Luca Bucchini

Vice-chair, ESSNA
Managing Director at Hylobates Consulting

Luca Bucchini is a food risk scientist, and an expert in food and food supplement regulation. After public health and food risk assessment studies at Johns Hopkins, in the US, he co-founded the Rome-based food consultancy Hylobates – 15 years ago. He and his team have helped register thousands of food supplements across Europe, and supported businesses comply with EU law. He has worked with the vibrant botanicals and food supplement industry for years, with its intriguing scientific and regulatory challenges. In the food and food supplement sector, Luca routinely helps companies manage crisis situations and recalls. Luca is a vice-chair of ESSNA, the European Sports and Specialist Nutrition Alliances, and a director of EuroFIR., the non-profit food and food supplement composition organisation.


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