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Discover an extensive selection of the most innovative products, showcased alongside insightful information. The New Product Zone showcases product innovations from leading industry players and provides the perfect opportunity to give new ingredients the introduction they deserve to the market. A popular area for visitors and the press, this feature has become a trendsetting spot for the nutrition industry. Find more details of the products from these exhibitors at our New Product Zone.

Optipep® 4Power is a hydrolysed whey protein that, when taken before a high-intensity workout, helps athletes produce and sustain more power compared to whey protein concentrate. The company completed a clinical study on Optipep® 4Power focusing on the role of whey protein pre-exercise in improving metabolic adaptation and performance for the growing number of athletes undertaking HIIT (high intensity interval training) type workouts. The study demonstrated that Optipep 4Power when compared with whey protein concentrate triggered important metabolic adaptations that resulted in a 4.3% greater training-induced increase in Wingate mean power output. The study also revealed a 6.1% improvement in fatigue index, indicating a greater capacity for sustaining high intensity exercise performance in the Optipep 4Power group. This is a potential game-changer for brands providing targeted nutritional solutions to consumers participating in sports such as CrossFit, Field Sports, Sprinting and Combat Sports.

Healthy & Green Solid Oil 4.0 (H&GSO) Is a new product line made from unsaturated vegetable oils, created as an alternative to the use of highly saturated tropical fats (coconut and palm oil, dairy fats (butter, cream), hydrogenated and animal fats and it is suitable for all sectors of the food industry. Industrial sweets, pastries and meat products are currently and mainly made using hydrogenated, saturated and/or low-quality fats; they are unhealthy fats too often present in ultra-processed foods.  By contrast, the Healthy & Green Solid Oils 4.0 product contains ingredients that adjust very well to the texture and palatability requirements the industry needs while also offering a similar nutritional profile to that of a healthy oil.

Stevia Instant - Infusion of Organic Stevia. Stevia Instant is co-produced between Biostevera and Biosearch Life. It’s produced in Extremadura, since the agriculture, drying, sieving process, to the industrial process made at Biosearch Life.  Stevia instant responds to the need of a new food in the food industry, beneficial to health, as it is food and not a sweetener.  Organic certified,100% natural, Clean labelling. The infusion of stevia is organic certified, 100% natural, it’s the whole plant reason why it has a green-brownish colour, is 80-100 times sweeter than sugar, it highlights the flavour it accompanies, has a natural taste and is 100% soluble.  From the health point of view, it has all the salutatory qualities that the plant offers, being suitable for diabetics, and diets (it has no caloric intake).  - Beneficial for gastrointestinal function - Satiation effect and control of anxiety - Positive cardiovascular effects - Antioxidant - Antibacterial   It’s perfect for food and beverage, such us, bakery, sauces, snacks, protein blends, refreshing beverages, juices…  Our Quality Guarantee System ensures the Safety Control for the food market.

Today functional food and beverage manufacturers want to create healthier products but need an ingredient that can meet both nutritional, mouthfeel and taste requirements demanded by consumers. They face the formulation challenge of optimizing numerous product parameters to achieve a final product with the right texture, mouthfeel and flavor. Here, a ‘one size fits all‘ nutrient simply cannot deliver the solution. At FIE 2020, Rousselot Health & Nutrition is showcasing an expanded ProTake hydrolyzed collagen portfolio to tackle these challenges by providing specific functional, nutritional and sensory properties. Discover Rousselot’s world-class application expertise and join us to unlock your application potential.

Consumers today want an efficient and fun way to ingest their supplements and medicines. For this reason, functional gummies are on the rise with 16,5% average growth rate in the past years, the strongest growth as a delivery form. SiMoGel, Rousselot’s next-generation formulation solution, has the potential to bring soft gummy delivery forms to the next level, for both nutra and pharmaceutical applications, and to support customers through their NPD process. This gelatin based solution allows to create nutrient-rich gummies without relying on starch moguls, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination of active ingredients inherent to the conventional confectionery production.  At FI Europe Connect 2020, Rousselot will introduce a new delivery form:  the first ‘gummy caps’ of the market.

DUOCAP™ Curcumin Active is a capsule in capsule high-performance ingredients combination. This product combines the anti-inflammatory capabilities of highly bioavailable curcumin, with a formulation of vitamins D3 and C, Mn, Cu and UC-II® undenatured type II collagen for maintaining healthy cartilage.  DUOCAP™ Curcumin Active appeals to today’s aging and active consumer, for whom joint health and mobility are growing concerns: Once a day single dose solution, Contains highly effective, science-backed ingredients  1 DUOCAP™ Curcumin Active = 1 small capsule containing 40mg UC-II® undenatured type II collagen + 12 Curcumin tablets.

Newgen pulses flours are ideal for the preparation of plant based healthy and clean label finished products. These flours are physically modified with MartinoRossi proprietary NewGen technology: a natural treatment that preserves color and nutritional values, while increasing the functionality.

