescent tablets, capsules and well flavoured sticker packs. Nutrilo GmbH supplies individual vitamins from well-known manufacturers in Europe, the USA, China, India and Japan.

    Located in France, Plantex develops, manufactures and supplies dry, liquid, soft, glycolic and hydro-glycerinated extracts. We have also developed a new range of product for food (vanilla, cocoa, etc.). We work on a base of 300 plants including more than 100 for organic quality. We have been ISO 22000 and ECOCERT certified since 1997.

    A family-owned group serving customers globally, Roquette is specialized in the processing of plant-based raw materials. The developed products and solutions deliver proven technological, nutritional and health benefits precisely tailored to the pharma, nutrition, food and selected industry markets. As one of the world's five leading starch manufacturing groups, Roquette processes corn, wheat, potatoes and peas.

    Reaching Further Together. Rousselot and Peptan are both brands of Darling Ingredients Inc.  Rousselot is the global leader1 in gelatin and collagen peptides.  Rousselot's wide range of collagen peptides are marketed under the Peptan brand.  We work in partnership with our customers all over the world, delivering innovative and advanced ingredient solutions manufactured through state of the art operations.  We help our customers achieve their goals, enabling them to create world class pharmaceutical, food and nutritional products to inspire and excite today's demanding consumers.
    Visit Rousselot and Peptan websites. rousselot.com peptan.com

    [1] Grand View Research, Gelatin Market Analysis and Segments Forecasts to 2024, 2014

    The long-term vision of Tereos is the valorization of agricultural raw materials and the development of quality food products. Tereos is a leader in the sugar, alcohol and starch markets. The group's commitments to society and the environment contribute to the company's performance in the long term while strengthening its contribution as a responsible actor. The cooperative group Tereos is a union of 12,000 farmers and has recognized know-how in the processing of beet, sugarcane and cereals. Through 49 industrial sites in 16 countries and the commitment of its 23,000 employees, Tereos supports its customers close to their markets with a broad and complementary range of products. In 2016/17, the group achieved a turnover of €4.8 billion.

    Vitae Naturals is a Spanish company founded as Vitae Caps, S.A. in February 2000 with a strong international focus. Our products are sold in more than 25 countries over the five continents. We are proud to have an efficient and dynamic worldwide network to serve our customers on time. Our manufacturing facility is the main producer of natural sourced Vitamin E in Europe and one of the world's main manufacturers of phytosterol esters and it is based in Talavera de la Reina (Toledo, Central Spain).

    DE Germany
    Stand No:

    We at A2 Trading are a leading company in sales and distribution of food ingredients with offices in Germany, Canada, China, Denmark, India, Mexico, Poland and USA. Our head office is located in Hamburg/Germany. From here our logistics team ships our products to clients around the world.


    New developed Product!

    Over the recent years we invested a lot of time and effort into research and development of our Agar-Agar product line. In the process, our special attention was also paid to qualities with particularly low gel strengths which might be of interest for you respectively for your customers.

    Thus, today we would like to present our new softgelagar qualities to you. These low gel strengths of our new products are commendable particularly for the following areas of application: 

    - Supple Glazings and Coatings

    - Mellow, creamy Fillings (e.g. of chocolate bars, chocolates or pastries)

    - Texturizer of yoghurt (singly or in combination with pectin)

    - Texturizer of sauces, dressings and creams


    Furthermore, our softgelagar is already well established in the production of dietary fibres, e.g. in dietary food or food supplements.

    You may deploy these qualities particularly in all fields of pharmaceutical products, since softgelagar does not effect the walls of the intestine, due to its short carbohydrate chain, as this might happen with other products (e.g. with certain Carrageenans).

    In this area the following applications might be conceivable:

    - as Thickener in syrups

    - as Excipient in dietary pills / as  source of fibres. 


    Hopefully we could raise your interest.

    For a complete listing of our products, please visit us at http://www.a2-trading.com.

