Make the most of Fi Europe CONNECT

We hope you’re as excited as us for this all-new virtual event! To help you get the maximum benefit from the event, we’ve put together these tips and tricks

For getting set up on the platform, you can watch this demo for a step-by-step guide of how to get you and your colleagues up on running on Fi Europe CONNECT.

Up to date information makes all the difference. Make sure your company’s page is updated and ready for visitors with all your products & services listed!

  • Add a short video of your company’s profile and key products/services you provide. 
  • Add images of each product and a clear description of their attributes and applications.

Meetings are already available! . Log into the platform and schedule your meetings pre-event with relevant buyers. This allows you to focus on your opportunities and prospects during the event. Network and engage with potential and existing customers/partners from the start.

  • Dive into the recommended for you section and see which profiles match with your objectives.
  • Look at the ‘Interested in you’ section for leads who are interested in you and your company.
  • Use the search function and find the right audience for your products by using suitable search filters for best results. Show your interest to these profiles and chat or request a meeting as soon as they show interest back!

Use the power of the TEAM.. Register your team early and interact on the platform to get familiar with it. All team members can respond to incoming chats. Easily switch between your personal chats and company chats.

Plan your schedule for maximum benefit.. Browse through the Event Agenda and choose specific sessions to attend. Connect and chat with other session participants through live discussion and networking breakout groups.

Get the word out!. Promote your presence at the event through all your marketing channels and make use of our very effective and easy-to-use Invitation Programme (Feathr) for free! Have you thought about social media?

Two weeks, endless networking opportunities.
Fi Europe CONNECT offers you a two-week window from 23 November to 4 December 2020 to grow your network. 

It’s time to CONNECT! Build a network, engage in chat, focus on targeted, authentic, and thoughtful connection making and consider setting a goal of 350 to 500 (or more if you can) connection requests per week of Fi Europe CONNECT event.

We’re here for you! Message our Fi Europe CONNECT Customer Service Team at any time during the event to chat with us about any questions or issues.

Download the mobile app, Fi Europe CONNECT, for automatic push notifications about new meetings, chats and connection requests. The app allows you to combine work with your mental and physical wellness - you can have a meeting, listen to a content session or search for new contacts while you are enjoying a walk in the park or having lunch!

Turn on the spotlight! The goal is visibility - meetings may happen during the event, or outside of the event directly, through a manufacturer’s distributor, or at a future date. The goal is getting seen by your desired target audience who might otherwise not notice your brand or product. This increases your chance of getting the meeting you need and strengthen your future pipeline with quality leads.

Company Page Views: . How many views should you aim for? With more 8000+ buyers registering for the event, you should aim for 500 - 1000 inbound leads for your company!

Meetings & Networking: You should aim for 50-100 meeting & chats per Exhibitor Representative throughout the event. Can you exceed this number? Give it a shot during this year’s event!

Get More Visibility & Leads: Become a Sponsor at Fi Europe CONNECT and position your company as a thought leader in the industry. Sponsor our rich content and we will collect all the leads and their contact details for you to follow up!