  • Properties: Great Texturizing, Structuring and Gluing Power; Great Gelling Power; Outstanding Flour Performance during processing.
  • Characteristics: Gluten Free, Soy Free, GMO Free; Clean Label; Rich in proteins and fibers.
  • Applications: Plant-based burgers, meatballs and sliced meat; Fresh pasta ex gnocchi, noodles, ravioli; Soups and creams; Baked foods.

Collagen sport Gel is an innovative product developed with Naticol®Fit, bioavailable fish collagen peptides becoming a rising star in Sports nutrition. In this area, proteins continue to be a must as they are reported to improve the training and allow recovery after exercise*. Consequently, ongoing innovative developments in sports nutrition include proteins and particularly, collagen peptides such as Naticol®Fit. Naticol®Fit has clinically demonstrated benefits and hence, it represents a key element in PRE/INTRA/POST- WORKOUT. It’s also easy to use (highly soluble, neutral taste and odour, heat stable) which makes it the perfect ingredient for active lifestyle/work out product development (sport gels, waters, beverages, bars…).

*Campbell et al., 2007

Organic food products are forecast a double-digit growth rate, driven by consumer demand for naturalness, transparency and clean labelling, next to an increased focus on eco-friendliness and sustainability. With changing EU-Regulations applying for organic products, the ingredients used need to be re-evaluated in order to keep the product's organic status. This bears challenges for many product categories, especially beverages. Depending on the dosages applied, organic certified flavours are mandatory, making a reformulation indispensable.

With a new range of organic certified natural source flavours and beverage compounds, Bell enables beverage manufacturers to meet the new EU organic regulations while delivering authentic taste properties such as orange, lemon, apple, lime or cola, among others. The range further aims to support product developments based on solely organic certified raw materials, providing added value for your brand and helping you to meet consumer demands and expand your target group.

Food trends such as vegetarian, vegan, organic and Fairtrade products or food for certain faith groups like halal or kosher are increasingly in demand. WS Warmsener Spezialitäten, part of Uelzena Ingredients, has now turned these trends into new product varieties within their ingredients range of sweetened condensed milk. The company is currently a pioneer in the market for organic certified sweetened condensed milk, as well as for Fairtrade-licensed condensed milk mad e with Fairtrade-sugar. When using vegetable fats in the new recipes, the procurement of sustainably produced raw materials is a particularly important criterion; here the company uses RSPO-certified palm fat, for example.

Latest developments: Sweetened condensed milk with added vegetable fats such as palm and coconut | Vegan sweetened condensed milk (non-dairy) | Sweetened condensed milk with sugar and sugar substitutes | Sweetened condensed milk in organic quality | Sweetened condensed milk with Fairtrade certification

We are a supplier of Fiber Products and Plant Extracts.

ACTI’SENS: Our active flavors range dedicated to nutritional & functional food. Consumers are increasingly careful to buy products that are healthy, balanced and as indulgent as they were before.

ACTI’BOOST : modulate sweet or fat profile in reduced sugar or fat cakes, beverages, ice cream...
While the majority of cookies on the market are Nutriscore D, we developed an equally tasty Nutriscore A recipe, thanks to:

  • ACTI'BOOST Sweet: re-balances the profile by modulating the sweetness and bringing roundness.
  • ACTI'BOOST Fat: is an all-in-one answer to fat reduction. It enhances the buttery and fat aspects, while keeping crispness. This new generation of cookie provides a 100% clean label solution and supports a healthy diet without compromising on taste.
  • ACTI’MASK: suitable for "protein enriched" products, for plant-based products and food suplements. It cleans any off-notes to build your unique signature.

Springer Proteissimo™ 101 is the first complete, clean-flavored vegan protein from yeast fermentation. It allows food producers to add good quality protein in vegan foods without off-notes .

Phospholipids are building blocks of all cell membranes and are especially found in high concentrations in the brain where their content decreases with age. These complex lipids play important structural and functional roles in our brain and nervous system. As we age, brain phospholipid levels decline, a condition potentially ameliorated by phospholipid supplementation as dietary phospholipids absorb easily in humans and cross the blood-brain barrier. Naturally present in milk as part of the milk fat globule membrane, NZMP Milk Phospholipids is a complex lipid. These complex lipids are clinically proven to manage the effects of stress, helping maintain performance by staying focussed and positive as well as promote muscle recovery. Ideal as a standalone product, or as an addition to a wide range of applications to broaden appeal to consumers seeking functional benefits.

People love sweet drinks. But they also get more aware that sweetness usually comes with a price! Mother Nature has a secret garden of botanicals making very effective sugar substitutes. We gathered them and figured out how to tap their amazing properties to sweeten and enrich aromas in ways that let you reimagine your products. No excuses! Give your customers what they deserve – a unique, sweet and purely natural taste.