    We would be glad to attend to your price inquiries and sample requests.

    KG Kyrgyzstan
    Stand No:

    Abada Trade LLC is one of the largest suppliers and exporters of kidney beans in Kyrgyzstan, starting its operations in 2001. Since then, our company has proven itself as a reliable supplier, whose main principles are realibility, honesty and respect to our partners' interests. Abada Trade LLC works closely with leading cannery factories and packaging companies from around the world. Our mission is to supply ecologically clean products to our buyers.
    We export following type of kidney beans:
    1)     White kidney beans (125-135 pcs/100gr, 150-170 pcs/100gr, 180-200 pcs/100gr, 200-220 pcs/100gr)
    2)     Red kidney beans
    3)     Light speckled beans
    4)     Purple speckled kidney beans
    To expand selling in European markets, we have opened our own warehouses in Kretinga, Lithuania. Goods, which are sold from Lithuania, have passed custom clearance and have all necessary documents for the EU market. We also have warehouse in Moscow, Russia.

    FR France
    Stand No:

    Abyss' Ingredients, a marine biotechnology company, is a leading ingredients manufacturer, exporting worldwide.

    It was established on the initiative of fishing and fish processing professionals in Brittany region (France) who were eager to bring high grade marine ingredients to market. Indeed, 50% of annual fish harvest is discarded as by-products. Knowing that fish resources are limited, Abyss' links sustainable development and advanced biotechnology. Abyss' Ingredients developed a wide range of marine ingredients designed for nutraceutical, cosmetic, food and feed industries.

    The scientific expertise of Abyss' Ingredients is due to its highly qualified team who is guaranteeing traceability, quality control for safe ingredients. Abyss' Ingredients creative biotechnology team is dedicated to producing successful and accurate ingredients, documented scientifically. We are internationally recognized for the innovative characteristics of our product as well as our ability to respond to an ever-changing market.

    With over 60% of its turnover outside France, Abyss' Ingredients is a fast-growing international company.

    CN China
    Stand No:

    Auropure LifeScience is a professional manufacturer at the forefront developing and marketing botanical extracts, herbs, teas and active phyto-chemical ingredients for the nutrition, food and cosmetic industries. We look to merge nature to chemistry through modern scientific way and bring largest possible benefits to the human health. 

    FR France
    Stand No:

    ACTIV'INSIDE is a French creative company specialized in the development and commercialization of natural and innovative botanical active ingredients, with key factors of differentiation on the nutraceutical market.

    ACTIV'INSIDE is your expert in Saffron (Crocus sativus L.)  and Grape (Vitis vinifera L.)  raw material. The company valorizes saffron and grape health benefits by developing proprietary natural active solutions, based on strong scientific background and clinically proven efficacy.

    ACTIV'INSIDE proposes 3 active solutions:
    - MEMOPHENOLTM, the only natural formulation with a synergistic bioavailability of flavonoids, having beneficial preclinical and clinical results on cognitive functions;

    - SAFR'INSIDETM, the unique Sargol grade saffron extract rich in safromotivines having a synergistic and complementary positive action on mood and emotional balance;

    - SKINAX ²TM, the natural solution with unique and complex action on the 4 mechanisms of action impairing skin radiance.

    ACTIV'INSIDE also offers a full range of more than 150 standardized premium botanical extracts, with Organic, Kosher and Halal range of extracts. 

    ACTIV'INSIDE is your partner in all your development projects: “We operate on the stages of Formulation, Development, Analysis, Valorization as well as Labelling. Each product is thought to bring by science a differentiating communication on a given market". ACTIV'INSIDE offers solutions that meet all your needs, from natural plant extracts - from saffron, grapes but also from other raw materials - to the collaboration in the development of your finished products and private labelling.

