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Discover an extensive selection of the most innovative products, showcased alongside insightful information powered by Innova Market Insights. The New Product Zone showcases product innovations from leading industry players and provides the perfect opportunity to give new ingredients the introduction they deserve to the market. A popular area for visitors and the press, this feature has become a trendsetting spot for the nutrition industry. Find more details of the products from these exhibitors at our New Product Zone Stand 7A90.


New Product Zone

AGRANA Fruit | Stand No: 6H140

Product/Ingredient: Cacaobutter Crunchies
Experience a new taste with our brown or fruity Cacaobutter Crunchies for different yogurt applications. Create a palm oil free experience by incorporating our Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel or Fruity notes in your product. This colorful inclusion will also enhance your product by adding a crunchy sensation. 


AGRANA Starch | Stand No: 6H140

Product/Ingredient: AGENAFIBER organic potato starch
AGENAFIBER 19.050 is an insoluble clean label dietary fiber, used in most cases for fiber enrichment as well as calorie reduction. Due to its neutral odour and taste, its well-developed water-binding properties and texturizing characteristics AGENAFIBER offers a lot of various additional benefits in food products. Starch-up your Energy Gels, Powders, Bars, Mass Gainers & Pre-Workouts. 

Bouwhuis Entoven

Bouwhuis Ent | Stand No: 6F142

Product/Ingredient: Egg white isolate 
Bouwhuis Enthoven introduces a highly purified egg protein with a protein contents of min. 93 % on solids. This product enables protein enrichment in an effective way without any off-taste.

Product/Ingredient: Egg white powder Eggxtraordinary Gel 
Due to superior gelling powder and water binding capacity, this product needs only 40 % compared to the market standard to reach the same structure in meat analogues, snacks, potato products etc. This enables cost savings and clean label products. 


Caldic | Stand No: 6D140

Product/Ingredient: AdalbaPro - World's first food ingredient line made from insects
As full-service distributor Caldic introduces AdalbaPro, a unique, sustainable, and minimally processed ingredient line which offers solutions for meat alternatives and protein fortification to all kinds of formulations. As a high quality animal protein, the ingredients contains all essential amino acids as well as essential vitamins and minerals.

CHR Hansen

Chr. Hansen A/S | Stand No: 6D60

Product/Ingredient: Hansen sweet potato
Red is a popular shade in food. Chr. Hansen has commercialized a new vegetable variety – the Hansen sweet potato™ Ipomoea batatas – using traditional breeding methods to create a bright red, clean label alternative to carmine that meets consumer needs. The new products offer superior process and shelf life stability. 

Divi's Laboratories

Divi's Laboratories Europe AG | Stand No: 7C30

Product/Ingredient: CaroQuik - VitaQuik
Divi’s unique beadlets are designed to enhance the rapid, cold water dispersion of fortified powder beverages. Due to innovative formulation properties,these specialty carotenoid and vitamin beadlets support improved powder beverage dissolution times. They offer fortification and/or color features for application in stick packs, dispersion caps and powder canister packaging.

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Product/Ingredient: Silicon-dioxide free
Less is sometimes more: With the increasing demand for products containing less food additives, our silicon-dioxide-free products are a proactive step in this direction. Due to our technical capabilities, Divis offers silicon-dioxide-free spray-dried products with the same performance and characteristics as conventional spray-dried products. 


DKSH | Stand No: 6A30

Product/Ingredient: Fruit powder - Yuzu, Kabosu, Shikuwasha
Fruit powder for various confectionery applications with typical Japanese citrus taste (yuzu, kabosu, shikuwasha) 

DP Supply

DP Supply BV (daughter of DMK Group) | Stand No: 7A72

Product/Ingredient: Vegan product group
Our dairy free range provides unique products for the food industry without interfering with taste and functionality. 

  • TOPPICS 310 is a high performance whipping base for desserts, Creme Chantilly, cake-filling or mousses.
  • FOAMICS 25 CUV is a powdered foaming agent for instant beverages; Cappuccino-, foaming chocolate- and shake like drinks.


Dr. Paul Lohmann

Dr. Paul Lohmann GmbH KG | Stand No: 7G72

Product/Ingredient: Tricalcium Citrate 4-hydrate superfine
This newly developed product by Dr. Paul Lohmann® is especially suitable for the fortification of dairy products. Due to the superfine particle size and a narrow particle size distribution the velocity of sedimentation is dramatically reduced. Taste and mouth feeling is improved at the same time. 


