Health & Nutrition Week

The second edition of Health & Nutrition Week will take place in Frankfurt, Germany from 24 – 30 November 2018, alongside its anchor event Hi Europe & Ni. 

Why attend Health & Nutrition Week 2018?

  • A week-long line-up of events, meetings, trainings and activities
  • Connecting people, businesses and organisations
  • Dedicated to promoting a better understanding of health and nutrition

Knowledge and business partners dedicated to Health & Nutrition are invited to host events:

  • Celebrating innovation and education
  • Promoting consumer and market insights
  • Exchanging scientific knowledge
  • Creating networking and business opportunities
  • Bringing people together to socialise and share their experience and expertise


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Health & Nutrition Week Highlights

Food technology processing exhibitor

Healthy foods through new food processing technologies

IUFoST and GDL (Gesellschaft Deutscher Lebensmitteltechnologen) will deliver a programme focused on emerging food technologies and their applications titled Food Processing Technologies.

Over the past half-century, considerable research has shown that poor diets contribute to several hundred thousand premature deaths annually. This has served as the foundation of the Food Industries’ mission to be the vehicle to improve consumer health. New food technologies will be critical, moving into the future, to achieve this aim.

Who should attend? Senior management, business strategists, research and development scientists and food professionals.

Date & Time: 28 November 10:30 - 13:00
Location: Messe Frankfurt, Room: Symmetrie 3

Nutritional & Functional Lipids - Characteristics and applications in food systems

The programme will be delivered by Smart Short Courses.

Smart Short Courses brings a completely new program on EMULSIONS technology and applications as part of its Functional Lipids short course series.

This is a crash course for research & development staff as well as marketing and commercialization and management of food processors and distributors. Meet experts in the field to discuss and improve innovation and new product introductions. The course material will also serve as a useful reference for processors, product formulators, chemists and technicians as well as business managers familiar with oils & fats applications.

Date & Time: 29 November 08:55 -17.00 & 30 November 09:00 - 12:30
Location: Marriott Hotel, Frankfurt, Germany

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