    For more information: formore@activinside.com

    AR Argentina
    Stand No:

    AOM is a leading producer of natural ingredients derived from vegetable oils. Our Antioxidant and Nutrition products deliver powerful protection and fortification to many consumer products across multiple industries worldwide, including food and beverage, feed, nutrition, and personal care, among others.  We offer the widest range of Natural Tocopherols available and pioneered the use of Sunflower and Rapeseed to satisfy the need for non-GMO, Soy-free ingredients.

    As producers from the most basic raw materials, and with a manufacturing facility configured for flexibility, AOM offers the broadest non-GMO portfolio in our category, with full Hard IP certification from the seed to the finished product.

    AOM is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and since October 2016 has a commercial team, office and warehouse in Spain serving the European market.

    ZA South Africa
    Stand No:

    Afrigetics Botanicals is one of South Africa's leading exporters of sustainably wild harvested African medicinal herbs and wild foods. Our primary products are commercially demanded African botanicals such as Pelargonium sidoides, Aloe arborescence and Baobab fruit powder.

    Our areas of expertise include; horticulture, African enthnopharmacology, agri-processing and sustainable wild harvesting – which we diligently combine with a robust business model and an extensive exporting infrastructure that ensures our business remains both profitable and ethical.

    Since 2008 Afrigetics has successfully delivered over 750 consignments to pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food ingredient companies across the world. In addition to the exporting of bulk products we also focus on research and development to transform African raw materials into finished products such as creams, capsules, packaged foods and medical devices.


    Established in 1982, “Agence de Promotion des Investissements Agricoles” (APIA) is a Tunisian public institution run by the Ministry of Agriculture that was created to promote private investment in the fields of agriculture, fisheries and related services. Based on its dedicated expertise, APIA supports its members in successfully implementing their respective projects.
    In this context, APIA offers diverse services such as obtaining financial and tax benefits, assisting promoters in the compilation of investment and managerial records, matching Tunisian operators with potential foreign counterparts and the participation in trade fairs and exhibitions in Tunisia and abroad.
    APIA's vision is to improve the competitive advantages of the sector and to strengthen the industry's positive image in the orld market. APIA would very much welcome the opportunity to introduce importers to profitable new trade opportunities with Tunisian suppliers at the Tunisian Country Pavilion.

    AT Austria
    Stand No:

    AGRANA is an internationally oriented Austrian company producing a wide range of ingredients for the processing sector. AGRANA is a leading supplier of sugar, a major manufacturer of customer-specific starch products and the global leader for fruit preparations in the dairy industry. 9.000 employees strive to provide customers with the best product quality worldwide, optimum service and innovative product development ideas and expertise.

    Contact: info.sales@agrana.com.

    US United States
    Stand No:

    Agri-Mark, Inc. is owned by 1200 dairy farm families in the North Atlantic region of the USA. We manufacture and export product to more than 30 countries; WPC80, WPC80 instant, high lactose whey powder, buttermilk and non-fat dry milk powder and high quality cheddar cheese. All factories are SQF 2000 Level 3 certified, Kosher, Halal approved and approved for export to European Union. Our dairy powders are used extensively by leading global food manufacturers on five continents. We may not be the biggest dairy processor; we are the preferred supplier due to our farmer's high milk quality and standards.


    Agro FOOD Industry Hi Tech is a peer reviewed, bimonthly journal, of the TKS TeknoScienze Publisher. It deals with Nutraceuticals, Functional Foods and Healthy Ingredients. Founded in 1990 Agro FOOD Industry Hi Tech soon became a leading journal in linking industry and academia and gained an immediate appreciation worldwide. Yearly, this journal receives IMPACT FACTOR from Thomson Reuters and Scopus.


    Agroindustrias Amazónicas is a Peruvian company with the following principles:

    •The protection of the Amazonian and the environment.
    •The contribution to the life quality of the population.
    •The contribution to a healthier world nutrition.
    •The achievement of high economic yields fairly distributed.