DSM | Stand No: 6A80 & 6B81

Product/Ingredient: Probiotic Yogurt-on-the-Go Prototype
DSM’s recipe with combined culture solutions enables yogurt manufacturers to create delicious, mild tasting, creamy, probiotic yogurt on-the-go formats with only three ingredients on the ingredient declaration (milk, sugar, food cultures). It contains Delvo®Fresh cultures, Delvo®Pro probiotic bifidobacteria, and Delvo®Guard protective cultures that ensure safe yogurts during on-the-go situations. 

Emsland Group

Emsland Group | Stand No: 6C121

Product/Ingredient: Empure® ES 300
Empure® ES 300 is a clean label starch, an excellent gelling agent and texturizer, mainly used for the confectionery industry. The fast gelling properties, the low heat viscosity and the clean label status makes Empure® ES 300 an attractive and interesting ingredient, also to produce vegan, fat-free, gluten free products.

Product/Ingredient: Empro® E 86 F 30
The Empro® range stands for high nutritional, non allergenic & non GMO pea protein isolates as valuable ingredient for the food industry. The new Empro® E86 F30 type provides a very smooth mouthfeel with a neutral taste profile. It´s designed for wet food application like beverages, ice cream or desserts. 

Fonterra Cooperative Group

Fonterra Cooperative Group | Stand No: 6N50

Product/Ingredient: Sports & Active Lifestyle advanced dairy solutions
Health is becoming a major priority as modern life is impacting on general wellness. Find out how our wide and unique range of advanced NZMP dairy ingredients can cover all dimensions of wellness from mental performance, to gut health, immunity and much more… 

FrieslandCampina Ingredients

FrieslandCampina Ingredients | Stand No: 6A70

Product/Ingredient: Clear recovery drink
In this application FrieslandCampina Ingredients Nutri Whey Isolate Clear is used to showcase possibilities for a full recovery clear water drink. This refreshing drink delivers all protein, carbohydrates and electrolytes needed for optimal recovery after exercise. Technically high-standing solution to get “protein-plus” benefits into a Clear drink.

Product/Ingredient: SleepWell
The holistic solution for adults who want to improve their quality of sleep in a natural way. A non-addictive prebiotic night protein.

Product/Ingredient: On the Go: Protein & Fiber boost.
This tasty snack is high in protein and fiber and delivering on core market drivers of taste, on-the-go convenience and nutrition. Formulated with FrieslandCampina’s milk proteins, ensuring for outstanding sensory experience throughout full product’s shelf life. Meeting market demand for healthy conscious consumers seeking for high protein innovative snack alternatives fitting everyday healthy lifestyle!

Product/Ingredient: Resana Activating Protein – Compact solutions to help consumers meet nutritional guidelines when health is compromised
Resana Activating Protein is a high quality dairy protein, presented in ready to drink recipes containing up to 19% protein. It has been developed to address the challenges of producing nutrient dense recipes, linked to compacting as a trend to increase nutritional intake of patients and frail elderly. Clinical studies confirm that Resana Activating Protein digestion profile delivers fast and sustainable amino acid release, contributing to muscle protein synthesis and lean body mass preservation, supporting health recovery.

FrieslandCampina Ingredients

Product/Ingredient: Vivinal® MFGM
Parents are looking for products that promote their child’s healthy immune system. Besides, cognitive development is identified as priority, especially in Asian countries. Clinical studies have shown that MFGM (a whey protein concentrate containing proteins and lipids) supports both immunity and cognition*. Vivinal® MFGM: Unlocking complex lipids whilst preserving bioactives.

Glanbia Nutritionals

Glanbia Nutritionals | Stand No: 6G60

Product/Ingredient: CreaBev™
CreaBev™ features a patent-pending encapsulation technology that provides a stable and soluble creatine monohydrate, making it ideal for ready-to-mix and ready-to-drink sports nutrition beverages.  CreaBev™ helps you achieve advanced creatine performance with less degradation offering improved long and short term stability and a superior solution for performance beverages. 

Jennewein Biotechnologie GmbH

Jennewein Biotechnologie GmbH | Stand No: 7N51

Product/Ingredient: 2'-fucosyllactose & lacto-N-neotetraose
The composition of 2'-fucosyllactose and lacto-N-neotetraose has all the health benefits from the human milk oligosaccharid 2'-fucosyllactose. It has a prepiotic effect, can stimulate the immune defense, protect against Norovirus infection and promote the brain development of babies. This combination is now closer to breast milk. 

Product/Ingredient: HMO-Mix
The new HMO-Mix is a mix of five human milk oligosaccharides:2'-fucosyllactose, 3'-fucosyllactose, lacto-n-tetraose, 6-sialyllactose and 3-sialyllactose. It has some health benefits: it protect against norovirus infectios, is prebiotic and stimulate the brain development of babies. This mix is closer to breast milk. 