The Lyophilized Propolis Extract produced by MN Propolis is a natural product processed through the Freeze-drying (dehydration under low temperatures and high pressure) of Green Propolis Extract. The aim is to offer a powder product that is easily soluble in water, high density containing high concentrations of bioactive compounds such as flavonoids, phenolic compounds and Artepillin-C, extracted only from Brazilian Green Propolis.

The Jetmixer Lab Unit is an excellent NTE Process’ solution that integrates five different functions, designed to accompany you in your R&D or pilot production processes. Our Innovation Center and our experts are at your disposal.

• Powder batching
• Vacuum transport
• Liquid injection
• Degassing
• Powder conditioning

Gelner was established in GOSB Technopark in 2015. The company makes production as well as research and development in many areas of use for proteins especially collagen and gelatin Gelatin which is the main production fields of B&B Solutions is being used by medical science, cosmetic and food industries for many years . Along with the fact that gelatin is a very beneficial and strong source of protein; with the high levels of collagen it contains it also helps prevent the illnesses such as osteoporosis. Helps prevent diseases related to bone problems Kolesterol ve kan şekerini düzenler Regulates cholesterol The leaf gelatin produced by GELNER with the brand Jelyap, is a very unique product that could be produced by only a couple of companies around the World. Jelyap leaf gelatin comes with many advantages for food industry as compared to other stabilizers. Easy to be processed Jelyap can be divided into pieces to have the exact amount needed. For this reason it is easy to use. It melts in body temperature It leaves a nice texture in the mouth immidiately melting with body temperature. It has food safety certificate It is an absolutely natural food. It does not contain any genetically modified organism. It is not allergenic and can be digested entirely. Flocculation does not occur in the mixtures prepared with Jelyap. They are homogenous and can be shaped as preferred. Jelyap does not interfere with the color of the main material. Jelyap, providing many advantages for both home use and the professionals in food industry is being produced by GELNER in the one and only leaf gelatin production facility of Turkey operating with the permission of Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock . GELNER continues its productions and research regarding different forms of protein mainly collagen and gelatin with a vision to be a reputable institution acknowledged globally within the field.

A groundbreaking curcumin with high bioavailability and clean process technology. Robertet has chosen a strategic partnership with an expert in bioavailability: Mr Hashimoto. This expert has 13 years of research experience, nearly 15 publications and 50 clinical studies on curcumin and has developed curcuRouge™. The patent pending process at the origin of this new active ingredient is a clean technology, using a non-controversial additive, making it a non-Novel Food ingredient. Using an alternative form of curcumin, stabilized with a polymer matrix, curcuRouge™ has increased solubility, stability and bioavailability.

Meat Alternatives – The texture makes the difference. With a rise in the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle trend, consumers are increasingly looking for meat alternatives. Not only do they want these alternatives to be delicious and healthy, they also want them to have the same texture. This is where JRS Food Ingredients can offer solutions. With VIVAPUR® Functional Ingredients and VITACEL® Dietary Fiber the JRS product portfolio offers perfect solutions for vegan meat alternatives with an authentic meat-like texture and bite. Additionally VITACEL® dietary fiber allows nutritional food product improvement by fiber enrichment, fat reduction/ replacement or calorie reduction. The outcome is a healthy and tasty product. At the JRS Food Technology and Nutrition Center, our meat technologists provide comprehensive application and development support, whether it be involved from initial concept, development phase, or all the way through to market launch. Our VITACEL® and VIVAPUR® product ranges combine unique functional properties with nutritional benefits, adding value to your meat alternative products.

Plant-based food consumers will not compromise on taste. Radicle™ by Kerry is a unique portfolio of solutions to help our customers innovate in plant-based foods by creating sustainable products that deliver delicious taste, excellent texture, optimum nutrition and of course great functionality. Innovation is a risky and costly business. Kerry is here to help you succeed with our new eBook, which contains everything manufacturers need to know to create winning products. The eBook unveils new research on the plant-based food market, and offers insights and content sourced from a multitude of Kerry proprietary research and global sources. You will gain valuable tips on how to successfully innovate and build tasty clean-label plant-based foods, as well as information on the size and scope of the market. Download your eBook today. Learn more at

Replacing animal fats or saturated vegetable oils with SMART FATreducing calorie content, total fats, saturated fats, improving the Nutriscore level of the product, and maintaining the flavor and texture characteristics of the original product.

Tasty, healthy, plant-based. All you need for your product concepts? Our tastyPlankton-collection can offer that but so much more! Add the little extra for your consumers: facinate with the PlanktonStory - incredible tiny, rich in bioactives, made by evolution, perfect as it is... PlanktonFood is a selection of plant-based ingredients for various product applications. Using a modular system PlanktonFood can add plant-based flavor or colour or health claims to your product concepts - or a combination of these benefits. Microganic can offer a selection of pre-fab product concepts, tailoring our ingredients to your needs to make your products special, unique and successful.