    Due to the significant roll the Omega 3 is taking both in the health and the nutrition sectors, the businessman José Anaya Yábar decided to found the company Agroindustrias Amazónicas and also to create the Omega Project whose goals are the promotion and the development of the investigation, the cultivation, the production and the commerce of oils, proteins and bioactives extracted from the Inca Inchi. To achieve those targets, the main tool of the Omega Project is the associative strategy, joining together all the necessary factors for the project: farmers, private companies, universities, local and regional governments, and any other that may contribute to its development.

    PE Peru
    Stand No:

    Agroindustrias Osho is a Peruvian company founded in 2007, that is a leading supplier of sustainable natural and organic ingredients from the Peruvian biodiversity ideal for the cosmetic, food, nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical industries. We market our products with our own trademark Naturik and our product portfolio is divided in two business lines: Naturik Specialty Oils and Naturik Super Foods.

    Naturik Specialty Oils is a line of cold pressed oils and butters from seeds and fruits from the Peruvian biodiversity that present excellent properties for the cosmetic and nutraceutical industries.

    Naturik Superfoods is a line of high nutrient whole foods that confer health benefits that are from the Peruvian nature and are produced using organic agricultural methods with minimal processing.

    Our processing plant is HACCP, GMP, Organic (USDA, EU and JAS) and Kosher certified.

    US United States
    Stand No:

    Agropur Ingredients is a global supplier of ingredients and services developed to create success in the food, beverage and nutritional industries. Whether sourcing ingredients or offering finished products, Agropur Ingredients has vast expertise in health, wellness and functional applications. From flavor to texture, shelf life, processing, nutrient enhancement and technical expertise, Agropur Ingredients has a solution for every customer. 

    Sectors: Dairy Solutions, Nutrition Solutions, and Custom Solutions.


    ZA South Africa
    Stand No:

    Agulhas Honeybush Tea is a family-owned tea company on the southernmost tip of Africa. Honeybush Tea is a natural herbal tea that comes from the Cyclopia genistoides shrub, which grows in the Fynbos Biome, alongside the Erica, Bruneacea and other native plants. It has a lovely aroma and sweet flavour, is naturally caffeine-free, and is rich in antioxidants. The company offers two leading products: Fermented Honeybush Tea and Green Honeybush Tea.

    DE Germany
    Stand No:

    In 1888 Aijiro Sugita set up a shop selling tea and kimono fabrics. Aijiro was skilled in two things above all: the production of matcha and the dying of kimono fabrics. When it came to dying fabrics indigo, he used a substance known as aidama. It was from this name that the nickname “aiya” developed, now the official name of our company.

    And even now, almost 130 years after Aijiro began his matcha production, aiya matcha tea is ground according to the traditional, demanding old methods using a granite stone grinder.

    NL Netherlands
    Stand No:

    Suprasel® offers salt solutions for all branches in the food industry.

    The highest quality vacuum food salts are available from our Suprasel Classic product line - for all food applications, including salt fortified with iodine and nitrite.

    Specific solutions for low sodium are the domain of Suprasel OneGrain®, reducing sodium the easy way.

    AkzoNobel Salt Specialties is one of the world's leading salt specialists, supplying high-quality products for all different kinds of applications. The business is well known for the strong brand names under which its products are sold, such as JOZO, NEZO, KNZ, Sanal, Broxo, Suprasel and Broxomatic.
    Retail, Food, Pharma, Agriculture, Water Treatment and Industrial are the segments in which Salt Specialties serves its customers.

    US United States
    Stand No:

    Organic Technologies is the producer of MSC-certified AlaskOmega® fish oil products, including omega-3 concentrates, natural fish oils, and newly launched 50% omega-7 concentrate. We start with wild-caught Alaska Pollock oil from the cold, pure waters of Alaska's Bering Sea, which is then further refined and concentrated in our family owned and operated NSF-certified GMP facility in Coshocton, Ohio. AlaskOmega® omega-3 concentrates are available up to 85% total Omega-3 in both EE and TG form.

