Meet the exhibitors: Naturex

Now part of Givaudan's Flavour Division, Naturex remains an active player in the food and beverage marketplace as a supplier of natural colours, natural preservatives, speciality fruits and vegetables, phytoactives, and other plant-based natural ingredients.

Amandine De Santi, Customer Marketing Manager, gives a taste of Naturex's plans for the Fi Europe 2019  trade show, and how it is helping the company’s customers cater to the all-important, savvy and highly exacting consumer group: millennials. 

What do you expect the main trends to be at Fi Europe 2019?

"Clean and clear label are still driving the industry, and solutions to tackle those market requirements will, of course, be highlighted by most of the exhibitors. But we believe it will also be all about enjoyment and discovery, with no compromise on naturalness, so as to attract Millennial consumers.”

“Millennials (people born between 1978 and 1994) are important for our customers partly because they represent a big group of consumers.  But it is also a category of consumers with a totally different way of consuming compared to older generations and with quite complex or contradictory needs.”

“They feel very concerned about the environment and sustainability, they are prone to local consumption ‒ but they also like exotic foods and are eager to experiment with new foods, new tastes, and new sensations. They are very much influenced by social media, but want to feel unique and are looking for a more personalised approach."

What can visitors to the Naturex stand at Fi Europe expect?

"On our stand, the focus will be on enjoyment and discovery. We are creating an ambiance that represents the places where, today, we draw inspiration for our most exciting concepts and where Millennials consume and hang out ‒ the street and coffee shops. The space will be immersive, inviting, and inspiring, and the customer experience will be conducive to interacting.”

“As usual, we are preparing many savoury and sweet applications for visitors to experience our ingredients, including our colours solutions, botanical extracts, oat ingredients, and fruit and vegetable powders. For example, we will be addressing Millennial consumers' expectations for healthier drinks with some functional lattes containing botanicals, in appealing colours.”

“We will also have some plant-based tacos that showcase our solutions for meat alternatives, and which incorporate Givaudan's flavour expertise in the meat-alternative area."

So what ingredients will you be launching or highlighting at the show?

"We had significant new launches this year at Naturex, especially on the natural colours field with our Vegebrite range of natural colouring foodstuffs from fruits, vegetables, edible flowers and algae, including the New Ultimate Spirulina line of blue and green colours, and the new golden yellow line. We will also be highlighting Ultimine™, our range of whole food fermented minerals.”

“We will also be launching a new range of concentrated infusions for use in various applications, but we don't want to give away all our secrets before D-Day." 

Who will be at Fi Europe?

"We expect a complete team of experts to attend the event. We’ll have our EMEA sales team there, as well as food technologists, scientists, regulatory and product management team members.”

“Our in-house Chef will also be on the stand, cooking the recipes that have been created specifically for the event and interacting with visitors. On a day-to-day basis, our Chef works in close collaboration with our team of food scientists to develop new recipes for customers, helping them to overcome the challenges of switching from synthetic to natural.”

What constitutes a successful trade show?

"Of course, we hope to have many visitors. Above of all, we hope that they will come out from our booth with both inspiration and concrete ideas for their innovation pipeline.”

Naturex, part of Givaudan, will be exhibiting at stand 6a.120 (hall 6)

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