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Health ingredients

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With the increasingly blurring lines between everyday foods and those with health benefits, the demand for health ingredients, plant-based alternatives, natural and immunity-boosting products is rapidly rising. COVID-19 has especially led to new trends in healthy eating, with consumers avoiding additives and preservatives and choosing healthier nutrition.

Natural ingredients

A prime area for innovation, the Natural ingredients Pavilion offers an invaluable opportunity to source ingredients that are in high demand across multiple industries, such as botanicals and natural colours and flavours along with plant‑based and herbal products. The Natural ingredients brand caters to suppliers of ingredients and extracts that are derived from natural sources and are minimally processed. Key focus areas this year include natural extracts and Clean Label.

Organic Pavilion

The organic market is booming, particularly in Europe. Visit the Organic Pavilion to discover the latest organic solutions and stop by the Organic Spotlight at the Industry Insights Theatre to hear what speaker Gaëlle Fremont has to say about the challenges that lie ahead in the development of organic products.

Free From Pavilion

Source a range of non-dairy milks, non‑wheat based grains and flours and more at the Free From Pavilion. You’ll also find a range of products that are completely free of the most common food allergens and ingredients, as well as finished products that are completely GMO-free.

New Exhibitor Pavilion

Meet new suppliers at the New Exhibitor Pavilion and discover new innovative ingredients and raw materials and services for the food and beverage industry showcased by first‑time exhibitors.

Omega-3 Pavilion, GOED

GOED represents the worldwide EPA and DHA omega-3 industry. Their mission is to increase consumption of EPA and DHA omega-3s and ensure that members of GOED produce quality products that consumers can trust.

Expo FoodTec Zone

Expo FoodTec is a platform for manufacturers of food ingredients and finished food to source ingredient processing and packaging solutions & services.

Country Pavilions

If you’re looking for ingredients, products or exhibitors from a particular country, our 18 country pavilions from around the world have got you covered. Stop by our country pavilions on the show floor to access a huge international base of suppliers.

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