    The company has lowered the Total Oxidation (TOTOX) limit for all its omega-3 concentrate products to 5, more than a 5-fold reduction from the GOED industry standard of 26, to more accurately reflect the market-leading freshness of the AlaskOmega® concentrates. In addition the company has launched a 50% omega-7 (Palmitoleic Acid) ingredient, a monounsaturated fatty acid with health applications toward the heart, eyes, skin and mucosal membranes, as well as satiety and metabolic disorders. 

    See www.alaskomega.com for more information, or contact us at sales@alaskomega.com

    IT Italy
    Stand No:

    Alika Pharma distributes high-quality products. Qualified laboratories refine new products according to market needs.

    Alika Pharma was founded in February 2016 by the will of its founders to create a dynamic and responsive company.

    Thanks to decades of experience developed by other group companies in the chemical, cosmetics and food, Alika Pharma complete the supply of food supplements in a growing market like sports integration and nutraceuticals.

    PE Peru
    Stand No:

    We founded Alimentos Ekhu's in 2005, in order to provide Peruvians and the world another different way to wellness, health and happiness, through a healthy and nutritious diet. We are located in the city of Huanuco, just between the Andes and the jungle of Peru ,which gives us access to an incredible diversity of supplies as andean grains, seeds, tubers, roots and fruits, which we use to offer our best selection of natural ingredients and Super Food. We have over 10 years of experience in processing and adding value to the native biodiversity of our country at the same time feeding and nurturing families of Peru and the world, besides generating jobs and development in our region.

    FR France
    Stand No:

    Alland & Robert, a French company established in 1884, is the second largest supplier of Gum Arabic / Gum Acacia worldwide. With the investment into a 3rd spray drying tower in 2013, Alland & Robert disposes now of a production capacity of more than 15,000 tons per year. The extension of production and warehousing capacity comes along with a fully dedicated, long term R&D program, supported by exclusive partnerships with globally recognized Universities in this field. Gum acacia is used in confectionery items, soft drinks, flavors, snacks, bakery, dairy (yoghourts, ice creams...) and dietary products, wine, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and technical products.

    Allmicroalgae delivers high quality microalgae biomass and products, with differentiated service and continuous support, to Companies who value natural & healthy and sustainable products.

    Microalgae represent an added value ingredient in food and feed formulations, by enriching or enhancing them with specific nutrients, such as vegetable protein or amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and pigments. 

    One of the microalgae species produced by this company in Portugal - Chlorella sp., has a high potential as food ingredient, mainly due to its high content on essential elements that are not produced by the human body. The microalga's biomass is therefore, a natural source of such nutrients in their pure form. 

    On the other hand, the microalgae species Nannochloropsis sp. contains essential fatty acids such as EPA, and constitutes one of the most promising sources of these nutrients, from vegetable origin.

    Allmicroalgae enables the possibility to develop tailor-made solutions based on microalgae paste and powder, delivering sustainable, natural products. 
    MX Mexico
    Stand No:

    Established in 1989, under the increasing demand of Aloe Vera products of the highest quality, accomplishing standards and regulations all over the World. In Aloe Jaumave we take care of the environment as we grow organic plants and process our products under a free pollution environment -Encouraging Natural and Organic Products.

    Now, 26 years later, the company expanded its activities to the growing, harvesting, processing and bottling Aloe Vera (Raw Materials and Finished Products) for the Food, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industry. After all this work, Aloe Jaumave has become the largest supplier of Organic Certified Aloe Vera in the world, always following our original commitment: Aloe Vera.

    LV Latvia
    Stand No:

    The Latvian potato starch manufacturer Aloja Starkelsen focuses on production of organic potato starch. In 2011 Aloja Starkelsen and Finnish Finnamyl Ltd entered into cooperation under organicpotatostarch.com for expanding organic potato starch production and market. In 2017 we started the production of organic brown pea protein and starchy flour. Brown peas is a very sustainable crop that fits perfectly in the crop rotation with organic potatoes. Brown pea protein is a natural protein that meets the demands of plant based proteins. Organic Food Finland is responsible for marketing and selling the organic potato starch and pea products. With both Finnamyl and Aloja Starkelsen expanding their production of organic potato starch and innovating new products, you can count on consistent, reliable and long-term supply.