Kancor Ingredients Ltd.

Kancor Ingredients Ltd. | Stand No: 7B90

Product/Ingredient: OxiKan CL- Award winning natural anti-oxidants
Natural antioxidants like rosemary, when used in pre-packaged foods, has seen to impact the organoleptic profile of the matrix. OxiKan CL, a breakthrough anti-oxidant is fully decolourised, deodourised and deflavoured liquid extract of selective antioxidant molecules doesn’t impart any flavour, colour and odour to the end application. 

Meurens Natural

Meurens Natural | Stand No: 6G37

Product/Ingredient: NATUDRY-OAT 17, clean label alternative to maltodextrin
Natudry-Oat 17 is a tasty oat powder. It provides texture, viscosity, structure, crispness and prevents crystallisation. Its short DP1 & DP2 level (below 10%) enables to limit the sugar content in your preparations. The natural production process guarantees a cleaner labelling “oat extract” or “dehydrated oat syrup” instead of “maltodextrin”. 

PB Leiner

PB Leiner | Stand No: 6D120

Product/Ingredient: TEXTURA™ Tempo Ready
Hot. Cold. Reagent. No Reagent. No Matter. TEXTURA™ Tempo Ready does it all. It combines 100% gelatin with the ultimate user-friendly and timesaving experience. Whether for technical or consumer applications – just add liquid. This one simple and safe gesture will release all the texturizing power of PB Leiner’s TEXTURA™. 

PT Lautan Natural Krimerindo

PT Lautan Natural Krimerindo | Stand No: 7D92

Product/Ingredient: FiberCreme
FiberCreme is a fiber ingredient with creamy taste that utilize the good of oligosaccharides as fiber source combined with good oils as a palatable, functional ingredients on food and beverages application. Due to its 30% fiber content, FiberCreme helps ensure the adequate dietary fiber intake for healthy digestive system. 

Scelta Inside

Scelta Inside | Stand No: 7T142

Product/Ingredient: Vitabooster
100% Natural and Vegan vitality booster with enhanced vitamin D to support your immune system. Suitable for use in Dairy, Bakery, Supplement, Cereal, Chocolate and many other products. 



Product/Ingredient: Clean Label thickened Caramel
In order to meet consumers’ demand for a healthier diet, we developed a Clean Label thickened caramel, which is completing our Carasweet® range. This creamy and smooth caramel offers caramelized and bitter notes. This new Caramel is particularly adapted for topping on gelified desserts, dairy desserts or for ice-creams ripples. 

Taura Natural Ingredients

Taura Natural Ingredients | Stand No: 6N101

Product/Ingredient: New Product Launch by Taura​

Product/Ingredient: Taura JusFruit Fibre+
JusFruit Fibre+™ is a new range of fruit solutions with added high fibre ingredients, it allows manufacturers to create low-calorie products with more than 20g of fibre per 100g without compromising on taste or texture. 


Tereos | Stand No: 6E70

Product/Ingredient: The tasty nutritional cereal bar by Tereos
This tasty and nutritional bar demonstrates Tereos’ capabilities in helping customers formulate tailored-made recipes in line with consumers trends. Leveraging from Tereos’ unique product portfolio synergies, this cereal bar allows several health claims such as -50% sugars, -30% calories, source of protein and high in fibre. Let’s meet! 

Valio Ltd

Valio Ltd | Stand No: 6F90

Product/Ingredient: Valio Eila™ NUTRI F+ lactose free formulated milk protein powder
Valio Eila™ NUTRI F+ made of fresh Finnish milk guarantees the best nutrition of milk protein and milk phospholipids. Together with essential vitamins and minerals they support healthy ageing by maintaining normal muscle and cognitive functions. Great for drink powders, special nutrition drinks, dairy, nutritious food and dietary products. 

Zhejiang Skyherb Biotechnology Inc.

Zhejiang Skyherb Biotechnology Inc. | Stand No: 7M170

Product/Ingredient: Grape Seed Extract OPCs 35%
Skyherb produces and markets NeuGrape , a proprietary grape seed extract is developed using non-fermented grape seed from Europe. High content of OPCs (monomers up to pentamers) is guaranteed. Signature components are quantified individually by HPLC. 


Zukán | Stand No: 7P137

Product/Ingredient: Fosfruit
Fosfruit is the definitive sweetener solution to substitute sugars, polyols and intensive sweeteners in a huge range of products. It's a 100% natural ingredient made of fiber and fruit extracts that brings a perfect sweetness. The benefits of the fruit and fiber together results an innovative and Clean Label sweetener.