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Discover an extensive selection of the most innovative products, showcased alongside insightful information. The New Product Zone showcases product innovations from leading industry players and provides the perfect opportunity to give new ingredients the introduction they deserve to the market. A popular area for visitors and the press, this feature has become a trendsetting spot for the nutrition industry.

SIPAPRO OAT  is a unique plant-based protein concentrate coming from organic non-GMO oats. It provides a nutritious protein boost to food preparations. SipaPro-Oat has a mild oat flavor and minimum of 55% of proteins. SipaPro-Oat can be used in different applications, ranging from cereal products to bakery and even sports nutrition.

Magnesium Citrate Malate

Exciting news! Innovative Magnesium Citrate Malate for liquid Food Supplements Magnesium Citrate Malate by Dr. Paul Lohmann® is a fully reacted Mineral Salt and the smartest solution for highly concentrated RTD liquid food supplements in Europe. It is clear soluble and stable in solution.

Empro® E86 F30

Empro® E86 F30 is a fine grade, highly soluble and neutral tasting pea protein isolate. This premium pea protein is especially suitable for plant-based dairy applications such as vegan ice cream, cheese and protein drinks and shakes. (Pea protein isolate >84% protein).

Fosvitae Plus 95% is a soluble fiber from sugar cane that works as a replacement for sugar and polyols while providing functional benefits. Available as liquid and powder, it allows clean labelling as well as sugar and calories reduction in many applications such as dairy, confectionery or pastry.



A 100% natural lemon extract rich in eriocitrin, flavonoid found in high amounts in lemons.
Thanks to a new extraction system, at Zukán we achieved an unprecedented standardization of eriocitrin, which provides great solubility and high bioavailability, offering an ingredient with great antioxidant benefits for nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications.

No. 1 in Potato Starch and Potato Protein

Avebe’s potato starch and potato proteins encourage you to develop, reformulate and reduce costs as well as improve taste, texture, stability, and convenience of your food products. Make it clear, shiny, soft, creamy, crisp, or light. Avebe delivers solutions that resonate with manufacturers and consumers. Meet us at stand 30H42!


BeniCaros is a natural health ingredient enriched in Rhamnogalacturonan-I (RG-I), a unique patented fiber derived from upcycled carrot pomace. Just 0.3 g of BeniCaros a day has been clinically demonstrated to support a healthy immune system to be fit all year round. It’s designed for functional foods, beverages and supplements.

PRO-Digest Bowel Support

To help support consumers suffering from bowel issues, we partnered with Lallemand Health Solutions to develop PRO-Digest Bowel Support. It combines the prebiotic BiotisTM GOS and the probiotic strain L. paracasei HA-196 for a complementary effect designed to improve the quality of life of adults with digestive issues.

Latest innovative concept by FrieslandCampina Ingredients

Designed for today’s health-conscious and product-savvy consumers, FrieslandCampina Ingredients will be unveiling a brand new RTD concept for the performance and active nutrition market. Providing great taste, high-quality nutrition, and compact protein delivery, it’s not one to be missed!

Citrus fiber

Citrus fiber is a natural clean label ingredient delivering multiple functional and dietary benefits, obtained from depectinized citrus peels, a by-product of the pectin industry.
This E-number-free solution shows high water binding capacity and can replace conventional stabilizers, emulsifiers and thickening agents in a broad range of foods and beverages.

Infuso, the taste is in the oil

Infuso is a flavoured oil that delivers an impressive taste in a single step process with clean label benefits. It offers you a wealth of options to create multi flavour profiles allowing you to define your own flavour intensity. Suitable for various snack substrates to create new snacking experiences.

Fortified protein water

45D is a refreshing highly functional drink with multiple active ingredients, including Nutri Whey™ Isolate Clear and Biotis™ GOS. It’s low in calories and highly nutritious. FrieslandCampina Ingredients can partner with you all the way from concept to a wonderfully nutritious end product. From grass to glass!


Curocaps by Inlabs are a drinkable food supplement in biodegradable Nespresso®- compatible capsules. The delicious drinks are associated with health in combination with enjoyment and fit seamlessly into your daily routine for a higher therapy adherence. The formulas are also available in private label. Let's have a cup and team up!

EverPro Barley Protein Isolate & EverVita Barley Protein + Fibre

Meet the world's most sustainable sources of protein and fibre – with zero sacrifice in taste or nutrition. This is the future of the plant-based market.

capZion - Capsanthin Softgels

capZion - Capsanthin softgels for Eye Health, clinically proven to :
1) Manages dry eye syndrome
2) Manages intraocular pressure (IOP)
3) Enhances blue light protection and improves macular pigment optical density (MPOD)
4) Relieves digital eye fatigue derived from excessive screen use and poor photostress recovery

SICAPRO 35 - WPC 35 with optimized amino acid profile

EUROSERUM’s new WPC 35 provides whey proteins with a high nutritional profile thanks to a fresh milk collection in France and a gentle process ensuring a reduced content in NPN and absence of GMP. SICAPRO 35 provides an optimized protein profile: bringing all essential amino-acids and a high level of tryptophan.

Milk Choco Crumb & Milk Crumb Blond

Crumb is a mixture of milk, sugar and cocoa mass or cocoa butter. The mass is pasteurised, dried and then ground into a powder. It is predominantly used in chocolate production. Replacing milk powder with Crumb gives milk and white chocolate a unique creamy caramel note.