    We are an Egyptian Export Consortia under the supervision of UNIDO, AlrehabHerbs consist of 3 companies:

    1- Alrehab company - been in local market for more than 16 years, sourcing for big local companies, manage farming and processing.
    2- PQT company - specialized in import and export of raw material for more than 8 years.
    3- Organic company - specialized in agriculture machines for more than 10 years

    All those companies came together to form Alrehabherbs for import and export, with complete experience in the agriculture field to insure optimum quality and performance.

    Our skills includes: farming, cleaning & processing, tractability, export and after sales service.

    CO Colombia
    Stand No:

    Alsec Alimentos Secons S.A.S. is a leader in investigation, development and production of innovative functional ingredients for the food industry. Our ingredients are designed to give added value to the final products, extending its useful life, reducing the cooling chain, incorporating essential nutrients for human consumption and adding functionality sensory Features to the final product, such as textures, softness, etc.

    GB United Kingdom
    Stand No:

    Amano Enzyme Europe, part of the global Amano Enzyme Inc., maintains their presence at Europe's premier food exhibition. Amano continues to expand globally with new facilities around the world and remain the largest enzyme producer in Japan. Innovation and application of our speciality enzymes (Protease, Lipase, and others) is key. Our regional application laboratories and central R&D allows Amano to work with partners to create novel, added value solutions.

    We look forward to meeting you.


    Ambe Phytoextracts Pvt ltd is Largest producer of Herbal Extract, Nutraceuticals Ingredients, Fruit powder, Vegetable powder, spice Oleoresin and Natural essentia oils. our key products are Astaxanthin, Beta-carotene, DHA, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Amla extract, Bacopa, Boswellia, centella,Cissus extract, Curcumin extract,Capsacine, Calcium sennoside, Cinnamon, Fenugreek, Ginger extract, Garcinia Cambogia,Green coffee beans, Gymnema, Guggul extract, Grape seed extract, Mangosteen, Pomegranante extract, Piperine, Pine bark extract, Mucuna extract, Shilajit, safed musli, Capsicum Oleoresin, Paprika Oleoresin, Ginger oleoresin, black pepper oleoresin etc.. The manufacturing facility awarded GMP, KOSHER, HALAL & ISO 9001:2008 certification and our product confirm to kosher & Halal Standards

    IL Israel
    Stand No:

    Ambrosia-SupHerb is a leading company in Israel in the field of VMS (Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements), it was established in 1986 and during the past 20 years has specialized in the development, production and marketing of dietary supplements.


    AMINO LIFE (WUXI) BIOTECH CO.,LTD. was founded in 2012. Located at Donggang Town of Wuxi City at the beautiful lakeside of Taihu, we are a specialized development and production enterprise of BCAA Powder/Instant/granules, proline, leucine, isoleucine, valine, glutamine, Phenylalanine, Tyrosine, Serine and other derivative products of L/D/DL/acetyl/CBZ/BOC/FMOC/alkamine, etc.

    Under the support of national industrial policy in recent years, we have been constantly making innovation and development, and then have successfully accumulated a strong comprehensive strength by now. "Jinweian technology" gave birth to a strong culture of innovation, and created such competitive advantage of "first-class equipment, first-class technology and high-end products", including several sets of the world's advanced automation granulation- filling-premix production lines, one hundred thousand-level of clean plant and a ten thousand grade microbiological testing laboratory.

    Through cooperating with Jiangnan University, we are able to further integrate the global R & D teams; adopting the most advanced techniques and technology, we have developed and produced a series of amino acids derivatives, which have filled the market blank of China. Our company now has a number of invention patents.

