Industry Insights Theatre

Insights into current major consumer trends influencing the global F&B market.

Free-to-attend presentations offering an overview of current global consumer trends, opportunities in specific market categories and developments in emerging markets.


  • 2021 F&B market trends by INNOVA
  • Plant-based Experience
  • Sustainability Spotlight
  • Regulatory Spotlight
  • Regional Market Updates

Plant-based Experience

Visitors can inform themselves about current trends and discover the latest evelopments in plant-based food from plant-based market specialists.

Sustainability Spotlight

Insights into the latest  developments in F&B related
to sustainable food systems driving innovation in the food and beverage industry.

Regulatory Spotlight

Updates on the evolving regulatory environment
for ingredients and finished products from a regional
and global perspective. 

Regional Market Updates

Insights into F&B market
opportunities and best trading practices in various key regions.