    As a private technology enterprise of Jiangsu Province, we have obtained the financial assistances of technological innovation funds of Wuxi city.

    As a KOSHER, HACCP, GMP, HALAL and ISO9001 approved company, we have the good abilities to offer you all kinds of processing services, including instant processing, granulation, tabletting, premixed, superfine powder (300-1000 mesh) and Capsule filling of amino acids, vitamins and other nutritional food supplementary, etc.

    "Jinweian technology" will continue to response the market with the first-class technology, products, management and services, and will strive to make progresses furtherly. We aim to be a new modern enterprise with large production scale, standardized technology, serial products, excellent quality, regular management system and international market!

    CN China
    Stand No:

    Amtech Biotech is a professional food additive manufacturer. We focus on providing natural food preservatives Nisin and Natamycin to our clients worldwide. Our production facility has been ISO9001, HACCP & Kosher and Halal certified. Amtech Biotech is now the largest natural preservative manufacturer in the Asia Pacific region. The Nisin and Natamycin product lines from the company include vegetal Nisin A, Nisin Z, pure NISIN A, pure Nisin Z, Natamycin 50%(Lactose,Glucose,NaCl carrier) and pure Natamycin. We also produce Yeast, Peptone, and Chlorine Dioxide for the food industry.

    DE Germany
    Stand No:

    ANABELA FOODS represents producers of natural raw materials for the food industry and acts as their local sales office. We are the liaison between producer and importer. We establish contacts with suppliers - also in exotic and unusual countries - with passion and commitment. In over 20 years of experience, we have created reliable and crisis-resistant ties in the raw food commodities sector. Take advantage of our experience and our connections. Profit from our expertise on the challenging markets for rice, oils, oilseeds, coconut products, dried fruits and nut kernels. All products originate from companies that exclusively cooperate with us. We place major view on quality and social compliance and therefore make personal, regular and on-site visits to all production facilities. Long-standing and ongoing relationships with our national and international partners are the distinctive mark of ANABELA FOODS. They are the best prerequisite for highest quality!

    DE Germany
    Stand No:

    Since more than 20 years analyze & realize is supporting more than 1000 customers with global consultancy & strategic innovation services and an unique CRO dedicated to natural health products. Using our profound knowledge in the functional food, medical device, herbal and dietary supplement markets, we guide our clients´ decisions with our regulatory & scientific expertise combined with creative ideas and smart innovation processes. In our own study center, we conducted more than 200 clinical trials in fields like weight management, immune health, mental health, digestive health, heart health, and diabetes.

    analyze & realize – Your "one stop shop“ for your innovation needs in natural health products. 

    GB United Kingdom
    Stand No:

    Andean Grain Products is dedicated to producing and supplying the highest quality superfoods from the Andean region of South America. Our mission is to meet the growing global demand for these natural and nutritious foods which include chia seed, quinoa, maca, maqui berry and others. 

    Andean Grain Products produces from its own farms located in the Salta province of Argentina, located in the northwest of the country along the edge of the Andes mountain range. We also source and contract production from independent farmers in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru that share our values of
    environmental sustainability and a positive impact on the local communities in which we work. 

    Andean Grain Products is legally certified to supply chia seed to the European Union under Novel Food regulations.

    BBCA Group is a large-scale biochemistry manufacturer. It can produce many kinds of products including organic acid and its salts, ester, starch sugar, modified starch, alcohol and fuel ethanol, yeast and yeast further processing, and amino acid, having provided a great deal of qualified raw materials for food, pharmacy and detergent industries. Among all its products, the leading product, citric acid and its salts, has the largest production scale and capacity in the world.

    Anhui Jinghe Industry Co Ltd is mainly dedicated to the production and R&D of fine chemical products and basic chemical products. The company mainly produces Acesulfame-K, Maltol, Ethyl Maltol and MCP in fine chemicals. The basic chemical products mainly includes liquid Ammonia, Nitric acid, Sulfuric acid, Formaldehyde, Melamine, Pentaerythritol, Diketene, Neopentyl Glycol, pharmaceutical intermediates and so on. In the field of fine chemicals, the company is the largest producer for Maltol, Ethyl Maltol and Acesulfame-K in the world.


    Anhui Shunxin Shengyuan Biological Food Co Ltd: we believe in quality, service, and good communication making things different. We are specialised in rice deep processing. Rice protein and rice syrups, as our main products, have been sold to many major food companies in China and five different countries. We are sincerely looking forward to working together for the long term.

    GB United Kingdom
    Stand No:

    We specialise in Moringa Oleifera products derived from the Moringa Tree sometimes know as the ‘Miracle Tree'.

    Prior to launching Ankh Rah we thoroughly researched the benefits of Moringa Oleifera from around the world. Our findings were that Moringa oleifera is truly a superfood with multiple health benefits.

    We have tested Moringa from India, Sri Lanka, The Philippines, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Cameroon, Israel, Jamaica, Sudan and Ghana. The highest quality Moringa we found is farmed by our supplier who has been farming Moringa for generations. Our suppliers expert farming knowledge enables them to produce moringa of the highest quality..
    On its arrival in London UK, we carry out a variety of tests on the Moringa to ensure it is of the highest quality.

    Ankh Rah also have a range of high quality non moringa natural food supplements.

    DE Germany
    Stand No:

    Anklam Extrakt is a young company located in Anklam, the Hanseatic town of the same name 40 km from the island Usedom in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania/Germany. We produce high-quality botanical extracts for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food industries. Anklam Extrakt has been granted GMP and HACCP certification by the German inspection body.

    Apollo Ingredients is a science based organization with a global presence marking its niche in the arena of nutrition providing botanical extracts, phytochemicals, enzymes, food additives, natural food colours and synthetic food colours. Apollo has successfully attained its credibility as reliable sources in the market of dietary supplements and natural food colors.

    US United States
    Stand No:

    We have over 30 years of experience in harvesting nature's most powerful botanicals and bringing them to the world. Aquae Care is anchored in a powerful line of natural superfood supplements, scientifically designed and produced on-site to exacting industry standards.

    We are a vertically integrated company with services to fit your needs. We can supply your company finished products with your proprietary label, bulk capsules, bulk tablets, and bulk powders. We also provide product development and custom formulation services. Applications for Aquae Care's products include dietary supplements, foods, beverages, and personal care products.

    NO Norway
    Stand No:

    Arctic Nutrition is a Norwegian biotechnology company that develops and markets premium marine ingredients based on Norwegian spring spawning herring caviar extracts.

    Arctic Nutrition delivers its novel products based on proprietary solutions to customers in the nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and fortified food segments.

    Arjuna Natural Extracts Ltd is India's leading manufacturer and exporter of standardized botanical extracts for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries for more than two decades. Established in 1989, the company has grown in epic proportion with customers in around 40 countries. Arjuna's production processes and products meet market-specific regulations worldwide. With a total manufacturing area of 400,000 sq.ft, its four manufacturing facilities for herbal extracts meet all international standards. Arjuna, an ISO22000 company is GMP certified, SAP driven with Star K Kosher and Halal certification. The highly advanced R&D unit at Arjuna is a complete research facility for phytochemistry, pharmacokinetics, formulation and development, pre-clinical studies. Currently in India Arjuna is the only manufacturer of concentrated Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil.

    GB United Kingdom
    Stand No:

    Armfield Ltd designs and manufactures miniature-scale research and development systems for the food, beverage, dairy, oils and pharmaceutical industries. Our equipment is designed to replicate manufacturing processes on a miniature scale, which enables your research and development team to test product formulations quickly and easily; using fewer raw materials - saving you time, space and money. All Armfield products come with a two-year extended warranty and our extensive client list features many of the world's biggest food and beverage brands. Visit us at our stand and find out why the giants of the food industry choose to develop with us.